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a job while trying to develop her singing career. He contacted her and offered to cover her expenses for three years so she could train professionally — on the condition she never reveal his name. A patron of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, in the early 1960s when the Orchestra was preparing to move to new facilities at Place des Arts, McConnell purchased a 1727 Stradivarius violin for concertmaster and violinist Calvin Sieb. Playing career Born in Saint-Vallier, Quebec

Watts, Los Angeles

their relationship in her sixth and final autobiography ''A Song Flung Up to Heaven'' (2002), Angelou said she returned to the U.S. in 1965 to help him build a new civil rights organization, the Organization of Afro-American Unity; he was assassinated shortly afterward. Devastated and adrift, she joined her brother in Hawaii, where she resumed her singing career, and then moved back to Los Angeles to focus on her writing career. She worked as a market researcher in Watts (Watts, Los Angeles) and witnessed the riots (Watts riots) in the summer of 1965. She acted in and wrote plays, and returned to New York in 1967. She met her life-long friend Rosa Guy and renewed her friendship with James Baldwin, whom she met in Paris in the 1950s and called "my brother", during this time. Her friend Jerry Purcell provided Angelou with a stipend to support her writing. Principal cast '''Roger "Raj" Thomas''' (Ernest Thomas (Ernest Lee Thomas)), the show's protagonist, is a teenager living in a house in Watts (Watts, Los Angeles) with his divorced mother Mabel and his younger sister Dee. Raj is an intelligent, well-mannered young man who sports large black horn-rimmed glasses and aspires to be a writer. Many episodes find Raj taking steps to pursue his dream, such as saving up for a screenwriting course or a typewriter. Eventually he graduates high school as valedictorian, moves out, and attends college (ostensibly the University of Southern California). Proposition 14 and the battle for space Since its beginning, the city was geographically divided by ethnicity. In the 1920s, Los Angeles was the location of the first restrictive covenants in real estate. By the Second World War, 95 percent of Los Angeles housing was off-limits to blacks and Asians. Minorities who had served in World War II or worked in L.A.'s defense industries returned to face increasing patterns of discrimination in housing (Housing Segregation). More and more, they found themselves excluded from the suburbs and restricted to housing in East or South Los Angeles, Watts (Watts, Los Angeles), and Compton (Compton, California). Such real-estate practices severely restricted educational and economic opportunities. In 1973, Shandling moved to Los Angeles, California. He worked at an advertising agency for a time, and then sold a script for the popular NBC sitcom ''Sanford and Son''. Shandling's script became the November 21, 1975 episode titled "Sanford and the Rising Son," in which Ah Chew (played by Pat Morita) turned junkyard owner Fred Sanford's (played by Redd Foxx) house into a Japanese restaurant. Shandling also wrote the script for the ''Sanford and Son'' episode, "The Committee Man", in which Fred Sanford represents the community of Watts (Watts, Los Angeles) on the Los Angeles Mayor's Committee. In addition to ''Sanford and Son'', Shandling wrote scripts for the sitcoms ''Welcome Back, Kotter'' and ''Three's Company''. *'''R Line''' - Hancock Park to East Los Angeles (East Los Angeles, California); by way of 3rd Street, Vermont Avenue, 7th Street, Boyle Avenue, and Whittier Boulevard. *'''S Line''' - Watts (Watts, Los Angeles) to East Hollywood; by way of Central Avenue, Florence Avenue, Avalon Boulevard, Vernon Avenue, Vermont Street, 3rd Street, and Western Avenue (Western Avenue (Los Angeles)). *'''U Line''' - Nevin to West Adams; by way of Central Avenue, Jefferson Boulevard, Vermont Street, and 27th Street. Elaboration David LaChapelle opens ''Rize'' with a disclaimer that reads, "The footage in this film has not been sped up in any way." This is a necessary thing to note because the general movements and rapid body contortions that are characteristic of krump dance are done with such speed and intensity that they have been described as mind boggling at the least. LaChapelle then proceeds to open the film with footage of the Watts Riots that happened in the Watts (Watts, Los Angeles) neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in 1965. This upheaval was in response to oppressive acts done by white police officers onto a black motorist by the name of Marquette Frye in August of that year. This incident unleashed a long-brewing hatred and anger over the black oppression in America, which erupted into full-blown riots throughout South Central (South Los Angeles). The riots lasted a total of five days and at the cost of 34 lives and 40 billion dollars in property damage. Since then, other conflicts and feuds were started between many of the remaining sets of the Crips gang. It is a popular misconception that Crips sets feud only with Bloods. In reality, they fight each other — for example, the Rollin' 60s and 83rd Street Gangster Crips have been rivals since 1979. In Watts, Los Angeles, the Grape Street Watts Crips and the P Jay Crips have feuded so much that the P Jay Crips even teamed up with the local Bloods set, the Bounty Hunter Bloods, to fight against the Grape Street Crips. War and Peace in Watts (2005-07-14) ''LA Weekly''. Retrieved 2007-05-04.

Nizhny Tagil

, combining a solo career with performances as a back-up vocalist, as well as duetting with sisters Lidia and Eugenia. However, for Aurica, 1980s Italo-Pop duets were not successful, and in 1992 she ended her singing career. Sofia's husband, Anatoliy Kyrylovich Jevdokymenko, was a People's Artist of Ukraine (1941–2002). He was the son of a conductor from Chernivtsi. He first saw Rotaru on the cover of the magazine ''Ukraine'' № 27 in 1965 and immediately fell in love with her. At the time

Taiwan Province

Taichung, Taiwan (Taiwan Province) Overview Born in Taipei, Taiwan (Taiwan Province), she grew up in Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia), British Columbia. Yeh's singing career started in the early 1980s and gradually became a memorable diva whose career has expanded for three decades with a total of thirty albums, plus forty-odd compilations and live recordings. Yeh speaks Cantonese (Standard Cantonese), Mandarin (Mandarin Chinese), and English (English language). Her jazz-trained vocals allow her to handle a wide range of musical genres. Apart from a good record track of original hits, Sally Yeh has, through the years, covered a number of Western songs, ranging from Madonna (Madonna (entertainer)) to Céline Dion (Celine Dion) by way of the ''Titanic'' theme song (My Heart Will Go On). She is most often considered the "Celine Dion of Hong Kong" due to her unique voice and the number of awards she has received in her career. In the 1980s-1990s, her popularity in Hong Kong was only matched by Anita Mui and Priscilla Chan. Early life Teresa Teng was born in Baozhong (Baozhong, Yunlin), Yunlin County, Taiwan (Taiwan Province), to a mainland Chinese (waishengren) family from Hebei. She was educated at Ginling Girls High School. As a young child, Teng won awards for her singing at talent competitions. Her first major prize was in 1964 when she sang "Visiting Yingtai" from Shaw Brothers' Huangmei opera movie, "The Love Eterne" (梁祝), at an event hosted by Broadcasting Corporation of China. She was soon able to support her family with her singing. Taiwan's rising manufacturing economy in the 1960s made the purchase of records easier for more families. With her father's approval, she quit high school to pursue singing professionally. '''Hsu Hsin-liang''' (

McMinnville, Oregon

1954 12 10 birth_place McMinnville, Oregon, U.S. (United States) death_date '''Ross Shafer''' (born December 10, 1954; McMinnville, Oregon) is a comedian and television host turned motivational and customer service speaker trainer (motivational speaker), based in Carlsbad, California. Although he now splits time in Nashville, Tennessee, where his wife Leah has an aspiring singing career. DATE OF BIRTH December 10, 1954 PLACE OF BIRTH McMinnville, Oregon, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH See also *Evergreen Aviation Museum, in McMinnville, Oregon: houses the Spruce Goose *List of aerospace museums - 100px (File:McMinnville Oregon high school.JPG) McMinnville High School McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon) McMinnville S.D. (McMinnville School District) 1748 Grizzles 6A - terminus_a 25px (Image:US 101.svg) US 101 (U.S. Route 101 (Oregon)) near Otis Junction (Otis Junction, Oregon) junction 20px (Image:OR 22.svg) OR 22 (Oregon Route 22) near Grande Ronde (Grande Ronde, Oregon) 20px (Image:OR 22.svg) OR 22 (Oregon Route 22) near Willamina (Willamina, Oregon) 20px (Image:OR 18.svg) OR 18 Business (Oregon Route 18 Business) in Sheridan (Sheridan, Oregon) 25px (Image:OR 153.svg) OR 153 (Oregon Route 153) in Bellevue (Bellevue, Oregon) 25px (Image:OR 99W.svg) OR 99W (Oregon Route 99W) near McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon) 25px (Image:OR 154.svg) OR 154 (Oregon Route 154) near Lafayette (Lafayette, Oregon) 25px (Image:OR 221.svg) OR 221 (Oregon Route 221) near Dayton (Dayton, Oregon) direction_b East The highway continues northeast on a straight and level course through Willamette Valley farmland, including the community of Bellevue (Bellevue, Oregon) which intersects with Oregon Route 153, until it intersects with Oregon Route 99W just south of McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon). In the McMinnville area, OR 99W serves as the primary business route (entering the downtown core) whereas OR 18 is a bypass route. Two interchanges along OR 18 provide access to McMinnville, including Three-Mile Lane, a spur of the highway. Oregon Route 18 provides direct access to the McMinnville Airport (McMinnville Municipal Airport) and the Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of the Spruce Goose. East of McMinnville, Oregon Route 18 intersects Oregon Route 233, with which it overlaps until its eastern terminus, and Oregon Route 221; the latter near the city of Dayton (Dayton, Oregon). It then crosses over the Yamhill River and terminates at a second junction with OR 99W. Typically, commuters continue north on OR 99W into the Portland area. * Eugene (Eugene, Oregon), IMAX 3D, Regal Cinemas Valley River Stadium 15 & IMAX Theater Regal Cinemas Valley River Stadium 15 & IMAX * McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon), IMAX 3D, Evergreen Aviation Museum Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum - The "largest IMAX 3D theater in the Northwest." Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum * Portland (Portland, Oregon), IMAX Dome, OMNIMAX Theater (public view of projector), Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – (by the Willamette River) OMNIMAX, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry birth_date in Tigard (Tigard, Oregon) direction_b North At Junction City, OR 99 ends and OR 99W begins along the Pacific Highway West, while OR 99E heads northeast on the Albany-Junction City Highway No. 58. While OR 99E quickly crosses the Willamette River, OR 99W stays on its west side through the Willamette Valley, passing through towns such as Monroe (Monroe, Oregon), Corvallis (Corvallis, Oregon), Monmouth (Monmouth, Oregon), Rickreall (Rickreall, Oregon), Amity (Amity, Oregon), McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon) and Lafayette (Lafayette, Oregon). Oregon Route 18 provides a bypass for OR 99W around downtown McMinnville and Lafayette. Route description OR 233 begins at an intersection with Oregon Route 99W in Amity. It heads northeast from there, passing through Willamette Valley farmland, ending at an intersection with Oregon Route 18 between Dayton and McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon). The highway then heads east (through Dayton), concurrent with OR 18, before both highways terminate at an intersection with OR 99W just west of Dundee (Dundee, Oregon). The Eyrie Vineyards estate vineyards are part of the sub-American Viticultural Area (AVA) of Willamette Valley AVA known as the Dundee Hills (Dundee, Oregon). The winery itself is in McMinnville (McMinnville, Oregon), which annually hosts the International Pinot Noir Celebration on the last weekend in July on the campus of Linfield College. His UFO research and investigations (which, he often stresses, are completely unrelated to his Navy work) have included the Kenneth Arnold sighting (Kenneth Arnold unidentified flying object sighting) (June 24, 1947), the McMinnville, Oregon (Trent) photos of 1950, the Gemini 11 astronaut photos of September, 1966, the Tehran UFO incident of September 1976, the New Zealand sightings of December 1978, the Japan Airlines (JAL1628) sighting of November 1986, the numerous sightings of Gulf Breeze UFO incident, 1987–1988, the "red bubba" sightings, 1990-1992 (including his own sighting in September, 1991), the Mexico City video of August, 1997 (which he deemed a hoax), Differential motion in the Mexico City video the Phoenix lights sightings of March 13, 1997, and many others. The New York Times - Science Watch; Report on U.F.O.'s - NYT March 27, 1979 The New York Times - .U.F.O. Files: The Untold Story - NYT October 14, 1979 The Los Angeles Times - UFO Believers Gather and Reveal That-Surprise-Aliens Are Here - NYT May 16, 1991 Early life and playing career Calhoun was born in McMinnville, Oregon in 1966, although his family moved to Roseburg, Oregon when Calhoun was just three years old. Calhoun attended Roseburg High School, where he played football under longtime Roseburg coach Thurman Bell. Along with Bell, Calhoun also counts Dayton High (Dayton High School (Oregon)) coach Dewey Sullivan— a Calhoun family friend— as an early influence. Allen Moody, From Dewey's Couch to the Air Force Sidelines. ''The News-Register'', 25 September 2007. Retrieved: January 14, 2010.


in Cairo; Thus she returned to Cairo and resumed her singing career, marrying the Egyptian director Ahmed Badrkhan, though they were to divorce soon after. * Format: CD September 15 – 16, 1978 Sound and Light Theater, Giza, Egypt align "center" 35 thumb right Stay away from w:Restaurants restaurants (File:6x8_80dpi_-_Piment_rouge_-_view_of_cellar_fm_mezz_stairs_to_Peel.JPG) that have menus in five languages. That's always a tourist trap. You want to eat where the locals eat - Curtis Stone (w:Curtis Stone). right thumb Herodotus (File:Kheops-Pyramid.jpg)’s book made Giza (w:Giza) famous in ancient Greece. When a list of the Seven Wonders of the World was created, ancient historians included the Great Pyramid (w:Great Pyramid of Giza).... Michael Woods (w:Michael Woods). *For the general public, my work is sometimes easier than a painting because there is someone addressing you; it can actually be a relief. What's interesting is the idea of a tourist randomly coming in and the experience they'll have. *Herodotus’s book made Giza (w:Giza) famous in ancient Greece. When a list of the Seven Wonders of the World was created, ancient historians included the Great Pyramid (w:Great Pyramid of Giza).... Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the Great Pyramid each year. It is the only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World that still exists. Tourism and time have taken a toll on the buildings at Giza. **Michael Woods (w:Michael Woods), Mary B. Woods in: ''Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,'' Twenty-First Century Books, 1 September 2008, p. ,15 "There is avian flu now in Egypt," Hassan el Bushra, regional adviser for emerging diseases at the eastern Mediterranean regional office of the WHO said. His response was to the reported presence of H5N1 virus in dead birds in three areas in Egypt - namely Cairo (w:Cairo), Giza (w:Giza), and Al-Minya (w:Al-Minya).

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

''' - Sergei Martynov (Sergei Martynov (politician)) (2003-present) Early life At the age of three André started singing with his family as audience. Three years later he began taking piano classes, and at the age of nine he wrote his first song, which he called ''Prayer'', showing his appreciation towards God. His professional singing career started at the age of 15 when he won the music contest ''Road to Renaissance''. For the last few years, André has been the lead vocalist of the pop (pop music)-jazz band Karabakh, with whom he has toured all over Armenia and the ''Nagorno-Karabakh Republic''. He has participated in numerous music festivals in Asia, Eastern Europe and the United States, winning many of them and finishing top three in a few others. He performed a track with Australian American R&B Pop Singer Samantha Jade titled Come Back. catchment basin_countries De-jure: Azerbaijan De-facto: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan length causes Ethnic land dispute between Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan territory Establishment of the ''de facto'' independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, remaining a ''de jure'' part of Azerbaijan result Decisive Armenian military victory '''Martuni''' ( Военные обвиняют правительство в коррупции, Kommersant (21 January 2000)


at St. Vincents Hospital (Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center) at 170 West 12th Street, in the Village after drinking at the White Horse Tavern (White Horse Tavern (New York City)) on November 5, 1953. Singing career: 1962-1965 thumb 210px Joplin's house at 122 Lyon Street in Haight-Ashbury (File:JoplinHouseHaight-Ashbury.PNG) in San Francisco, California. She lived there in the 1960s with her boyfriend Country Joe McDonald. Also, in the neighborhood resided many other


of Leningrad artists in the Russian Museum among others. * '''UMGG''' (GME) – Gomel Airport – Gomel, Belarus * '''UMII''' (VTB) – Vostochny Airport (Vitebsk Vostochny Airport) – Vitebsk, Belarus * '''UMKK''' (KGD) – Khrabrovo Airport – Kaliningrad, Russia 150px left upright thumb Ksenia Sitnik in 2006 (File:Kseniya.jpg) Ksenia Sitnik started her singing career at a very early age. She has participated in many vocal contests such as the festival ''Falling Stars'' in Nowa Ruda, Poland and ''The Golden Bee'' festival in Klimovichy, Belarus, both at the age of nine in the year 2004. Ksenia won first prize at the international children's contest at the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus in July 2005 and the same year also competed in ''The Star Light'' festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia. right upright thumb Ksenia Sitnik performing ''My Vmeste'' in 2005 (File:Ksenia Sitnik JESC 2005.jpg) After Operation Citadel, personnel of the R.O.N.A. retreated to Belarus and the Lepel area of Vitebsk, where they were involved in anti-partisan activities, committing numerous atrocities against the civilian population. In March 1944, the unit was briefly renamed to '''Volksheer-Brigade ''Kaminski''''' (Peoples- Brigade Kaminski), before it was absorbed into the Waffen-SS in June 1944. In total, Belarus lost a quarter of its pre-war population in the Second World War, including practically all its intellectual elite. About 9,200 villages and 1,200,000 houses were destroyed. The major towns of Minsk and Vitebsk lost over 80% of their buildings and city infrastructure. For the defence against the Germans, and the tenacity during the German occupation, the capital Minsk was awarded the title ''Hero City'' after the war. The fortress of Brest (Brest, Belarus) was awarded the title ''Hero-Fortress''. The '''Principality of Polotsk''', also known as the '''Kingdom of Polotsk''' or the '''Duchy of Polotsk''' (



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