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University''' (Chinese (Chinese character): 商丘师范学院 Shāngqiū shīfàn xuéyuàn), formerly known as '''Shangqiu Teachers' College''', is a small public university in the city of Shangqiu, in Henan Province of China (People's Republic of China). Background It is not known when Chen Xilie was born, but it is known that he was from Sòng Prefecture (宋州, roughly modern Shangqiu, Henan). However, nothing else is known about his family, as no family tree was given for him in the table of the chancellors' family trees in the ''New Book of Tang''. See ''New Book of Tang'', vol. 71. Chen was known to be well-studied, particularly in Taoism -related mysticism, and was also a capable writer. Service under Zhu Quanzhong In 902, Zhu Jichang was serving as an officer under Zhu Quanzhong, who was then sieging his rival Li Maozhen the military governor of Fengxiang Circuit (鳳翔, headquartered in modern Baoji, Shaanxi), at Fengxiang's capital Fengxiang Municipality. ''Zizhi Tongjian'', vol. 263 (:zh:s:資治通鑑 卷263). (Zhu Quanzhong had initiated the siege after the powerful eunuch (eunuch (court official))s, led by Han Quanhui, an ally of Li Maozhen's, forcibly seized then-reigning Emperor Zhaozong (Emperor Zhaozong of Tang) and took him from the imperial capital Chang'an to Fengxiang after they became apprehensive that Emperor Zhaozong and the chancellor (chancellor of Tang Dynasty) Cui Yin were about to slaughter the eunuchs. Cui, an ally of Zhu Quanzhong's, then summoned Zhu Quanzhong to attack Fengxiang.) ''Zizhi Tongjian'', vol. 262 (:zh:s:資治通鑑 卷262). As of fall 902, Zhu Quanzhong had had Fengxiang under siege for about a year, but was unable to capture it, with his siege efforts hampered by rain and his soldiers becoming ill. He thus considered withdrawing to Huguo Circuit (護國, headquartered in modern Yuncheng, Shanxi), which he also possessed. Zhu Jichang and fellow officer Liu Zhijun (Liu Zhijun (Later Liang)), however, opposed, pointing out that Li Maozhen was in desperate straits. Zhu Quanzhong, however, was concerned about Li Maozhen's strategy of refusing to engage the Xuanwu troops and putting up a strong defense at Fengxiang. At Zhu Jichang's suggestion, Zhu Quanzhong decided to try trickery — and asked for a volunteer soldier to try to trick Li Maozhen into engaging the Xuanwu army. One Ma Jing (馬景) volunteered, and pretended to surrender to the Fengxiang army. Ma then informed Li Maozhen that Zhu Quanzhong had already left, leaving only about 10,000 ill soldiers to pretend to be still putting up a siege, and that even they would depart that night. He suggested that Li Maozhen attack the Xuanwu camp. Li Maozhen agreed and attacked — and his army immediately fell into a trap set by the Xuanwu army, suffering large losses. From this point on, Li Maozhen, while not surrendering immediately, began to negotiate with Zhu Quanzhong for peace, promising to give the emperor to him (which occurred eventually in spring 903). For Zhu Jichang's contributions to this victory, Zhu Quanzhong made him the military prefect (團練使, ''Tuanlianshi'') of Song Prefecture (宋州, in modern Shangqiu, Henan). Zhu Jichang subsequently participated in the Xuanwu army's campaign against Wang Shifan the military governor of Pinglu Circuit (平盧, headquartered in modern Weifang, Shandong) and was made the defender (防禦使, ''Fangyushi'') of Ying Prefecture (潁州, in modern Fuyang, Anhui). His surname was changed back to Gao. In winter 22, Wang and Lian had some successes against the Chimei leader Suolu Hui (索盧恢), capturing the city of Wuyan (無鹽, in modern Tai'an, Shandong). Rather than allowing their forces to rest, however, Wang decided to attack the Chimei stronghold of Liang (梁, in modern Shangqiu, Henan), and Lian reluctantly attacked Liang with him. At the battle of Chengchang (成昌, in modern Tai'an, Shandong), the tired Xin forces were defeated by the Chimei and collapsed. Lian died in battle and Wang fled without his troops. This ended any serious attempt by Xin forces against the Chimei, as Xin would soon be confronted with the even closer Lülin threat, which would capture Chang'an in 23 and kill Wang Mang, ending the Xin Dynasty and placing Emperor Gengshi on the throne. thumb 260px Chuanhui District (File:Chuanhui, Zhoukou.jpg), Zhoukou '''Zhoukou''' ( ; born March 7, 1967, in Zhecheng (Zhecheng County), Shangqiu, Henan) is a Chinese retired professional women's basketball player for the China women's national basketball team and the Women's National Basketball Association.

Temiskaming Shores

2006_median_age_m 42.4 2006_median_age_f 44.6 2006_total_pvt_dwell 4526 2006_mean_hh_income 49,511 2006_access_date 2012-02-27 Transportation Highway 11 (Highway 11 (Ontario)) and Highway 65 (Highway 65 (Ontario)) pass through the city. The primary arterial route through Haileybury and New Liskeard also formerly held the business route designation Highway 11B (Highway 11B (Ontario)). Temiskaming Shores and Cobalt share a small public transit system, Tri-Town Transit


Woodstock, New Brunswick

long provincial highway (state highway) in New Brunswick, which serves a connector route between Interstate 95 (Interstate 95 in Maine) (I-95) and U.S. Route 2 (U.S. Route 2 in Maine) (US 2) at the Houlton–Woodstock Border Crossing near Houlton (Houlton, Maine), Maine, United States to Route 2 (New Brunswick Route 2), which is part of the Trans-Canada Highway, in Woodstock (Woodstock, New Brunswick), New Brunswick, Canada. Prior to the construction of Route 95, the connection between the two cities was served by '''Route 5'''. In 2004 the New Brunswick government completed a roadworks project to turn Route 95 into a full freeway for its entire length. *Grand Falls (Grand Falls, New Brunswick) - CIKX-FM *Woodstock (Woodstock, New Brunswick) - CJCJ-FM thumb 180px left Mactaquac Dam (Image:Mactaquac1.jpg)Further south at Woodstock (Woodstock, New Brunswick), the river leaves the Upper Valley and turns east, heading away from the border region. It is joined by the Nackawic stream at Nackawic (Nackawic, New Brunswick) and passes small communities such as Bear Island (Bear Island (New Brunswick)). After passing the Mactaquac Dam it continues eastward until it eventually reaches New Brunswick's capital city Fredericton (where it becomes navigable), and then the military town of Oromocto (Oromocto, New Brunswick). Turning south from Oromocto, the river is joined by the short Jemseg River which empties New Brunswick's largest lake, Grand Lake, New


). Kotelnich began to develop as a connecting link between Perm, Kazan, Kostroma and Vyatka (Kirov, Kirov Oblast). During this time the first post office, a small public college with 30 pupils, a city hospital for 10 patients, and a private pharmacy were opened. commons:category:Kostroma wikipedia:Kostroma

Grande Prairie

an update to the parking system and expansion of the runway. ;City public transit Grande Prairie Transit is a small public transit system with modern buses and a route system integrated throughout the city. ;Charter bus Greyhound Canada (Greyhound Lines of Canada) offers scheduled bus service to Grande Prairie from Edmonton and other communities in northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia and Yukon. ;Highways and roads Alberta


: Podgorica (hourly, €7 (august 2014)), Bar and Ulcinj (6-8 per day, approximately €5), Dubrovnik and Mostar (3 per day, 3 hours), Split (3 times a week, 7 hours), Sarajevo (1x daily), Belgrade (10 hours), Skopje (night bus, 12 hours, twice a week on Friday and Saturday at 7PM). During the week you can go to Skopje via Nis, Serbia (bus from Kotor to Tivat at 3:50PM, from Tivat to Nis 5:30PM). There are also small public buses (colored in white

Wilsonville, Oregon

cars park at Gordon House. ''Statesman Journal'', June 25, 2006. thumb right (File:SMART bus T3205.jpg) '''South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART)''' is a small public transit system operated by the city government of Wilsonville, Oregon, United States. The system currently consists of seven routes and is funded by local businesses. It was created when Wilsonville petitioned to withdraw from the TriMet service district (transit district) in the late 1980s


as a connecting link between Perm, Kazan, Kostroma and Vyatka (Kirov, Kirov Oblast). During this time the first post office, a small public college with 30 pupils, a city hospital for 10 patients, and a private pharmacy were opened. right thumb A w:Boeing 737 Boeing 737-300 (Image:B737-Virgin Express-2002.06.18.jpg) flown by Virgin Express (w:Virgin Express). Another view of the exposed wheel well characteristic of a Boeing 737. A Russian (Russia) teenager has accomplished an unprecedented feat in the history of world aviation. He flew a distance of 1,300 kilometre (w:kilometer)s in a wheel well of a Boeing 737 (w:en:Boeing 737) and lived. The fifteen year old Andrey Scherbakov spent two hours in the wheel well of the airplane at extreme temperature of −50° centigrade (w:Centigrade). The rear wheels do not go all the way into the plane; the wheel merely retracts into an opening and remains exposed. The boy managed to bypass security at the Perm (w:Perm) city airport to hide in the plane as it took off. Airport workers found the boy after the plane had landed at Moscow (w:Moscow). He had collapsed on the tarmac. All seven on board a Russian Antonov (w:Antonov) An-12 (w:Antonov An-12) have been killed after the plane crashed near the Siberia (w:Siberia)n city of Chelyabinsk (w:Chelyabinsk). The Moskovia Airlines (w:Moskovia Airlines) plane had left the city's airport empty and was destined for Perm (w:Perm) in the Ural Mountains (w:Ural Mountains). wikipedia:Perm commons:Пермь


with a cabin behind supported by two wheels, seating three. Transportation to nearby towns often requires a river trip via ''pequepeque'', a small public motorized boat. History The area was inhabited for thousands of years by Amerindians. At the time of European encounter, the Napeanos and Iquito people occupied the area. They had small seasonal settlements and were nomadic hunter-gatherers, living in close association with the rivers. The city name of Iquitos is derived from

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