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debate rather than a political issue, since no significant political party supports the idea. thumb right 275px The Commander of Swedish volunteers General Ernst Linder (File:Ernst Linder and Carl August Ehrensvard.png) (right) and his Chief of Staff Carl August Ehrensvärd in Tornio. The '''Swedish Volunteer Corps''' ('''Svenska Frivilligkåren''') during the Winter War numbered 9,640. Sweden was officially non-belligerent, however

Pechengsky District

than a political issue, since no significant political party supports the idea. Between the wars Hostilities between Finland and Soviet Russia (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Tartu (Treaty of Tartu (Russian–Finnish)) in 1920. In accordance with the treaty, Soviet Russia ceded Petsamo (Pechengsky District) to Finland and guaranteed special freedoms to the Karelian Autonomous


of Petsamo (Pechengsky District), ceded parts of Salla and Kuusamo and four islands in the Gulf of Finland. Sometimes the term "Debate on the return of the ceded territories" is used. The Karelian question remains a matter of public debate rather than a political issue, since no significant political party supports the idea. *Golf: Fred Couples wins his fifth Skins Game, picking up US$640,000 from 11 skins. http

Ostrogothic Kingdom

service in the Roman army and were a significant political and military power in the court of Constantinople. The period 477-483 saw a complex three-way struggle among Theoderic the Amal, who had succeeded his father in 474, Theodoric Strabo, and the new Eastern Emperor Zeno (Zeno (emperor)). In this conflict, alliances shifted regularly, and large parts of the Balkans were devastated by it. Bury (1923), Ch. XII, pp. 413-421 In the end, after Strabo's death in 481, Zeno


, pottery, new architectural forms and ideas) are interpreted as indications of significant political changes and the arrival of the Achaeans (Achaeans (tribe)), the first Greek colonists of Kition. Excerpt of text on the only plaque at the Kathari site (as of 2013). Around the same time, Phoenicians settled the area. At the archaeological sites of Kiteon (Kition (ancient state)#The Kition archaeological sites), remains that date from the 13th century BC have been found

Washington State Department of Transportation

the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle was damaged by an earthquake in 2001, there was a significant political movement to not replace it, including large majorities voting against both replacement options, but the Washington State Department of Transportation voted to allocate funding to build a tunnel to replace the viaduct. A large number of citizens, including mayoral candidate Mike McGinn, have vowed to stop this tunnel. Usage For removable forms, once the concrete has been poured into formwork and has set (or ''cured''), the formwork is ''struck'' or ''stripped'' (removed) to expose the finished concrete. The time between pouring and formwork stripping depends on the job specifications, the cure required, and whether the form is supporting any weight, but is usually at least 24 hours after the pour is completed. For example, the California Department of Transportation requires the forms to be in place for 1–7 days after pouring, Section 90-7 from the Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) Standard Specifications, 2006 while the Washington State Department of Transportation requires the forms to stay in place for 3 days with a damp blanket on the outside. Section 6-02.3(11) from the WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) Standard Specifications, 2006 left thumb Formwork stripped exposing the set concrete (Image:Mexico formwork.jpg) Spur routes '''State Route 105 Spur''' (more specifically referred to by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) as "State Route 105 Spur Westport") is a spur of State Route 105 (State Route 105 (Washington)) that goes north into the town of Westport (Westport, Washington), USA. It snakes through the city streets, initially as Forrest Street, finally ending at the harbor. length_mi 7.93 length_ref State Route 512 (Washington State Route 512). There are more than 17 stores and more are being built. A Marshalls (w:Marshalls), Boston's Gourmet Pizza (w:Boston Pizza), Mongolian Grill, Discount Tire (w:Discount Tire), and others are yet to open. The Washington State Department of Transportation (w:Washington State Department of Transportation) say this could cause more traffic problems. The intersection of Washington State Route 531 (w:Washington State Route 531) and 27th Avenue (only way in and out) is "crowded and tight". Twin Lakes is now inaccessible because of the traffic.




across the Congo River from Brazzaville. Together with Kinshasa, the combined conurbation of Kinshasa-Brazzaville has thus nearly 12 million inhabitants (although significant political and infrastructure challenges prevent the two cities from functioning with any meaningful connection). Over a third of the population of the Republic of Congo lives in the capital, and it is home to 40% of non-agricultural employment. It is also a financial and administrative capital. Geography

Greater Sudbury

, Ontario Kawartha Lakes . Unlike the Toronto amalgamation, however, these all involved large rural areas in addition to the primary urban core. Controversy over the amalgamations remains a significant political issue in some of these cities as of 2009. - YSB CYSB Sudbury Airport Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - align "left" Laurentian University align "left" Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) & four locations Barrie, Hearst (Hearst, Ontario), Kapuskasing & Timmins style "text-align:center;" B Auditions were held in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, London (London, Ontario), Sudbury (Greater Sudbury), Saskatoon, St. John's (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador), Moncton, Charlottetown, Sydney (Sydney, Nova Scotia), and Whitehorse (Whitehorse, Yukon). Twelve cities were also honoured by the Local Government Honours Award for innovative local environmental programs. These included Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) in Canada for its ambitious program to rehabilitate environmental damage from the local mining industry, Austin (Austin, Texas) in the United States for its green building strategy, and Kitakyūshū in Japan for incorporating an international education and training component into its municipal pollution control program. Centre Killarney North Greater Sudbury, Unorg. North Sudbury Dist. (Unorganized North Sudbury District) Northeast French River (French River, Ontario) - CBBS-FM 00 90.1 FM Greater Sudbury CBC Radio 2 public (public broadcasting) music - - CBBX-FM 00 90.9 FM Greater Sudbury Espace musique public (public broadcasting) music (French (French language)) - - CICS-FM 00 91.7 FM Greater Sudbury Larche Communications country (Country music) - - CJRQ-FM 00 92.7 FM Greater Sudbury Rogers Communications active rock - - CIGM-FM 00 93.5 FM Greater Sudbury Newcap Broadcasting CHR (contemporary hit radio) - - CJTK-FM 00 95.5 FM Greater Sudbury Eternacom Christian radio - - CKLU-FM 00 96.7 FM Greater Sudbury Laurentian University campus radio - - CBON-FM 00 98.1 FM Greater Sudbury Première Chaîne public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) (French (French language)) - - CHYC-FM 00 98.9 FM Greater Sudbury Le5 Communications hot adult contemporary (French (French language)) - - CBCS-FM 00 99.9 FM Greater Sudbury CBC Radio One public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) - - CKJC-FM (CHIM-FM) 0 101.7 FM Greater Sudbury 1158556 Ontario Ltd. (CHIM-FM) (Roger de Brabant) tourist information - - CHNO-FM 0 103.9 FM Greater Sudbury Newcap Broadcasting classic hits - - CJMX-FM 0 105.3 FM Greater Sudbury Rogers Communications adult contemporary - birth_date Rimstead began his journalism career at the age of 11, reporting on local farm births. A high school drop-out, Rimstead would become a seasoned sports reporter, columnist, and writer.


after peace talks broke down and Mobutu fled the country. He died on September 7, 1997 in Morocco. After securing victory, Kabila controlled

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