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Tomsk Oblast

in the region (1596) and was home to numerous exiles, from Decembrists to anarchists to everyday Soviet citizens, including some very famous communists (Stalin, Rykov, Sverdlovsk, Ruybyshev). *Seversk — the second largest city in Tomsk Oblast; a major plutonium producing city that is closed to non-residents and was a secret city under the USSR *Strezhevoy — a small oil-man city on the Ob River to the northwest of Tomsk Other destinations Understand The Tomsk region was long an important


. Impact on oil industry Oman has relatively small oil fields, and there was little damage to them. But oil exports were cut off, as the raging seas kept tankers battened down in port for a third day today. To the north, at the world's third-largest shipping fuel center in Fujairah (w:Fujairah), United Arab Emirates, all refueling and supply operations were suspended, and ships were kept in their berths. At the entrance to the Persian Gulf (w:Persian Gulf), the Strait of Hormuz (w:Strait of Hormuz), ships passed through, despite four- to six-foot swells and strong winds. About one-fifth of the world's oil passes through this narrow chokepoint. WikiPedia:Fujairah Commons:Category:Fujairah es:Fujairah


), a small oil drilling town in northwest Qinghai Province, and daily each morning the other direction. This road, a paved highway the entire way, crosses the Altun Mountains over Dangjin Pass (当金山口, 3680 m, 39º19'14"N, 94º16'11"E) at the provincial border between Qinghai and Gansu which runs along the crest of the Altun Mountains. One source says that the road rises from 1,000 m to the 3,680 m pass in just 20 km. This road is subject to delays or closure in winter due

lake. Some maps do not show Shimiankuang (38°15'00"N, 90°52'00"E, 3,200 m) and instead show the small oil refinery village of Mangnai Zhen, about 10 km southeast. If neither town is shown, Shimiankuang is right where Highway 315 crosses the provincial border. Older maps show Shimiankuang and Mangnai Zhen in Xinjiang Province, but the area was moved administratively some years ago into Qinghai Province. The 241 km road from Shimiankuang, at the border of Qinghai

Wichita Falls, Texas

with the purchase of Texas-based Panhandle Oil Company, which was headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas, where the firm operated an oil refinery and marketed gasoline through service stations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. American Petrofina, as the United States operation was called, further expanded its presence in the US through the purchase of several small oil companies, the largest being the Cosden Oil Company from W.R. Grace in 1963, which gave FINA a very large chain of service stations in Texas and New Mexico along with an oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas. Early life McMurtry was born in Archer City (Archer City, Texas), 25 miles from Wichita Falls, Texas, the son of Hazel Ruth (née (married and maiden names) McIver) and William Jefferson McMurtry, who was a rancher. Larry (Jeff) McMurtry Biography (1936-) Early years He grew up on a ranch outside Archer City, Texas, which is the model for the town of Thalia that appears in much of his fiction. He earned degrees from University of North Texas (B.A. 1958) and Rice University (M.A. 1960). '''Khari Ahmad Long''' (born May 23, 1982, in Wichita Falls, Texas) is a professional American and Canadian football (Gridiron football) defensive end for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League (United Football League (2009-)). He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the sixth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Baylor (Baylor Bears football). KMKI originally had its start in Wichita Falls, Texas, as '''KWFT'''. KWFT radio existed from 1939 to 1994 on an AM frequency of 620 kilohertz. It was the first radio station to continuously operate in the city and was a regional channel that could be heard across a large geographical area of Texas and Oklahoma, as well as some bordering states during the daytime. The station was a CBS affiliate. Officials from nearby Air Force (w:United States Air Force) bases — Dyess Air Force Base (w:Dyess Air Force Base) in Abilene (w:Abilene, Texas) and Sheppard Air Force Base (w:Sheppard Air Force Base) in Wichita Falls (w:Wichita Falls, Texas) — say none of their aircraft were in the area the night of the sightings. However, Major Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing (w:301st Fighter Wing) at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station (w:Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station) in Fort Worth (w:Fort Worth, Texas), believes the object was an illusion caused by airplane lights.

Kaliningrad Oblast

Oblast possesses more than 90% of the world's amber deposits. How Products Are Made: Amber Most of the mined amber is processed outside the region, in Russia and in other countries. There are small oil reservoirs beneath the Baltic Sea not far from Kaliningrad's shore. Small-scale offshore exploration started in 2004 and some Baltic countries (Poland and Lithuania), as well as local NGOs, voiced concerns


of the Panj), which was given to Afghanistan. The area amounted to some Commons:Category:Samarkand Wikipedia:Samarkand

Trinidad and Tobago

sweater) as the mosquitoes in the bird sanctuary are especially vicious and are capable of biting through the thickest of clothing. Divali and the Divali Nagar The Hindu festival of lights, Divali, is celebrated in most areas in Trinidad and a few areas in Tobago. Every year during one night in October-November small oil lamps called deyas are lit on the inside and outside of homes and in public places. Additionally, there is a celebration and festival called the Divali Nagar, where


of Romanian Scouts") is the primary national Scouting organization of Romania. Founded in 1914, it became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) in 1993. The world's first commercial oil well was drilled in Poland in 1853, and the second in nearby Romania in 1857. At around the same time the world's first, but small, oil refineries were opened at Jasło, in Poland, with a larger one being opened at Ploiești, in Romania, shortly after. Romania


is procured from Russian Gazprom, roughly three-fourths of domestic consumption and from Norwegian (Norway) companies, which make up most of the remaining one-fourth. Russian gas is imported via Ukraine (Druzhba pipeline), Norwegian gas is transported through Germany. Gas consumption (approx. 100 TWh in 2003–2005) is almost double electricity consumption. South Moravia has small oil and gas deposits (Oil and gas deposits in the Czech Republic). PEGI Pan European Game Information


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