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Huehuetenango Department

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in the 1860s, when the occupying force adopted the name ''Saigon'' for the city, a westernized (westernization) form of the traditional name, north of Ho Chi Minh City. Du lịch đường bộ It borders Quảng Ninh District (Quang Ninh, Quang Binh) on the west and south, the South China Sea on the east, Bố Trạch District on the north. Quang Binh Major General '''Huỳnh Văn Cao''' (born 26 September 1927) was an officer in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. In 1950, he graduated from Military school in Huế. He then attended College of Tactics and graduated in Hanoi in 1952. He went to the United States and attended Command and General Staff College and he graduated in 1958. thumb A pot of ''bún bò Huế'' broth with rice noodles being cooked separately at a Saigon (Image:Pot of Bun Bo Hue.jpg) eatery '''''Bún bò Huế''''' (literally: Huế style beef rice vermicelli) or more specifically, ''bún bò giò heo'' (literally: beef and pig's knuckle rice vermicelli) is a popular Vietnamese (Vietnamese cuisine) soup rice vermicelli dish. The predominant flavor is of lemon grass. Features ''Bún bò Huế'' originated from Huế, the last imperial capital of Vietnam. The term Bún bò Huế is used more by people from northern or southern Vietnam. In central Vietnam, it is simply known as bún bò. The broth is prepared by simmering beef bones and beef shank with lemongrass and then seasoned with fermented shrimp sauce and sugar for taste. Very spicy chilli oil is added later during the cooking process. ''Bún bò Huế'' usually includes thin slices of marinated and boiled beef shank, chunks of oxtail, Vietnamese sausage and pig's knuckles or pork. It can also include cubes of congealed pig blood, which has a color between dark brown and maroon, and a texture resembling very very firm tofu. Constitutional issues thumb left Bảo Đại (Image:Bao Dai 1953.jpg), previously emperor of Annam (Annam (French protectorate)), was the nominal ruler of the 1945 Empire of Vietnam. Kim and his ministers spent a substantial amount of time on constitutional matters at their first meeting in Huế on 4 May 1945. One of their first resolutions was to alter the national name to '''Việt Nam'''. This was seen as a significant and urgent task. It implied territorial unity; "Việt Nam" had been Emperor Gia Long's choice for the name of the country since he unified the modern territory of Việt Nam in 1802. Furthermore, this was the first time that Vietnamese nationalists in the northern, central and southern regions of the country officially recognized this name. In March, activists in the North always mentioned '''Đại Việt''' (Great Việt), the name used prior to the 15th century used by the Lê Dynasty and its predecessors, while those in the South used Vietnam, and the central leaders used '''An Nam (Annam (French protectorate))''' (Peaceful South) or '''Đại Nam''' (Great South, which was used by the Nguyễn Lords). Kim also renamed the three regions of the country-the northern (former Tonkin or Bắc Kỳ) became Bắc Bộ, the central region (former Annam (Annam (French protectorate)) or Trung Kỳ) became Trung Bộ, and the southern areas (former Cochinchina or Nam Kỳ) became Nam Bộ. Kim did this even though at the time the Japanese had only given him direct authority over the northern and central regions of Vietnam. When France had finished its conquest of Vietnam in 1885, only southern Vietnam was made a direct colony (French colonialism) under the name of Cochinchina, while the northern and central regions were designated as protectorates as Tonkin and Annam. When the Empire of Vietnam was proclaimed, the Japanese retained direct control of Cochinchina, in the same way as their French predecessors. Chieu, pp. 303–304. thumb South Vietnamese military and civilian personnel climb into a CH-47A Chinook of the South Vietnamese Air Force 247th Helicopter Squadron, Da Nang Air Base attempting to flee south in advance of the North Vietnamese seizure of the airfield, 29 March 1975. (File:Evacuation Da Nang AB -30 March 1975.jpg) With the capture of Ban Me Thuot and the Central Highlands by North Vietnamese forces in late March 1975, the disastrous retreat by the ARVN had a profound effect on the South Vietnamese troops and civilians around Huế, Quang Tri, and Da Nang.

Ho Chi Minh City

). This name remained until the time of French conquest (Cochinchina Campaign) in the 1860s, when the occupying force adopted the name ''Saigon'' for the city, a westernized (westernization) form of the traditional name, Commons:Category:Ho Chi Minh City WikiPedia:Ho Chi Minh City Dmoz:Regional Asia Vietnam Provinces Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh City

Toledo, Spain

publication-date 1908 oclc 1581249 edition 3rd * ) is a stone fortification located in the highest part of Toledo, Spain. Once used as a Roman palace in the 3rd century, it was restored under Charles I (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) and Philip II of Spain in the 1540's. Henry Kamen, ''Philip of Spain'', (Yale University Press, 1999), 184-185. In 1521, Hernán Cortés was received by Charles I (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) at the Alcázar, following Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs. ''Toledo and the New World in the Sixteenth Century'', Javier Malagón-Barceló, '''The Americas''', Vol. 20, No. 2 (Oct., 1963), 124. Guillaume's nephew and namesake, Guillaume III de Croÿ (William de Croÿ (archbishop)) (1498-1521), was educated in Louvain (Leuven) with Juan Luís Vives, a great philosopher of the time. As it appeared unlikely that he would succeed to the lands of his grandfather, Philippe I, he was destined to the church. Family interests ensured his rapid promotion: he was elected Bishop of Cambrai at the age of 17. Within a year, Charles V (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) bestowed upon his young Burgundian friend the archbishopric of Toledo (Toledo, Spain), making him a cardinal and Primate of Spain. This unprecedented move brought Spain to the brink of a civil war. Guillaume accompanied his uncle and Charles to Worms, where on January 6 he died aged 22, following a fall from his horse. His tomb is in the Celestin monastery of Louvain, founded by his father.




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''). The film had a total of 809,945 admissions in France. http: fichfilm.php?id 8569 Lím worked Chain transfer of polymer in radical polymerization. Lim, D


been followed by Indonesia and Thailand, which garners positive response in comparison to the Idol (American Idol) series. International versions *'''Indonesia''': ''Akademi Fantasi Indosiar'' - has finished 5 seasons. The show will return for the sixth installment after 4 years of hiatus. Season 1 was aired in December 2003, on Indosiar. In 2011, the show will be continued on MNCTV with a new name, ''Viva AFISTAR''. *'''Mexico''': ''La Academia'' - hosted


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