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or confiscated for civilian use. Office of the Grand Mufti - Sofia:Müslümanlar Publication 5 2009 Currently there are 1458 mosques in Bulgaria. Office of the Grand Mufti - Sofia:Müslümanlar Publication 11 2009 Training Born in Plovdiv, Christoff demonstrated early his singing talent and sang as a boy at the choir of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia. In the late 1930s he graduated in law and started on a career as a magistrate

Knoxville, Tennessee

"Bill Bergen," as he was later known, had singing talent and appeared with his daughter in several episodes of her 18-episode NBC comedy variety show, ''The Polly Bergen Show'', which aired in the 1957-1958 television season. - Knoxville (Knoxville, Tennessee) 1807 rowspan 5 '''Capitals of the State of Tennessee (Tennessee)'''. - Although the Army of Tennessee had about 52,000 men at the end of July, the Confederate government merged the Department of East


, Pennsylvania , where his uncle had a barber shop in the Hotel Conneaut (Conneaut Lake Park). About 80 miles from Cleveland, it was a stop on the itinerary for dance bands who worked up and down the Ohio Valley. Como, Roselle, and their friends had gone to nearby Cleveland; their good times took them to the Silver Slipper Ballroom where Freddy Carlone and his orchestra were playing. Carlone invited anyone who thought he might have singing talent to come up and sing with his band. Young


her doing so because she considered that she had no singing talent.Because of his physical handicap, Angham kept her third sibling, Ahmad, away from the spotlight and his identity and whereabouts remain till this day, anonymous. game includes special rules for overruns (attacks performed during movement); sea movement; rail movement between Alexandria and Matruh and replacement


in Norway, Dif met DJ Alligator, with whom he made an album, ''Groove your soul'', and the debut single "I believe". Although unsuccessful, they showed that Dif had singing talent. Over the five years of 1956 to 1961 the Caribbean Sea between the island and Barbados was reclaimed and filled in during the building of the Bridgetown Port (Port of Bridgetown), ''The Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society'' , Volumes 46-48, p.79 (2000) and now Pelican Island has become incorporated into the mainland in the Bridgetown Deep Water Harbour complex. The parish (parishes of Barbados) of '''Saint James''' ("St. James") is an area located in the western part of the country of Barbados. Increasingly St. James is being known as the playground of the rich and famous, and haven for sun-starved tourists. WikiPedia:Barbados Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Barbados Commons:Category:Barbados

Kansas City, Missouri

at the Folley Theater, Kansas City, 2001. ''''. Retrieved Feb 20, 2009. in Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) presented by the Harriman-Jewell Series which is noteworthy for introducing new singing talent to North America. Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti made his professional recital debut on the Series in 1973, followed by other notable singers making their U.S. recital debuts over the years, including Mexican Francisco Araiza


. ) was a Philippine (Philippines) politician. DATE OF BIRTH August 2, 1896 PLACE OF BIRTH Manila, Philippines DATE OF DEATH February 9, 1965 birth_date origin Manila, Philippines occupation Singer-songwriter, Actor Rivera was born in Manila, Philippines but has since migrated with his family to Canada. Rivera was an architect in Canada before his singing talent


'''''Project SuperStar''''' ( ) is a singing talent search competition organised by MediaCorp and broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm on Channel U (MediaCorp TV Channel U) in Singapore. Project SuperStar was organised to uncover and develop young talent in Mandarin pop in Singapore. Closely modelled after the Pop Idol, 24 contestants were selected to enter the Quarter Finals of the competition. For both seasons, it was hosted

. This conspiracy was ultimately thwarted at the last moment as British intelligence successfully infiltrated the Ghadarite movement and arrested key figures. The failed Singapore mutiny (1915 Singapore Mutiny) remains a famous part of this plot while mutinies in other smaller units and garrisons within India were also crushed. '''Campus SuperStar''' ( ) is a spin-off (Spin-off (media)) of Project SuperStar, a popular singing talent-search competition in Singapore

Puerto Rico

of Morillo. In 2001, Morillo returned to screen acting, playing "Mari Chuvha" in "Viva la Pepa" ("Long Live Pepa"). Later on that decade, she declared that her daughter Liliana was allegedly raped by a homeworker as a six year old, apparently while her parents were away from home. The program was loosely inspired by the late Puerto Rican (Puerto Rico) singing talent contest and variety show, Voces en Función, and the Spanish reality show, Operación Triunfo. Twenty or so contestants are "bunkered" in a studio house where they will live together for several months while participating in a weekly show where one of them is eliminated, en route to find a "young star". The winner of the show gets a record deal from Univision Music Group. The show's fifth season began on February 9, 2008. Fatalities 2 direct Areas Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio Valley, Kentucky, Virginia Hurricane season 1979 Atlantic hurricane season '''Tropical Storm Claudette''' was a long living tropical storm that produced heavy rain across Puerto Rico and Texas in late July 1979. The storm killed 2 people and left $1.1 billion (2005 USD) in damage. Claudette was one of three destructive storms of the 1979 Atlantic hurricane season. As the storm moved westward, it encountered wind shear, weakening it back to depression status when it hit Puerto Rico. Claudette moved across islands of Hispaniola and Cuba as a tropical wave before reforming in the Gulf of Mexico on July 21. Fluctuating between tropical depression and tropical storm status, the disorganized storm drifted slowly westward before making landfall along the Texas-Louisiana border on July 24. The storm stalled over Alvin, Texas on the evening of the 25th. The storm then weakened and continued northeastward through the Ohio Valley before dissipating on July 29. Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico


collaborating with director-producer Apostolos Tegopoulos and the film company KLAK Film. That's when he became most famous for his roles - a golden period that lasted until 1971. It was his roles portraying him as a singer and bouzouki player that dictated that he needed to learn how to sing. Apostolos Kaldaras (a famous Greek musician and composer) came to the rescue, teaching Xanthopoulos to sing. Xanthopoulos sang over 300 songs in 30 movies, but his singing talent was not confined to movies. He recorded 9 Albums and 55 singles, an impressive figure for someone who was acting he was singing! Playing career Born in Collingwood, Victoria, Richards' passion for Collingwood grew out of family connections – he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather Charlie H. Pannam (shortened from Pannamopoulos after migrating to Australia from Greece), and uncles Charles (Charlie E. Pannam) and Alby Pannam, both former Magpie players. His brother Ron Richards (Ron Richards (Australian rules footballer)) also played for the club. The Richards Pannam dynasty made Collingwood (Collingwood Football Club) the only club to have been captained by three generations of the one family. As a family they played over 1200 games between them. Marius' third novel, ''After the War,'' returned to Bourbon County in the post-World War I period. Drawing on the biographical experiences of his parents, the novel concerned a Greek (Greece) immigrant who moves to Tennessee after fighting in the Great War for Belgium. The protagonist marries a local woman who becomes increasingly fundamentalist Christian as time goes on. He is also haunted by the ghosts of three friends who died in the war. Marius wanted to title the novel "Once in Arcadia," but his publisher believed that too few readers would understand the reference to the classical Greek refuge. Both ''Publishers Weekly'' and the ''New York Times'' named it one of the best novels of the year. The latter made it an "editor's choice," calling it "an old-fashioned blockbuster, richly packed with characters" and its reviewer, Robert Ward, wrote that the novel "moved me, made me laugh out loud, broke my heart." '''Apeiranthos''' or '''Aperathos''' (in Greek (Greek language): Απείρανθος or Απέραθος; local dialect: Απεράθου , ''Aperathou'') is a mountainous village in the island of Naxos (Naxos Island) (Greece). It is located Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

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