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Langford, British Columbia

and on-line sources list a 1978 single called "Money For Hype" This is a mistake; "Money For Hype" was by an obscure UK act called Payola, no relation to this band -- This single was sold at their gigs and in local music stores. Spotted by A&M Records, the band was given the budget to record four songs, which were issued as ''Introducing Payola$'' in 1980. The major-label EP included a new version of their signature song “China Boys”, early versions of “Jukebox

Roseburg, Oregon

work during this time, including "If I Knew Then" and "Sophisticated Swing". The trio's signature song was "Flying Home", performed in a close imitation of Benny Goodman's (Benny Goodman) band. Over the next eight years, he was shuffled around between various family members all over the country. He spent a brief period in Houston, Texas, living with his father, and a period in Roseburg, Oregon, living with his sister


remembering-a-musical-great-91466-20842199 Remembering a musical great at WalesOnline, 30 April 2008 in the Rhondda Valley (Rhondda), South Wales. He managed the careers of eminent vocalists (Singing) Engelbert Humperdinck (Engelbert Humperdinck (singer)) and Tom Jones (Tom Jones (singer)) and co-wrote (with Les Reed) Jones's signature song ''It's Not Unusual''. '''Ynyshir''' ( Before the Rhondda (w:Rhondda) Magistrates' Court (w:Magistrates' Court) Wiosna admitted breaching the noise abatement (w:noise pollution) notice (w:summons), with which he was served. He was ordered to pay a £ (w:Pound sterling)200 fine. He was also ordered to pay £50 in costs, £15 in victim surcharge, and to destroy his music collection.

Greater Sudbury

XM ''Theme Time Radio Hour'' program (episode 37) in January 2007. Born in Sudbury (Greater Sudbury), Ontario, Linna is part of the collective of musicians that emerged from the Cleveland, Ohio punk rock scene, including the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu. When the re-formed Rocket from the Tombs performed in Hoboken, New Jersey in 2003, singer David Thomas (David Thomas (musician)) dedicated the band's signature song "Amphetamine" to her. DATE OF BIRTH

Memphis, Tennessee

, peaking at number eight on the pop albums chart (Billboard 200) and became the first of six albums to peak at number-one on the soul album chart (Top R&B Hip-Hop Albums) (where it claimed the position for ten weeks). It is most well known for the title track (Let's Stay Together (song)), which became Green's signature song and only number-one pop hit single. The album was the third Willie Mitchell (Willie Mitchell (music)) produced Al Green album and marked the beginning of Green's

of Davis's songs, like "Watching Scotty Grow", which became a number one Adult Contemporary success for Goldsboro in 1971. Other artists that recorded his material included Vikki Carr, O.C. Smith and Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. "I Believe in Music", often considered to be Davis's signature song, was recorded by several artists (including Marian Love, Louis Jordan, Perry Como, Helen Reddy and Davis himself) before it finally


; The most successful single from the album became the classically (classical music) influenced ballad "My Heart Will Go On", which was written and composed by James Horner and Will Jennings, and produced by Horner and Walter Afanasieff. Serving as the love theme for the 1997 blockbuster film ''Titanic (Titanic (1997 film))'', the song topped the charts across the world, and became Dion's signature song; ref name

in popularizing Trinidadian calypso. Luboff de-emphasized the saucy, ribald side of calypso and created a popular form that appealed to the masses. His signature song is "Yellow Bird" which became very popular in the 1960s. Preparation Early on August 21 hurricane warnings were in effect for Barbados and the Windward Islands. Star-News.


Would Leave You " which would become his signature song. After the run of ''Camelot'', Goulet appeared on ''The Danny Thomas Show'' and ''The Ed Sullivan Show'', which made him a household name among American audiences. On December 7, 1962, Goulet made a memorable

. During his 50 year career he released more than 40 albums and recorded over 300 tracks. One album, ''Fisherman's Boy'', contained his signature song ''Aunt Martha's Sheep'' and went platinum in just three months. Another signature song of his was ''I's the B'y''. Two more gold albums followed and he appeared at the Grand Ole Opry and national television programs, was nominated for a Juno Award, hosted his own television series and in November 2005, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement

Northern Ireland

) single , it rose to number eight on the ''Cashbox (Cashbox (magazine))'' charts (Record chart), and reached number ten on the ''Billboard'' Hot 100 (Billboard Hot 100). Turner. It's Too Late to Stop Now. p.77 It featured the Sweet Inspirations singing back-up vocals (Backing vocalist) and is widely considered to be Van Morrison's signature song.

it, it's yours" in what became their signature song "Alternative Ulster". The song "Rough Trade" is about the band's view of the music business as being dishonest but have since claimed it is not about the record label which happens to have the same name. The '''Remembrance Day bombing''' (also known as the '''Enniskillen bombing''' or '''Poppy Day massacre'''

Portland, Oregon

name "Hilo Hattie Still Active at 70" the seductive dancer meant to perform it fell ill. Hilo Hattie, who claimed to have never had a hula lesson in her life, ran with it as a comedy piece, and it became a monster success in its time. Clara legally changed her name to Hilo Hattie, when she performed her second signature song, ''The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai'', in the movie ''Song of the Islands''. From 1939, Hilo


House studios in Clifton (now sadly defunct). Never has any album in British music captured the atmosphere and vibe of a specific city such as "Blue Lines" - particularly the track "Lately". This track, with vocals by Shara Nelson and a bass groove sample from "Mellow mellow right on" by Lowrell so perfectly captures the atmosphere of a summer's evening in Bristol - particularly on the Clifton Downs - that with its warm, laid back vibe is practically a signature

song for the whole city. thumbnail right A boat in the sunset at Bristol Harbourside (File:Bristol Harbourside sunset boat.jpg) Orientation Bristol is a large city with various areas in its centre; a map is helpful to get to know the layout. The free map given away at the Tourist Information Centre at the Harbourside is excellent for this. At Bristol's core is the '''Floating Harbour''' - a stretch of water that snakes along the city-centre which looks like a river in places but which is actually a dock. For centuries the Floating Harbour was where ships docked, bringing trade and prosperity to the city. It was created by diverting the River Avon in the early 19th century to the New Cut to the south, and by using various locks to create a non-tidal dock. Today, the industrial shipping has mostly gone and the Floating Harbour is a home for leisure, pleasure craft, upmarket waterfront apartments, and the occasional visiting sailing ship. It's easiest to think about city locations as where they are relative to '''The Centre''', or Central Promenade (it's called "The Centre" as it used to be the "Trams Centre", until Bristol's tram system was scrapped in the 1940s after bomb damage. Now it's more of a Bus Centre.). The Centre is a broad avenue running north-south with fountains and trees and shops, and traffic, reaching the Floating Harbour at its southern end. The Centre is a major interchange for most city bus routes - you can ask a bus driver for a ticket to "The Centre" from anywhere in the city and you'll get back there. thumbnail right The ferris wheel in Broadmead seen from The Galleries (File:Bristol MMB «K3 The Galleries.jpg) To the east of The Centre is the core of historic Bristol - the '''Old City'''. Here major streets include Queen Square, King Street, Baldwin Street, and Corn Street. It has wonderful Victorian and Georgian buildings, historic and charming pubs, and many places to shop, drink and eat. To the north-east of the Old City is Bristol's main shopping area - '''Broadmead''', centred on the Broadmead itself and related streets such as the Horsefair, Union Street and Penn Street as well as The Galleries shopping centre. At the east end of the Broadmead is the major new shopping centre at '''Cabot Circus''' and a related development of more boutique shops at Quakers Friars. If you go east of Cabot Circus and across the dual carriageway you get to the less affluent area of Old Market, while if you go north of it you get to the St. Paul's area, which is a hotbed of culture but is best visited during the day. To the north of The Centre are areas occupied by the city's hospitals, the bus station at Marlborough Street, and the University of Bristol. To the west of The Centre is the '''Harbourside''' area, much of which has been a scene of heavy urban regeneration since 2000 and includes parts of what used to be called Canon's Reach. Here you'll find eateries in converted warehouses, Millennium Square with its attractions such as At-Bristol, and offices and smart apartments in new developments. It's a great place to spend time by the water. It continues to the south of the Floating Harbour at the M Shed museum of Bristol life, along to the SS ''Great Britain''. To the north-west of The Centre, and up Park Street, you head for the '''West End''' with its smart independent shops, the City Museum and other attractions, and if you keep going along Queen's Road you get to the upmarket '''Clifton''' area, known for its suspension bridge and elegant Georgian architecture. The '''Tourist Information Centre''' can be found in the Watershed, a converted warehouse just off The Centre, just on the west side of the inlet of the Floating Harbour (St. Augustine's Reach). Walking south down The Centre, where the dock begins head to your right and under the colonnade. The Tourist Info Centre is a little way along. thumbnail right Aerial view of the Bristol International Airport (File:Bristol airport overview.jpg) Get in By plane thumbnail right Inside Bristol Airport's terminal (File:Bristol International Airport, terminal building departure area.jpg) '''Bristol Airport''' ( Commons:Category:Bristol Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Bristol Wikipedia:Bristol

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