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he never won the singles title at Wimbledon, Wilander twice won the Australian Open when that tournament was still played on grass courts. This makes Wilander one of only five men (along with Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer) to have won Grand Slam singles titles on grass courts, hard courts (hard court), and clay (clay court) courts.

great_ao_champions.html accessdate 2012-02-04 publisher He and Rafael Nadal are the only men in tennis history to have won at least two Grand Slam singles titles on each of the three surfaces. Wilander won his fourth career Grand Slam singles title at the age of 20, the youngest man in history to have achieved that feat. International Tennis Hall of Fame Profile of Mats Wilander (under "Tournament Record") In addition he also won eight Championship Series (Grand Prix Tennis Championship Series 1970-1989) titles (1983–88) the precursors to the current Masters 1000 (ATP World Tour Masters 1000). Otto Lindblad was the son of a clergyman. He grew up on the patronage in Karlstorp and attended gymnasium (gymnasium (school)) in Växjö. In 1829 he began academic studies at the University of Lund. In Lund, he formed a group with A. E. Christernin and J. Meurling, together with whom he played and sang a type of three part music pieces. The group became known as the "musical trefoil band". In 1836 he ended his studies and fully devoted his time to music. Two years later he formed the Lund Student Singers Association. On December 5, 1844 he presented the Royal Anthem for the first time, at a celebration for King Oscar I (Oscar I of Sweden). * '''VST''': Västerås railway station, Sweden (same code as the Stockholm-Västerås Airport, 6 km away) * '''VXO''': Växjö railway station, Sweden (same code as the Växjö Airport, 9 km away) Personal life and profile Born in Sandhult, Västergötland, Klüft grew up in Växjö, where her father, mother and three sisters still live. She currently lives in Karlskrona together with her husband Patrik Klüft, who is a former pole vaulter. They were married in September 2007 at Crichton Parish Church in Midlothian, Scotland. - VXO ESMX Växjö Airport (Kronoberg Airport) Växjö, Sweden ****Helsinki, Finland (''Dfb — winter somewhat drier than summer'') ****Växjö, Sweden (''Dfb — winter somewhat drier than summer'') ****Vladivostok, Russia (''Dwb'') frame left The old DICE logo (Image:EA Digital Illusions CE logo.png) DICE was founded in May 1992 in Växjö by four people: Ulf Mandorff, Olof Gustafsson, Fredrik Liliegren, Andreas Axelsson, members of the former demo group (Demogroup) ''The Silents''. WikiPedia:Växjö Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Kronoberg_County Localities Växjö Commons:Category:Växjö


qualifications in Istanbul (Istanbul Cup), where she lost in the second round to Catalina Castaño; and in Portorož in the Banka Koper Slovenia Open, where she won her first WTA title by defeating number 6 seed Maria Elena Camerin from Italy 7–5 6–1. This was a career-first Tour singles title in only her third Tour main draw. That title made her the youngest Tour singles titlist in 2006 and the seventh-youngest all-time, the Women's Tennis Association#Youngest winners of a title


-Xining 兰青铁路 The range stretches for about 1,000 km, beginning in the south-west as Lang Shan at the northern loop of the Yellow River, rising to some 2300 m above Linhe District, falling to a more modest 1500 m north of Wuyuan (Baynnur), and widening to a broad highland north of Baotou, stretching north-east as far as Jehol (Chengde). 2001 In 2001, at the beginning of June, aged just fifteen years and four months, she won her first singles title at Baotou

Kingman, Arizona

21 to 18 years, is formally certified by President Richard Nixon. *1973 – Catastrophic BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) in Kingman, Arizona, following a fire that broke out as propane is being transferred from a railroad car to a storage tank, kills 11 firefighters. *1975 – Arthur Ashe becomes the first black man to win the Wimbledon (The Championships, Wimbledon) singles title. McVeigh, a resident of Kingman, Arizona, considered targets in Missouri, Arizona, Texas, and Arkansas. McVeigh stated in his authorized biography that he wanted to minimize nongovernmental casualties, so he ruled out a 40-story government building in Little Rock, Arkansas, because of the presence of a florist's shop on the ground floor. . and closed in 1994, when the Smithsonian Institution opened the Heye Center of the National Museum of the American Indian in the former Custom House (Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House) in lower Manhattan. Heye died on January 20, 1957. The Verde River drainage into the Salt River, at its very northwestern drainages, east of Kingman, Arizona, even drains the South Rim, of the Grand Canyon. Thus, the '''''Gila River watershed''''', may cover more than sixty (60) percent of the state. ::SW: one sixth of state as ''–dry-wash– or –desert–'' :W (+NW–Kingman (Kingman, Arizona)), (into Colorado River): Bill Williams River (and Big Sandy River (Big Sandy River (Arizona))) While he is in a coma, Tony has a long dream-like experience that is woven throughout the episode. The experience begins with Tony awaking in a hotel room at a Radisson Hotel (Radisson Hotels) in Costa Mesa, California. He is a mild-mannered precision optics salesman on a business trip, without his thick New Jersey accent. That night, he goes to the hotel's bar, where he notices a TV showing a brush fire in Costa Mesa; he also notices a strange light that glows on the horizon as he looks out the window. The next morning he goes to a convention and is asked for ID to gain admittance. But Tony has someone else's wallet and briefcase, a man named Kevin Finnerty from Kingman, Arizona, to whom he bears a resemblance. Tony says that he must have unintentionally picked up these items the previous evening at the hotel bar. He returns to the bar, where a group of business travelers overhear him telling his story to the bartender (when asked what Costa Mesa is like, the bartender replies, "Around here, it's dead"). The group invite Tony to join them for dinner, during which he discusses his 'life' in more detail, alluding to a midlife crisis by saying, "I mean, who am I? Where am I going?" As he and his group leave, Tony notices a commercial on TV, which displayed the question, "Are sin, disease and death real?", followed by the Cross. After dinner, outside the hotel, Tony makes a pass at a woman from the group. She responds at first but then cuts him off. She tells him she saw his face when he got off the phone with his wife (whose voice is not Carmelas). Suddenly, a helicopter spotlight shines on the pair, to which the woman says "They must be looking for a perp". It is here that Tony awakens from his original coma, and rips out his breathing tube. He is moaning "Who am I? Where am I going?" (The latter phrase perhaps being both a reference to his life in both the dream and waking life, and his afterlife). Known as the '''''Bing Kong Tong Society''''' (or '''''Bing Kung Association''''' in Seattle, Washington), the organization was one of the largest in California when the Hop Sing (Hop Sing Tong) and Suey Sing Tongs allied against the Bing Kongs, instigating one of the most violent of the Tong wars in the United States. As the gang war continued, the numerous murders caught the attention of the press as the often gruesome slayings were detailed. Eventually an investigation headed by Santa Rosa, California, attorney Wallace L. Ware Street, Richard Steven. ''Beasts of the Field: A Narrative History of California Farmworkers, 1769-1913''. Stanford University Press, 2004. ISBN 0-8047-3880-7, 978-0-804-73880-4. p398. , in cooperation with the District Attorney's office, exposed the extent of the Bing Kongs influence throughout the Chinese American populations along the west coast and southwestern United States (as far as the conviction of four members for a Tong murder in Kingman, Arizona). Weakened by the decade long war against the rival Tongs as well as state authorities, the Bing Kongs would eventually merge as a powerful trade union, under the '''''Association; Free Masons''''' although it is suspected by federal and local law enforcement officials to still have remaining ties to organized crime. '''KMOH-TV''' is a full-service television station in Kingman, Arizona, providing over-the-air service to Kingman, Bullhead City (Bullhead City, Arizona) Laughlin (Laughlin, Nevada), and surrounding Mohave County (Mohave County, Arizona). It broadcasts in digital (ATSC) on UHF (Ultra high frequency) channel 19 from its transmitter on Black Mountain near Oatman (Oatman, Arizona). KMOH is an affiliate of Tr3́s.


, Goellner won a second top-level singles title at Marbella. He represented Germany at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was defeated in the first round of the singles competition by Sweden's Thomas Enqvist, and won a Bronze Medal in the doubles competition at Stone Mountain Park, partnering Prinosil. *After his retirement, he became a founding member of the Duet Group (2002), a financial group specialising in asset management and private equity. In 2006


, thus becoming the second-oldest player in the Open era (Open Tennis), after Billie Jean King, to win a singles title on the WTA Tour. Kimiko Date Krumm: Biography on official WTA site At the 2009 Hansol Korea Open in Seoul, she won her first WTA Tour level match after the return, against Lee Ye-Ra, and came up with a second victory right after over Alisa Kleybanova, coming back from a set and 5–2 down. In the quarterfinals Kimiko defeated top seed Daniela Hantuchová in three sets lasting over two and a half hours. Date-Krumm prevailed with the score 7–6(3) 4–6 6–4. In the semifinals she defeated defending champion Maria Kirilenko 3–6 6–2 6–4. In the final, which was held one day before her 39th birthday, Kimiko Date-Krumm defeated Anabel Medina Garrigues 6–3, 6–3 to win her first WTA Tour title since her comeback. Thus, she became the second-oldest player in the Open era (Open Tennis) to win a singles title on the WTA Tour, after Billie Jean King, who won Birmingham (AEGON Classic) in 1983, aged 39 years, 7 months and 23 days. '''Deoksugung''', also known as '''Gyeongun-gung''', '''Deoksugung Palace''', or '''Deoksu Palace''', is a walled compound of palaces in Seoul that was inhabited by various Korean royalties (Royal family) until the colonial period (Korea under Japanese rule) around the turn of the 20th century. The buildings are of varying construction, including some of natural cryptomeria wood Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul

Waterloo, Ontario

began the year with a bang, winning his second ever singles title at a challenger event, the Nossa Caixa Aberto de São Paulo. Unseeded, he defeated No. 7 seed Martín Vassallo Argüello in the final in two tie-breaks. He also won the doubles title, as the top seeds, partnering Brandon Coupe. Again not attempting to qualify for the Australian Open (Australian Open (tennis)), Niemeyer next competed at the USTA challenger in Dallas, reaching the second round in singles, going out in three close sets to top seed Cecil Mamiit, and won the doubles, partnering Giorgio Galimberti. The following week in Davis Cup, Canada defeated Mexico in Waterloo, Ontario on carpet, as Niemeyer took the opening singles rubber as well as the doubles match, partnering Daniel Nestor for the first time. Two weeks later, as the tournament No. 4 seed, Niemeyer lost in the first round of the LTA Hull Challenger in England. He and partner Gilles Elseneer won the doubles, giving Niemeyer 3 titles in 3 tournaments for the year. Niemeyer next made his usual stops in France and Germany. In Cherbourg, Niemeyer played only singles and lost in the opening round. The week after in Magdeburg, he reached the second round in singles and doubles (with Galimberti). The following week at France F6, as the No. 4 seed, Niemeyer lost in the first round in singles and did not compete in doubles. - 1857 Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario) Ontario Canada - Beer festivals in Canada include the Great Canadian Beer Festival, which since 1993 (with help from the Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia) chapter of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)) has focused on cask ales from the Pacific Northwest. Since 2005 the festival has been held at Royal Athletic Park on the first weekend after Labour Day. The festival attracts over 40 craft breweries from across Canada and the Pacific North-western USA and more than 7000 visitors. birth_place Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) draft 37th overall DATE OF BIRTH September 19, 1961 PLACE OF BIRTH Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH right thumb 200px A variety of iPods. (Image:Image-IPod 5G, nano 2G, shuffle 2G.jpg) At Wilfrid Laurier University (w:Wilfrid Laurier University) in Waterloo, Ontario (w:Waterloo, Ontario), Canada, students are finding that popular MP3 players (w:Digital audio player), such as Apple's iPod (w:iPod), are very convenient devices for listening to music at the gym, while traveling on foot, and in the car. BlackBerry, owned by Waterloo, Ontario (w:Waterloo, Ontario) based Research In Motion (w:Research In Motion, Inc.) (RIM), apologised for the outage Wednesday and said they will take further measures to ensure this will never happen again.


title, First International Triangular Invitation Carrom Tournament (1991) at Male, Maldives. * Runner-up, Singles title, Second World Carrom Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Runner-up, Doubles title with A. Maria Irudayam, Second World Carrom Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Runner-up, Singles title, Second World Carrom Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Runner-up, Doubles title with A. Maria Irudayam, Second World Carrom

Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Member of the Indian team that won the Team Event at the Second World Carrom Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Runner-up, Doubles title with A. Maria Irudayam, Second World Carrom Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Member of the Indian team that won the Team Event at the Second World Carrom Championship (1995) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. * Champion, Singles title, First Malaysian Open International

- Trincomalee - Calcutta (Kolkata) - Bombay (14 February 1876), where ''Raleigh'' left the squadron. The squadron returned to Plymouth on 11 May 1877. * Champion, Singles


final, thus making her the first female Russian to win a Grand Slam singles title. Prior to her French Open victory, she had never made it past the 2nd round at Roland Garros. Following her win in Paris, she rose to No.3 in the rankings. She reached the final in San Diego, breaking Maria Sharapova's 14-match winning streak that included Wimbledon and beat Vera Zvonareva 17-15 in a third set tie-break, saving 9 match points, winning the longest final set tie-break in WTA Tour history. She lost in the 2004 Athens Olympics semifinal to Justine Henin, having led 5–1 in the final set. She rose to a career-high number 2 in the rankings. Myskina recovered from the tough loss to win the Kremlin Cup for the second straight year, and beat number 2 Lindsay Davenport for the first time in 5 meetings ''en route'' to doing so. She finished on the top of her group at the WTA Tour Championships, and scored her second win over a world number 1 by again beating Davenport, but lost in the semifinals to the eventual champion Sharapova. Myskina led Russia to its first Fed Cup title, winning 8 out of 9 matches played, including winning all of her 3 matches in the final. Finished the season as world number 3, a career-best year-end rank for a female Russian, and won over $2 millions in prize money, having scored ten Top 10 wins during the 2004 season. thumb 240px Myskina with Zvonareva (Image:Break during doubles match 0496.jpg) 2005 brought Myskina mixed fortunes. She spent the first half of 2005 poorly, due to personal issues regarding her mother's health. Myskina surrendered her Doha and Roland Garros (French Open) titles in the very first round, and became the first Roland Garros champion to lose in the opening round.  Bringing an 8-10 win-loss record to the beginning of the grass court season, Myskina managed to turn it around at Wimbledon by reaching her career-first quarterfinal at the event with three comeback wins over Jelena Janković (from a 1–5 final set deficit), and over Dementieva (being 1–6, 0–3 down and facing match points in the second set tiebreak).  She fell out of the Top 10 in August.  She then won a tenth career title in Kolkata beating lower-ranked opponents. She did, however, beat the 2005 Wimbledon (2005 Wimbledon Championships - Women's Singles) champion Venus Williams in Fed Cup semifinals, but then lost both of her matches in the final. Myskina finished inside Top 15 for the fourth straight time. At the Qatar Total Open held in Doha, Petrova picked up her first title of the year and second overall by beating second-ranked and top-seeded Amélie Mauresmo 6–3, 7–5 in the final. The victory took her ranking to No. 7. She followed it with a quarterfinal showing at the NASDAQ-100 Open, losing to Mauresmo 6–3, 6–1. She then reached the final of the Tier I Qatar Total Open in Doha, beating Dinara Safina, Sybille Bammer, and Li Na (Li Na (tennis)) along the way. In the final against world no. 5 and fourth-seeded Maria Sharapova, Zvonareva lost in three sets. In March, at the Bangalore Open, Zvonareva lost in the quarterfinals to Venus Williams. Zvonareva then reached the quarterfinals of the Tier I Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, California, before losing to eventual champion Ana Ivanović, 1–6, 4–6. Two weeks later, Zvonareva reached the semifinals of the Tier I Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Florida, where she lost to fourth seed Jelena Janković, 1–6, 4–6. Zvonareva competed in the Kremlin Cup (2009 Kremlin Cup - Women's Singles) in Moscow as the first seed. She was defeated in the second round by Tsvetana Pironkova, 0–6, 2–6. Because of her loss, she did not qualify for the 2009 WTA Tour Championships in Doha, but did win a spot as an alternate. Due to the withdrawal of Dinara Safina, Zvonareva was set to play two matches there. However, she played only one match against Caroline Wozniacki, where she lost, 0–6, 7–6(3), 4–6, in a dramatic match in which both players suffered injuries. She then withdrew from the tournament, citing ankle injury, and the last match was played by her co-alternate, Agnieszka Radwańska. She finished the year ranked world no. 9. The Ottomans were willing to drop all claims to Bahrain, in which they had never been able to maintain anything but a symbolic role, but not Qatar. As a question of sovereignty, the Ottomans argued that the empire had always exercised effective sovereignty over the peninsula and could not justify the abandonment of territory which it had never formally renounced. John C. Wilkinson, Arabia’s Frontiers: The Story of Britain’s Boundary Drawing in the Desert, London: I.B. Taurus & Co Ltd, 1991, 91-92. Yet under considerable pressure it renounced claims to both (Articles 11 & 13) Britain had always refused to recognize any Ottoman authority in the Qatar Peninsula outside a de facto presence in Doha. The settlement of tribal groups outside of Doha, notably Zubara, sanctioned by the Ottoman kaymakan and Sheikh of Bahrain, Wasim, was often used as an excuse for British intervention in local affairs. Britain also used the suppression of piracy near the peninsula as an excuse to hold the Ottomans responsible for attacks, and later on as an excuse for domination in the Gulf (Wilkinson, 78-79). and a blue line was established to define the territorial limits of Ottoman jurisdiction. This line separated the Ottoman sancak of Najd from Qatar. The blue line began a few miles to the south of Zaknuniya (which was included in the sancak), directly south up to the Rub’al-Khali (Article 11). The agreement did not mention that Zaknuniya would be part of the Najd sancak in return for an Ottoman consideration of £ 1,000 paid to the Sheikh of Bahrain via the British government. Wilkinson, 63. * 2005: BoI opened a representative office in Vietnam. * 2006: BoI plans to upgrade the Shenzen and Vietnam representative offices to branches, and to open representative offices in Beijing, Doha, and Johannesburg. In addition, BoI plans to establish a branch in Antwerp and a subsidiary in Dar-es-Salaam, marking its return to Tanzania after 37 years. * 2007: BoI acquired 76 percent of Indonesia-based PT Bank Swadesi. Gaining Access to Al Jazeera When director, Jehane Noujaim, and cinematographer, Hani Salama's, initial attempts to contact and gain access to Al Jazeera failed, Noujaim, without much funding or equipment, traveled to Doha, Qatar, the headquarters for both Al Jazeera and the United States’ Central Command. After weeks waiting for approval in Al Jazeera's guard office, the filmmakers finally received an audience with Al Jazeera's General Manager, Mohammad Jassem through Abdallah Schleifer, one of Salama's professors from the American University in Cairo. Noujaim, Jehane. Audio Commentary. ''Control Room''. Dir. Jehane Noujaim. Perf. Hassan Ibrahim, Samir Khader, Josh Rushing. Magnolia Pictures, 2004. Although unable to provide much support, personally, Jassem suggested that Noujaim and Salama search Al Jazeera's cafeteria for anyone that they might want to follow. There, Noujaim and Salama discovered both Samir Khader and Hassan Ibrahim, not only central characters to the film but also crucial to gaining the crew access into Al Jazeera. Noujaim explains, "We also met Hassan in the cafeteria over many cups of coffee and many cigarettes, and he was really the person that was responsible for getting us such amazing access to Al Jazeera. I think he was the first person that believed in what we were doing. And he went to the General Manager and said 'Look, I'll take of them. They won't get into the way. They'll just be following me around'" (Noujaim, Audio Commentary). Noujaim and Salama often recorded footage simultaneously, capturing multiple angles or locations for the same moment using the Sony DCR-VX2000 and Sony DSR-PD150 miniDV cameras. Twair, Pat McDonnell. “Control Room" Views War on Iraq Through Al-Jazeera's Lenses.” (September 2004) ''Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.'' Retrieved 2011-11-29 Despite having a small production, the lack of lighting or formal setup, granted extra flexibility, allowing Noujaim to follow the pace of the Al Jazeera newsroom and focus more on her subjects. Noujaim explains, “Sometimes it’s a good thing to walk around with a broomstick as a boom and your camera half broken. Y’know, look like a very low budget, non-threatening production, and be small” (Noujaim, Audio Commentary). - 15. October 21, 1993 Doha, Qatar WikiPedia:Doha Commons:Doha


. - Casablanca align center CMN align center GMMI Mohammed V Airport (Mohammed V International Airport) align center - Career Bracciali won his only ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) singles title so far in April 2006, at Casablanca, on clay. In the final he beat Nicolás Massú 6–1, 6–4. Klein's mission to Israel in 1949 on behalf of ''The Canadian Jewish Chronicle'' inspired his last major work and only

. The left-hander reached his highest singles ranking in the ATP Tour on November 5, 2001, when he reached number 22 in the world. During his career, Arazi captured one singles title, in Casablanca. He has been participating in the Moroccan tennis tour lately. DATE OF BIRTH 19 October 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Casablanca, Morocco DATE OF DEATH France 1940 After the fall of Poland Gnyś fled to France and served as a pilot with the French Air Force. Flying

as 1944. In 1949, Youssoufi began also to fight for the rights of emigrant Moroccan workers in France. ----- 03-Jun-2006 '''Morocco''' - Uganda Casablanca (Morocco) 36-3 ----- bgcolor "#eeeeee" ----- bgcolor "#eeeeee" 11-Nov-2006 Morocco - '''Namibia''' Casablanca (Morocco) 8-27 In his career he has won 1 singles title (2003 Casablanca) and reached the final in Milan (2001) but lost to Swiss Roger Federer. He also

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