LaSalle, Quebec

. As such there are no precise boundaries, but rather a fundamentally similar cultural and societal identity. The West Island is not a city, but rather a collection of independent cities, towns and villages in addition to several borough of the City of Montreal that share an intimate relationship and identity with the citizens of Montreal, and yet have also developed a unique common identity and strong sense of local character. Again, for this reason it is difficult to say exactly which communities

the administrative section on Ottawa, and the main article Ottawa discusses the history, and cultural signifigance of the city. Boroughs, are kind of like electoral districts in this sense, as they only exist for administrative regions. We do have articles on electoral districts as well. And the naming of some boroughs is not unlike some district names what with the em dashes and all. -- Earl Andrew (User:Earl Andrew) - talk (User talk:Earl Andrew) 03:38, 11 August 2005 (UTC) - LaSalle, Quebec

New Belgrade

, the ''Galovica'' river-canal flows into the Sava. Though it has no forests in the real sense, of all urban municipalities of Belgrade, Novi Beograd has the largest green areas, with a total of ref

dormitory in the Balkans, founded in 1927 by King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. It has 190 rooms and provides accommodation for the University’s prosperous students, based on their grade point average (Grade (education)). The Oldest Dormitory in the Balkans, Pre-origin of ''turbo folk'' in its native sense was in 1991. There were several illegal radio

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

called the '''Battle of Tabuk''') was a military expedition, which, according to Muslim biographies, was initiated by the Prophet Muhammad in October, AD 630. Muhammad led a force of as many as 30,000 north to Tabouk (Tabuk, Saudi Arabia) in present-day northwestern Saudi Arabia, with the intention of engaging the Byzantine (Byzantine Empire) army. Though not a battle in the typical sense, if historical the event would represent the opening conflict in the Byzantine-Arab Wars coming

; the news, however, proved to be false. Though it was not a battle (battle of Tabouk) in the typical sense, nevertheless the event, if it actually occurred, would have represented the first Arab attack on the Byzantines. It did not, however, lead immediately to a military confrontation. "Muhammad", ''Late Antiquity''; Butler (2007), 145 However, there is no contemporary Byzantine account of the Tabuk expedition, and many of the details come from much later Muslim


capitals of Khorasan (Balkh, Merv, Nishapur and Herat) are now located in Afghanistan. Ghobar uses the terms '''''Proper Khorasan''''' and '''''Improper Khorasan''''' in his book to distinguish between the usage of Khorasan in its strict sense and its usage in a loose sense. According to him, Proper Khorasan contained regions lying between Balkh in the east, Merv in the north, Sistan in the south, Nishapur in the west and Herat, known as the ''Pearl

Oxford County, Ontario

never forgot his rural origins. Creighton, Donald. ''Harold Adams Innis: Portrait of a Scholar''. University of Toronto Press, pp. 8–9. His mother, Mary Adams Innis, had named him 'Herald', hoping he would become a minister in the strict evangelical Baptist faith that she and her husband William shared. At the time, the Baptist Church was an important part of life in rural areas. It gave isolated families a sense of community and embodied the values of individualism

Cayuga ) The Tillsonburg Municipal Airport has the only paved runway in Oxford (Oxford County, Ontario) and nearby Norfolk Counties (Norfolk County, Ontario). Goforth grew up on an Oxford County, Ontario farm, the seventh of eleven children. As a young man he taught school in Thamesford, Ontario (Zorra, Ontario). Hearing fellow-Oxford County native George Leslie Mackay, Presbyterian missionary to Taiwan, speak, he claimed to sense a call from God to go to China. He attended


; sense of belonging, a sense of pride that developed into a feeling of superiority towards the "berranis", i.e. Outsiders. Subdivisions The prefecture is divided administratively into the following:

Vang Vieng

. "We're not equipped to treat anything serious." ''The Guardian'' reported that tourist deaths have brought a sense of bad karma (Karma) for Laotian villagers living near the river. Today, local people avoid the river, once a part of everyday life for bathing, playing, fishing, and washing clothes. "We don't want to swim in the river any more," explains La Phengxayya, 25, a primary school teacher in Phoudindaeng, the village closest to the tubing

getting stolen while stopping at bars, you may lose your deposit and the ride down. Tubes get stacked up at each bar so keep an eye on how many are left, especially at the first few bars where lots of people arrive without their own tube. If you're not used to drinking liquor, stick with beer and for reasons of safety and common sense consider avoiding alcohol completely if entering the water. The amount of alcohol in buckets can be seriously high and can kick in suddenly; you won't be the first

by the dismantling of some of Vang Vieng's infamous ziplines, swings and slides following recent deaths, you're still going to have use your common sense. If you want to jump into the river, be very careful about where you do so - the Nam Song isn't very deep except where the bar staff have cleared rocks from the river bed. Don't even think of pushing others in: at least one person has died that way. Needless to say, if the alcohol or drugs you've consumed may impair your ability to swim or climb out

Skid Row, Los Angeles

in the sense that they live in a tough area. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services operates the Central Health Center in Downtown Los Angeles, serving Skid Row. "Central Health Center." Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Retrieved on March 18, 2010. Services for homeless people in Los Angeles are centralized

state collapsed Category:Downtown Los Angeles Category:Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California A '''skid row''' or '''skid road''' is a run-down or dilapidated urban area with a large, impoverished population. The term originally referred literally to a path along which working men skidded logs. Its current sense appears to have originated in the Pacific Northwest. Examples are the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, Pioneer Square


that, in line four too, the term bears a racial signification. The Rashtrakuta dynasty records, as well as the Arab writers like Abu Zaid and Al-Masudi (who allude their fights with the ''Juzr or Gurjara'' of the north), indicate the Gurjara origin of the Pratiharas. The Kanarese poet Pampa (Adikavi Pampa) expressly calls Mahipala (Mahipal I) ''Ghurjararaja''. This epithet could hardly be applied to him, if the term ''Ghurjararaja'' bore a geographical sense denoting what after all was only

last Majumdar first Ramesh Chandra title Readings in Political History of India, Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern origyear 1976 year 2002 publisher Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies page 209 quote But he (Mr. Sharma) refused to believe that the Imperial Pratiharas of Kanauj were also Gujars in this sense. However, in the earliest epigraphical records of the Gurjars of Broach, which corresponds to the area of modern Bharuch in south Gujarat, Dadda

Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

is not contested). The province comprises the territory of Kosovo and in the wider sense, also includes the smaller region of Metohija; which is located in western Kosovo and means 'Monastic Estates (List of Serbian Orthodox monasteries#Kosovo)' in English. Paulin Kola, ''The Search for Greater Albania'', p. 47 fn 108. C. Hurst & Co, 2003. ISBN 978-1-85065-664-7 Between April 1992 and 2006, Serbia (Republic of Serbia (1992-2006)) itself was a constituent republic

The regions of Metohija (yellow), and Kosovo in the narrow sense. Since 1999, the Serb-inhabited areas of Kosovo have been governed as a ''de facto'' independent region from the Albanian-dominated government in Pristina. They continue to use Serbian national symbols and participates in Serbian national elections, which are boycotted in the rest of Kosovo; and in turn, it boycotts Kosovo's elections. The municipalities of Leposavić

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