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orchards and farms. * Towards the plain side opposite to this site, is Virgin Mary's Monastery (Guardian of the Plants), which was built in 1856 AD. It is a huge monastery where the friar life still exists. * Galeeya Dnerba D’Deyoeh (erroneously pronounced as Neer D’Dayoeh), the Devil Valley, located to the east of Rabban Hermizd Monastery. * Gu’ppetha D’Hllwi (D’Hllabi), a place for milking sheep. * Gu’ppetha D’Rrabi Rabba, the small High Priest (Teacher) Cave. Prophet Nahum and Alqosh

National Recovery Administration

; that were negotiated by industries and submitted for government approval under the National Industry Recovery Act of 1933. The argument boils down to assumptions that progressives at the NRA allowed majority coalitions of small, high-cost firms to impose codes in heterogeneous industries, and that these codes were designed by the high-cost firms under an ultimately erroneous belief that they would be enforced by the NRA. Barbara J. Alexander, "Failed Cooperation in Heterogeneous


title Yokneam Municipal Profile (2011) url http: publications13 local_authorities11_1531 pdf 219_0240.pdf publisher Israel Central Bureau of Statistics Starting in 1989 when a new mayor, Simon Alfassi, was elected, the economic structure of Yokneam Illit changed from a centralized dependence on two large factories, to a dispersed base of many small high-tech companies. As the number and size of the companies grew, Yokneam and the small communities around it began


targeted since the Falklands War. ''Liverpool'' had been tasked with other NATO warships, to intercept small, high-speed inflatable craft spotted approaching the port of Misrata, the type which had been used previously to lay mines in the Port of Misrata. Libyan rocket artillery on the coast fired an inaccurate salvo of rockets at ''Liverpool''. ''Liverpool'' returned fire with her 4.5 inch main gun, silencing the shore battery, in the Royal Navy's

São José dos Campos

the digital signal will be available in the whole country. Brazil is one of the developing countries that has strongly encouraged the establishment of technology parks and business incubators, mostly for budding small high tech companies. Several dozens of such parks are now in existence. In the state of São Paulo (São Paulo (state)), the state government has sponsored a technology park program for several cities which have a strong high tech base, such as São Paulo City, Campinas

Tyler, Texas

smoked turkeys, Distant Lands Coffee Roasters coffee, Tyler Candle Co. jar candles, Tyler Products, and a variety of small, high-tech businesses, including SEO Skyrocket,, F3 Technology Solutions, Wood Networks, Group M7, CBI, Power-Up, and Arrick Robotics. Tyler is also a major medical center which serves the city, as well as the surrounding East Texas area. According to the City's 2012-2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, http


s immediately after takeoff from Viracopos-Campinas International Airport in Campinas, Brazil, and crashes. Its fuel tanks explode, and all 52 people on board die. * November 25 – The U.S. Navy commissions its first nuclear-powered (Nuclear power) aircraft carrier, . Brazil is one of the developing countries that has strongly encouraged the establishment of technology parks and business incubators, mostly for budding small high tech

The Bronx

in Riverdale (Riverdale, Bronx), with roots in Manhattan's Lower East Side. In the 1990s, New York City began closing the large, public high schools in the Bronx and replacing them with small high schools. Among the reasons cited for the changes were poor graduation rates and concerns about safety. Schools that have been closed or reduced in size include John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy High School (Bronx, New York)), James Monroe (James Monroe High School (New York)), William


and cinemas. Take a taxi to get here. * *


, but Striegel and the Maroons were undeterred. They applied for, and received, a franchise in the NFL. This was somewhat unusual, as the team's Minersville Park was a relatively small high school field; the league administration may have been attracted by the favorable logistics of a second team near the Frankford Yellow Jackets in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania's blue laws, which prohibited football on Sundays in Philadelphia, were simply not followed in Pottsville, allowing

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