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primarily filmed there but still has scenes on the North Shore). Go Girls is another popular show set on the North Shore. Prime (Prime (New Zealand)) TV channel has its studios and base in Albany (Albany, New Zealand). Association football North Shore City is home to North Shore United who in 2014 are competing in the Northern Region Football League Division 1, having won promotion from Division 2 at the end of the 2012 season. Notable people * Wayne "Buck" Shelford (Wayne Shelford) - All Black Legend (Rugby Player) * Frank Sargeson - Writer * Rachel Hunter - Actress Model * Judy Bailey - Retired Newsreader * Rosita Vai - NZ Idol 2 Winner * Sir Peter Blake (Peter Blake (yachtsman)) - Yachtsman * Ian Ferguson (Ian Ferguson (canoeist)) - Olympian * John Hood - Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford * Dean Barker (Dean Barker (yachtsman)) - Yachtsman * Peter Montgomery (Peter Montgomery (broadcaster)) - Broadcaster * Luke McAlister - Rugby Player * Ian Jones (Ian Jones (rugby union)) - Ex All Black Rugby Player * Bert Sutcliffe - New Zealand Cricketer * Danny Morrison (Danny Morrison (cricketer)) - New Zealand Cricketer * Nick Evans (Nick Evans (rugby union)) - Rugby Player * Kirk Penney - Basketball Player * Winston Reid (Winston Reid (footballer)) - Footballer * Lorde - Singer Vocalist Sister cities North Shore City was a sister city of: * He moved from New Zealand to Denmark at the age of 10 with his mother and Danish stepfather. DATE OF BIRTH 3 July 1988 PLACE OF BIRTH North Shore (North Shore City), Auckland, New Zealand DATE OF DEATH '''Harbour League''' were a franchise in the now defunct Bartercard Cup rugby league competition in New Zealand. They represented Aucklands North Shore City. They were formed in 2006 to take over from the Hibiscus Coast Raiders and the North Harbour Tigers (Northcote Tigers#North Harbour Tigers) due to the New Zealand Rugby League wishing to reduce the number of Auckland teams in favour of more regional sides. The eight existing local bodies — the Auckland Regional Council (w:Auckland Regional Council), Auckland City (w:Auckland City), Manukau City (w:Manukau City), Waitakere City (w:Waitakere City), North Shore City (w:North Shore City), Papakura District (w:Papakura District), Rodney District (w:Rodney District) and Franklin District (w:Franklin District) — would be abolished. They would be replaced by a single Auckland Council responsible for air, water, waste, transport, planning and services, supplemented by six local councils responsible for service delivery. The eight existing mayors would be replaced by a single directly elected Mayor of Auckland, with additional powers to function in a more executive role.


). '''''Bergerac''''' was a British television show set on Jersey. Produced by the BBC in association with the Seven Network, and screened on BBC1 (BBC One), it starred John Nettles (who later starred in British crime series ''Midsomer Murders'' as Tom Barnaby) as the title character Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, a detective in "Le Bureau des Étrangers" ("The Foreigners Office", a fictional department, based on the real Bureau des Étrangers, for dealing


, is a writer and film-maker. His younger brother, Ahsan Habib (Ahsan Habib (Cartoonist)), is the editor of the satirical magazine, ''Unmad'' (''Mad'') and a cartoonist. he


, cookery and phone-ins lasted approximately two hours each weekday morning on ITV. This live show set the standard for daytime fare in British television throughout the 1990s. It first aired in October 1988 and was broadcast from the Albert Dock in Liverpool, although production moved to London in 1996. They were so closely associated with the show, that many people referred to it by their names, ''Richard and Judy'', rather than ''This Morning''. ''This Morning'' Their best

known show was ''This Morning (This Morning (TV series))'', which they hosted from its inception in 1988 until 2001. The series, a mix of celebrity interviews, household tips, cookery and phone-ins lasted approximately two hours each weekday morning on ITV. This live show set the standard for daytime fare in British television throughout the 1990s. It first aired in October 1988 and was broadcast from the Albert Dock in Liverpool, although production moved to London in 1996


company out of his basement. He's a top level executive of Dynamic Facility Services Ltd.. He became a self-made millionaire with diversified business interests including transportation, maintenance and real estate development. The show, set and filmed in Vancouver, stars Nicholas Campbell as Dominic Da Vinci, once an undercover officer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but now a crusading coroner who seeks justice in the cases he investigates. Production ''Da


last Schroeder first Shayne title 2008 Chrysanthemum Show Set for Saturday, Sunday at Cal State Long Beach’s Burns Miller Japanese Garden work This Week @ The Beach publisher California State University, Long Beach date October 20, 2008 url http: news-events story.cfm?hackid 1045 format doi accessdate The is a limited express sleeping car train service in Japan which connects


, a fashion show set on the roof of the Vienna Opera. He makes a pact with Death, allowing him to remain among the living at least until the morning. Rudolf I, who spent a great deal of time in Brugg before his election to King of the Romans, awarded Brugg city rights, or ''Stadtrecht'', on July 23, 1284. The decree awarding this new status was identical, word for word, to that of Aarau. At the same time Brugg was granted independence from the Eigenamt and became a separate polity. Although the Habsburgs had moved their center of power a few years earlier to Vienna, they continued to maintain close ties with Brugg. The “Austrian House,” later known as “Effingerhof,” served as accommodations and a headquarters during military conflicts throughout this period of time in the Austrian forelands (Further Austria). Today '''Mont Beuvray''' is generally credited as the ancient Bibracte. The site straddles the borders of the French départements of Nièvre and Saône-et-Loire in Burgundy. The site is an archaeological park at the centre of a protected forest, and a site of cooperative European archaeological efforts, a training ground for young archaeologists as well as a centre for interpreting Gaulish culture for a popular audience. Important international excavations take place at Mont Beuvray, with teams from the universities of Sheffield, Kiel, Budapest, Vienna and Leipzig. In 1683, the new castle was helpless against the retreating Turkish army, which had been repulsed again (Battle of Vienna) at Vienna. Both Moson and Magyaróvár were set ablaze. Though the town archives were now completely destroyed, the damage was repaired more quickly this time around, at least quickly enough to allow Rákóczi (Francis II Rákóczi) to use the castle as a base during his war for independence from the Habsburgs (Rákóczi's War for Independence). In 1721, after the revolution was crushed, the castle at Magyaróvár lost its strategic importance, and all military materiel was transferred to Bratislava. However, the town prospered greatly after the war, with the establishment of new guilds, a town doctor, and the Piarist school. The Austrian government wished to limit the independence of the town, but the people were able to hold on to a degree of autonomy; an agreement to this effect was signed in 1796 after delegates had been sent to Vienna and Buda. In 1809, Napoleon's army demanded the town's provisions for his wars of conquest (Napoleonic Wars), and although this impoverished the people, they saved the town from destruction. 100px right Ostoja Coat of Arms Ostoja (Image:POL COA Sędzimir.svg) Little is known of his early life: he was born in a noble family that was part of the Clan of Ostoja. His father sent him to study in university of Krakow but Sędziwój visited also most of the European countries and universities; he studied in Vienna, Altdorf (University of Altdorf), Leipzig and at Cambridge. His acquaintances included John Dee (John Dee (mathematician)) and Edward Kelley. It was thanks to him that King Stefan Batory agreed to finance their experiments. ''Praktyk i mistyk'', Andrzej Datko, Wiedza i życie 2008-04-28 http: 4868,12799,1483961,1,czasopisma.html (in Polish) In the 1590s he was active in Prague, at the famously open-minded court of Rudolf II. thumb Julius Wagner-Jauregg. (File:Julius Wagner-Jauregg.jpg) '''Julius Wagner-Jauregg''' (until 1919 '''Julius Wagner Ritter von Jauregg''', His father had been created a Ritter (a hereditary title of nobility) in 1883, but titles of nobility were abolished in Austria in 1919. March 7, 1857 Wels, Upper Austria – September 27, 1940 Vienna) was an Austrian physician, Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


to the Southern Ocean from the 34th parallel south to the Antarctic Polar Front Reality television In September 2010 he featured in the ITV1 outdoor series ''71 Degrees North'', a challenge show set in Norway in which he finished in 2nd place, losing out to Marcus Patric. He then featured as a contestant on BBC1's ''Strictly Come Dancing'' 's eighth series (Strictly Come Dancing (series 8)), partnered by Katya Virshilas. In August 2011 a series, '' The Bachelor UK

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