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Bancroft, Ontario

be restored. See the Great Lakes-Atlantic Coast derecho (Heat wave of 2006 derecho series). *August 2 - The day after record-breaking heat in Ontario and Quebec and just two weeks following another series of powerful storms, severe thunderstorms hit a vast swath of Cottage country in central and eastern Ontario. Eight confirmed tornadoes touch down, the single largest one-day outbreak in the province since 1985. The two strongest tornadoes are rated F2, one near Bancroft, Ontario

Montserrado County

in these activities. This was followed by 25% for making charcoal, 19% for temporary employment, and 18% for palm oil nut production and sales. The national government is the county's single largest employer. thumb left Cityscape of Monrovia (Image:Monrovia Street.jpg) Agriculture is small part of economy, with the main crops consisting of cassava (90% of all crops), rice (16%), other vegetables (18%), corn (16%), sweet potatoes

Socialist Republic of Slovenia

). Former prominent Communist politician Ciril Ribičič was elected as the party's new president. The party lost against the Democratic Opposition of Slovenia (DEMOS) coalition at the first democratic elections in Slovenia in April 1990, gaining 17.3% of the popular vote. They nevertheless became the single largest party in Slovenia. birth_date Gorizia and Gradisca thus ceased to exist as a unified historical region. Its Yugoslav portion became an integral part of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia: most of its territory was included in the Goriška region, except for the Kras plateau which was incorporated into the Littoral-Kras statistical region. A new urban center, called Nova Gorica ("New Gorizia") was built between the late 1940s and in the early 1950s. The Italian portion became part of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia autonomous region, mostly included in the Province of Gorizia. Parallel to the same process, Slovenia (Socialist Republic of Slovenia) witnessed a policy of gradual liberalization since 1984, not unlike the Soviet Perestroika. This provoked tensions between the League of Communists of Slovenia on one side, and the central Yugoslav Party and the Federal Army (Yugoslav People's Army) on the other side. In mid May 1988, the Peasant Union of Slovenia was organized as the first non-Communist political organization in the country. Later in the same month, the Yugoslav Army arrested four Slovenian journalists of the alternative magazine ''Mladina'', accusing them of revealing state secrets. The so-called Ljubljana trial triggered mass protests in Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities. The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights was established as the platform of all major non-Communist political movements. By early 1989, several anti-Communist political parties were already openly functioning, challenging the hegemony of the Slovenian Communists. Soon, the Slovenian Communists, pressured by their own civil society, entered in conflict with the Serbian Communist leadership. *Albanians are committing genocide against Serbs in Kosovo (Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo) (pgs. 41, 56 of memorandum) *Slovenia (Socialist Republic of Slovenia) and Croatia (Socialist Republic of Croatia) are taking control of the Serbian economy. Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) is taking industry out of Serbia (Socialist Republic of Serbia) (pg. 42) *There is need for constitutional changes of Yugoslavia (Constitution of Yugoslavia) because of its unfair mistreating and weakening of Serbia (pg. 46) Life He was born in Maribor, an industrial center in what was then the Yugoslav (Yugoslavia) Socialist Republic of Slovenia. His father, originally from the Prekmurje region, was a former partisan (Partisans (Yugoslavia)). Jančar studied law in his home town. While a student, he became chief editor of the student journal ''Katedra''; he soon came in conflict with the Communist (Communist Party of Slovenia) establishment because he published some articles critical of the ruling regime. He had to leave the journal. He soon found a job as an assistant at the Maribor daily newspaper ''Večer (Večer (Maribor))''. In 1974 he was arrested by Yugoslav (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) authorities for bringing to Yugoslavia a booklet entitled ''V Rogu ležimo pobiti'' (''We Lie Killed in the Rog Forest''), which he had bought in nearby Austria and lent to some friends. The booklet was a survivor's account of the Kočevski Rog massacres of the Slovene Home Guard war prisoners perpetrated by Josip Broz Tito's regime in May 1945. He was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for "spreading hostile propaganda" but was released after three months. Immediately after his release he was called up for military service in southern Serbia, where he was subjected to systematic harassment by his superiors due to his "criminal file".

The Dalles, Oregon

, 2011 In 1984 The Dalles was the site of the first and single largest bioterrorism (1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack) attack in United States history. In 1986, ''Penalty Phase'', a film starring Peter Strauss and Melissa Gilbert, was filmed in and around The Dalles. Tarlton Law Library – Law in Popular Culture Collection – Law and Lawyers in Popular Culture. Retrieved

book last Armbruster 1996

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Woodland Gardens, locally known at the "Duck Pond." This park includes The DesBrisay Museum, the town's only public swimming pool, a large pond and various trails. Notably, during the 1970s, Participaction had set up rudimentary exercise equipment around these trails, but these have since been removed. Other parks include Pinecrest and Glen Allen, both playgrounds, and Riverview Park, overlooking the rapids of the LaHave River. The system also includes smaller parks such as a gazebo downtown and a boat launch park and grandstand on lower King Street. As well, the town hosts 8 kilometres of the Centennial Trail (Trans Canada Trail) which was constructed over abandoned rail lines. http: facilities parks-and-trails.html Recreation facilities in the town are slowly improving after decades of stagnation. Currently, the town hosts the Kinsmen Field (a soccer field, baseball diamond and tennis courts), the LaHave baseball soccer fields at Glen Allen Drive and LaHave Street, a curling club and a skating hockey arena. In 2008, the South Shore Fieldhouse Society started construction on a $1.7 million indoor track & field at Glen Allan Drive. http: archives viewer.php?sctn 2007 011707 news&article 1 Meanwhile, the town and Lunenburg County have teamed up to construct a multi-purpose facility. Despite guaranteed funding from the province of Nova Scotia for one centre, the two governmental entities had been bickering for most of the past decade over exactly where it would be located: in the county (near the new Wal-Mart development, as the county wanted), or within town limits. At one time, both stated their intentions to build their own centres, http: archives 121107 news index33.php but both eventually decided that the $30-million facility will be built on Wentzell Road in Bridgewater. Dubbed the "Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre," it will likely include two ice surfaces, an aquatic centre, a new town library, and a multipurpose centre likely to be used as an auditorium for the performing arts. http: archives viewer.php?sctn 2007 112707 news&article 20 Construction began in late 2011. The current chair of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee is Town Councillor David Mitchell. Transportation thumb 180px Route 331 runs parallel to the LaHave river in Bridgewater. (Image:NSRoute331.png)Though the LaHave River was the main transportation route in historical times, today it is mainly used for pleasure craft, though there is a wharf at nearby Dayspring and a cable ferry located in LaHave (LaHave, Nova Scotia), which is the only crossing downriver from Bridgewater. The Halifax and Southwestern Railway once passed through the town but the line is now abandoned. The main road serving the town is Highway 103 (Nova Scotia Highway 103), which has two primary exits entering the town. Trunk highways 10 (Nova Scotia Trunk 10) and 3 (Nova Scotia Trunk 3) meet at Bridgewater. Other provincial highways are Route 325 (Nova Scotia Route 325) and Route 331 (Nova Scotia Route 331). As the town continues to grow, traffic issues are becoming a concern. The town is currently discussing installing its first roundabout at one of its busier intersections, http: archives 2009 012009 news index017.php although progress remains stalled. Complicating the easing of future traffic issues, especially if the town continues to grow as it has recently, is the unique geography of the town; only two bridges traverse the LaHave River within town limits, and many of the busiest roads run directly through residential districts. There is no form of public transportation. Taxi rates are set at a fixed price of $6 for travel between any two points within town limits. There have been recent feasibility studies into public transit between Bridgewater, Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, http: archives 2010 012610 news index021.php but the project remained in limbo in late 2010. Trius Tours Trius Tours runs a once daily bus service between Bridgewater and Halifax in the morning, and a return route in the evening. Shopping Bridgewater is known as the "Mainstreet of the South Shore" and has always been the shopping centre of Lunenburg County and, to a lesser extent, Queens County as well. The King Street area of downtown was the traditional shopping district of the town well into the mid-20th century, and Town Hall remains committed to the area, even though it has been long-ago surpassed by several other developments. The Bridgewater Mall, first developed in the 1970s, replacing on old rail yard, continues to be the commercial heart of the town, stealing that title from the King Street area which had dominated for many years. The addition of the adjacent Eastside Plaza during the last major renovation in the late 1980s only solidified this claim. However, its dominance has been greatly challenged since 2005 with the arrival of a Wal-Mart in Cookville to the north east of the town and a number of adjacent stores. Some of these outlets had previously been located in the Bridgewater Mall, and the shopping centre has had a difficult time finding suitable replacements. The mall continues to be anchored by Zellers and Sobeys, while several bank branches, a movie theatre, The Atlantic Superstore and Home Hardware (Home hardware) are all located nearby. The King Street area, anchored by two banks and formerly the town Post Office (Canada post), is mostly home to local business. The Bridgewater Plaza, located in the southern area of town near the Nova Scotia Community College, continues to thrive despite numerous hits - Kmart closed in the mid-1990s and Canadian Tire relocated to Cookville in 2006. It is now anchored by discount grocery chain No Frills (No Frills (grocery store)) and Giant Tiger, both of which opened in 2010. The No Frills location was previously a Save Easy and before that an IGA (IGA (supermarkets)), and has been in continual operation as a grocery store for nearly 50 years despite the name changes. The South Shore Mall, located on the eastern edge of town, once home to a movie theatre, grocery and department store, had been completely abandoned by the late 1990s and is slated for redevelopment as a convention centre, hotel, apartment buildings and shops, http: archives viewer.php?sctn 2007 021407 news&article 1 although progress remains at a standstill as of June 2012. Leasing is now available as this new development begins. The mid-to-late 1990s represented the recent nadir of retailing in Bridgewater as the town had lost, in the previous decade, three department stores (Kmart, The Metropolitan (SAAN Stores) and Peoples (Wise Stores)), two grocery stores (a Sobeys location and a Foodmaster) and well as its only movie theatre. As a result, many residents were travelling to nearby Halifax to do their shopping and the town was losing out on much business. Through the early-mid-2000s (decade), however, a renaissance of sorts occurred as a new theatre was built and a major new shopping development occurred in Cookville, including Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, among others, while the town itself attracted a number of nationally-known brands, such as No Frills, Giant Tiger, and The Bulk Barn. Crime Official crime statistics are not available for Bridgewater. Violent crime is rare and most crime stems from petty property damage, and drug offenses. The last major crime to occur in the town took place in 2008 with the murder of 12-year-old Karissa Boudreau, a crime for which her mother


over 100 industrial plants, Luhansk faced several years, of slowed or stopped production (with a notable exception of alcohol making plant). After this financial crisis, the large metal factory, that had given birth to the town and became over the time a rather famous Ukrainian military and machine tool plant, named after V.I.Lenin, was finally closed in 2008. However, the single largest locomotive plant named after October Revolution (commonly named "Zavod OR") still struggles through


economy continues to be the single largest contributor to the region's legal economy. While the vast majority of technical and skilled labor is educated locally, the once-seasonal field labor pool now experiences a yearly shortage of workers. International patterns of migration now draw laborers from deep within Mexico's south to the northern border states and into the United States. Post World War II era thumb Culiacán Municipal Palace (City Hall (Image:Culiacán Municipal Palace.png)). Beginning in the late 1950s, Culiacán became the birthplace of an incipient underground economy based on illicit drugs exported to the United States. The completion of the Pan-American Highway and the regional airport in the 1960s accelerated the expansion of a workable distribution infrastructure for the enterprising few families that would later come to dominate the international drug cartels along Mexico's Pacific Northwest. Climate Culiacán has a semi-arid climate (Köppen (Köppen-Geiger climate classification system): BSh), despite receiving an annual rainfall of over Wikipedia:Culiacán

Serbia and Montenegro

. As a result, the United States is now free to release aid money and support Serbia and Montenegro in international financial institutions, such as the IMF and World Bank. Total U.S. aid to Serbia and Montenegro, including debt forgiveness, exceeded $180 million in fiscal year 2002. The U.S. is the single-largest donor of aid to Serbia and Montenegro. * April 27 – Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman elected Speaker of the British House of Commons. * April 28 – The two remaining constituent republics (Constituent state) of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – Serbia and Montenegro – form a new state, named the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (after 2003, Serbia and Montenegro), bringing to an end the official union of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Montenegrins, Bosnian Muslims and Macedonians that existed from 1918 (with the exception of the period during World War II). * April 29 – Los Angeles riots (1992 Los Angeles riots): Acquittal of four police officers in the Rodney King beating criminal trial triggers massive rioting in Los Angeles. The riots will last for six days resulting in 53 deaths and over a $1 billion in damages before order is restored. June * June 3 – Montenegro declares independence after a May 21 referendum (Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006). The state union of Serbia and Montenegro is dissolved on June 5, leaving Serbia as the successor state. WikiPedia:Serbia and Montenegro Dmoz:Regional Europe Serbia and Montenegro

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


fax hours price content The single largest tourist attraction in Wuhan, the tower is a modern construction built on the site of twelve previous incarnations. It is considered one of the four great towers in China. The tower sits atop Snake Hill near the Number One Yangtze River Bridge and affords a commanding view of the Yangtze River as well as the mouth of the Han River where it connects. The view of the city is very impressive, although at times made slightly hazy by smog

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