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Downtown Portland

and continuing for almost four decades, all transit service in downtown was free (free public transport), as downtown was entirely within TriMet's Fareless Square, which also covered the nearby Lloyd District (Lloyd District, Portland, Oregon) after 2001. However, in 2010, free rides became limited to MAX and streetcar service – no longer covering bus service – and the zone renamed the "Free Rail Zone", The '''Meier & Frank Building''' is a fifteen story, glazed terra cotta (Glazed architectural terra-cotta) building located in downtown (Downtown Portland) Portland, Oregon, across from the northeast corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square. The building is the former flagship store and headquarters building for the Meier & Frank department store chain and has now seen its lower floors be remodeled into an updated Macy's department store. Upper floors of the building have been renovated into a luxury hotel known as The Nines (The Nines (hotel)). The idea of operating vintage streetcars in Downtown Portland had been proposed at least as early as the mid-1970s, "Old Town trolleys proposed". (August 25, 1976). ''The Oregonian'', p. E12. as a way to lure back to the city center shoppers who increasingly preferred suburban shopping malls. One of its most enthusiastic and influential proponents was Portland businessman Bill Naito Alesko, Michael (December 13, 1979). "Trolley proposal advances". ''The Oregonian'', p. D3. Federman, Stan (January 29, 1987). "Tri-Met trolley plan gets go-ahead bell". ''The Oregonian.'' (who later became the first president of Vintage Trolley, Inc.). Mayer, James (November 27, 1991). "Rose City went off its trolley 41 years ago; it has returned". ''The Oregonian''. '''The Benson Hotel''' is a 287-room historic hotel building in downtown (Downtown Portland) Portland (Portland, Oregon), Oregon, United States.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

gulf_of_mexico offshore_shell operations mars_0308.html#subtitle_1 Shell Oil Company . group1 '''Department of the Interior (United States Department of the Interior)''' list1 National Park Service • Fish and Wildlife Service (United States Fish and Wildlife Service) • Bureau of Indian Affairs • Bureau of Land Management • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement • Bureau of Reclamation (United States Bureau of Reclamation) • Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Enforcement (Office of Surface Mining) • Geological Survey (United States Geological Survey) • Office of Insular Affairs


of 2010, the hospital used Greenland-grown vegetables exclusively. Tourism Tourism is a significant contributor to the economy of the town. The Qaqortoq Tourist Service – ''Greenland Sagalands'' – is the tourist office. Roughly two-thirds of all tourists (65.5


; Reich Labour Service) – Solution to the unemployment crisis the Nazis inherited. Provided cheap labour for big state projects, such as the Autobahns. Made compulsory for unemployed men 16-25 in 1935. Provided work security to many unemployed. After finishing high school, Morath passed the ''Abitur'' and was obliged to complete six months of service for the ''Reichsarbeitsdienst'' (Reich Labour Service) before entering Berlin University. At university, Morath studied

San Juan del Sur

. Serving the best pizza, pastas, roast chicken, sandwiches and breakfast. A good selection of vegetarian dishes. *

Palmerston North

. Fenton grew up in a Palmerston North state house. ''The New Zealand Herald'' s (The New Zealand Herald) Kevin Taylor described Fenton as having the "most varied CV of any newcomer to Parliament", being active in the trade union movement. She held the offices of National Secretary of the Service & Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota (SFWU) (Service & Food Workers Union), and vice president of the Council of Trade Unions (New Zealand Council of Trade Unions). She


The fire services are controlled by the Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defense department under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The water supply and sewage system is managed by the Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Chittagong WASA).

Bath and North East Somerset

July 2007 The town was the site of a battle between royalist forces and the rebel Duke of Monmouth. During the English Civil War, Somerset, which was largely Parliamentarian (Roundhead), was the site of a number of important battles between the Royalists (Cavalier) and the Parliamentarians (Roundhead).

& Co. isbn The Battle of Lansdowne was fought on 5 July 1643 on the northern outskirts of the city. In 1668 Thomas Guidott, who had been a student of chemistry and medicine at Wadham College Oxford, moved to Bath and set up practice. He became interested in the curative properties of the waters and in 1676 he wrote ''A discourse of Bathe, and the hot waters there. Also, Some Enquiries into the Nature of the water

White Plains, New York

access 24104107.html?dids 24104107:24104107&FMT ABS&FMTS ABS:FT&type current&date Nov+25%2C+1994&author Religion+News+Service.&pub Chicago+Tribune+(pre-1997+Fulltext)&desc 70-YEAR+RUN+OF+SYNAGOGUE+COUNCIL+ENDS&pqatl google "70-YEAR RUN OF SYNAGOGUE COUNCIL ENDS" , ''The Chicago Tribune'', November 25, 1994. Accessed January 22, 2012. The consequences of the flooding rains were the worst seen in areas of the interior Mid-Atlantic states


programmes from_our_own_correspondent 4250709.stm Born to be a slave in Niger ". BBC News. 11 February 2005. Niger has a wide variety of ethnic groups as in most

: worldservice specials 1357_slavery_today page3.shtml title BBC World Service | Slavery Today publisher date accessdate 2010-08-29 Many pygmies in the Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo belong from birth to Bantus (Bantu peoples) in a system of slavery.

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