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Baker City, Oregon

District url http: docs NRHP Text 78002277.pdf publisher National Park Service year 1978 page 1 accessdate 2012-03-16 Baker City Tower, a nine-story structure in the historic district, is the tallest building east of the Cascade Range in Oregon.

Service year 1978 page 59 accessdate 2012-03-16 Opening in 1929 as the Baker Community Hotel, it was converted to other uses after financial setbacks during the Great Depression. ref

publisher National Park Service year 1978 page 10 accessdate 2012-03-17 The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, about site.

National Climatic Data Center

Center accessdate January 1, 2007 url http: cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~281585 Further north in South Carolina and Virginia, Danny spawned several tornadoes; some of them caused significant damage. ref>

. The Panama City area had some minor fresh water flooding. By the time Danny reached Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)) and the Carolinas, its impact potential had weakened, though it still managed cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~307724 Several tornadoes and waterspouts were spawned over Virginia; most of them occurred in Norfolk (Norfolk, Virginia), Portsmouth (Portsmouth, Virginia), and Hampton (Hampton, Virginia). ref>

Kingdom of Nri

; Intimate Terms author Basden, George Thomas publisher Seeley, Service year 1921 page 184 * *

Moore, Oklahoma

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;About US, Dacosta Mannings Jehovah's Witnesses begin their first preaching activity in this province in 1932. The first Minahasa to be baptized was Brother Theo Ratu; he is also claimed as the first Indonesian (Indonesians) to be baptized. His son Vicky Ratu was also one of the Jehovah's Witnesses, now joined in Tangerang Kota Congregation. In the 2007 Service Year in North Sulawesi their peak publisher

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement footnotes See Table 1, page 13. Figure for 2008 was ~$297 million; proposal for 2010 was ~$347 million. ref name

Atlanta metropolitan area

from the storm. Rainfall resulted in flooding in numerous locations around the Atlanta

. The tornado damaged seven houses, primarily to roof damage, although one experienced damage

Pago Pago

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Portobello, Dublin

in 1784, including the Leinster Aqueduct across the Liffey, constructed by Richard Evans, and to a junction with the River Barrow at Athy by 1791. The circular line through Dublin from Portobello (Portobello, Dublin) to Ringsend, where large docks adjacent to the Liffey were constructed, was started in 1790 and opened in 1796. The company had by then turned its attention

Grants Pass, Oregon

. The Park Service, which assumed control of the monument in 1933, offers tours of the cave from mid-April through early November. By highway, Oregon Caves is north of San Francisco.

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