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Barry Island

of their summer events, broadcasting a special edition of The Scott Mills Show live from the island as part of the show's regular "Barryoke" theme, with songs such as "Smooth Barry", a twist on the song "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson with a tour of Barry Island. . Wales' railway network developed in conjunction with that of the rest of the United Kingdom during the nineteenth century. The North Wales Coast Line and South Wales Main Line sought to profit from traffic between London and Ireland. Numerous railways were built to export coal and iron from South Wales and slate from North Wales. In the latter half of the nineteenth century, tourism was booming and railways served resorts such as Llandudno, Barry Island and locations along the Cambrian Coast Line. Abercynon North was served by a train every 30 minutes in each direction, weekday daytimes, calling at almost all stations between Aberdare and Barry Island via Llandaf.

Puebla, Puebla

, NY isbn 0-521-58120 page 162 Other laws attacked the privileges traditionally enjoyed by the military, which was significant since the military had been instrumental in putting and keeping Mexican governments in office since Emperor Agustín de Iturbide in the 1820s. align "center" Puebla (Puebla, Puebla), Puebla House show Live event

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Nutana, Saskatoon

Art Encounter (June) – a weekend exhibition where local artists display their works inside businesses of the Broadway Avenue business district * Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival (August) – a fringe theatre festival at various venues around Broadway Avenue, as well as free outdoor performance artists and street vendors * Broadway Street Fair (September) – a festival that includes a sidewalk sale, silent auction, art show, live music, and children's games November 16, 1901 July 1, 1903 May 26, 1906 Temperance Colony founded at Nutana (Nutana, Saskatoon). Riversdale (Riversdale, Saskatoon), Nutana, and Saskatoon (Central Business District, Saskatoon) merge to form city. Most populous and geographically largest city in Saskatchewan. - thumb right Victoria One room school One Room Schoolhouse (File:VictoriaSchool.UofS.jpg) The Victoria School House, known also as the Little Stone School House, was built in 1888 as the first school house of the Temperance Colony. The one room school house was originally constructed in Nutana (Nutana, Saskatoon). The location is now known as five corners at the south or top of the Broadway Bridge (Broadway Bridge (Saskatoon)). The school yard at one time comprised three school houses, as the population grew. The little stone school house was preserved and moved on campus. It was declared a historic site on June 1, 1967.


, Torreón, Coahuila) is a Mexican actor, director and producer. align "center" Torreón, Coahuila Live event (House show) Service with Villa Ángeles became one of Villa’s principal military and intellectual advisers. He participated as Chief of Artillery in the great military triumphs of 1914: the capture of Torreón, the Battles of San Pedro de las Colonias and Paredón


Fan Center last Daniels first Neil T. date October 2003 page 23 and guest starred on ''The Mike Douglas Show'', ''The Jonathan Winters Show'', and the ''The Tonight Show''. Acapulco, Guerrero Live event (House show) align "center"

in days nts month1 3 day1 21 year1 1990 month2 11 day2 25 year2 1990 Acapulco, Guerrero Live event (House show) align "center" Acapulco, Guerrero Live event (House show) align "center"

year1 1979 month2 9 day2 9 year2 1979 Acapulco, Guerrero Live event (House show) align "center" Acapulco, Guerrero Live event (House show) Biography He is of both German (German people) and English (English people) descent


; or "ciclovía" (bicycle trail) (in Spanish language Spanish only) - 38 Estadio Centenario 15,000 Cuernavaca Morelos Pumas Morelos - align "center" WikiPedia:Cuernavaca Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Morelos Localities Cuernavaca Commons:Category:Cuernavaca

Serbia and Montenegro

, SCG (Serbia and Montenegro) and Serbia). - 4 Spain Greece, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, United Kingdom - Viewers could exclusively look at the EBU (European Broadcasting Union)'s official viewing figures. Around 21 million people watched the show live. Data for Serbia and Montenegro, Belarus, Malta and Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) are not available. In addition some non-Communist countries such as Afghanistan and Serbia and Montenegro were excluded from PNTR MFN for various reasons. Congressional action denied PNTR status to the reconstituted Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) in reaction to the armed conflict in the region and human rights abuses committed after the breakup of the old Yugoslavia. WikiPedia:Serbia and Montenegro Dmoz:Regional Europe Serbia and Montenegro


voted by the fans through online and some from ''Back Home''. It was hosted by Holly Willoughby. This time, Westlife together with Tesco brought out "The Definitive Westlife Quiz"


a two-hour show called ''The Westlife Show'' where they performed 10 of their songs, some voted by the fans through online and some from ''Back Home''. It was hosted by Holly Willoughby. This time


; is an English television and radio personality, most famous for becoming the first female host of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show and for her earlier work presenting the 1990s children's show, ''Live & Kicking''. DATE OF BIRTH 23 November 1970 PLACE OF BIRTH Blackpool, Lancashire, England DATE OF DEATH Flybe started operations on 1 November 1979 as Jersey European Airways (JEA), as a result of a merger of Jersey-based Intra Airways and Bournemouth

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