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Huntsville, Alabama

on that label, none of which became large hits. At the same time, he was selling songs that he had written to other artists, including Conway Twitty and Mel Street, who were having much success with them. - Huntsville (Huntsville, Alabama), Alabama, USA Monte Sano Nature Preserve - Huntsville (Huntsville, Alabama), Alabama, USA Blevins Gap Nature Preserve - Huntsville (Huntsville, Alabama), Alabama, USA

Saint Petersburg

- In 1946 he released his three highest-selling songs: "Take a Ship for Yourself," "Pincus the Peddler" which drew from his personal experience in the trade, and the notorious "Shaving Cream". "Pincus the Peddler" became Bell's signature tune, despite the title character's disreputable violent tendencies, and it concludes with his deportation to Petrograd (the older name for Leningrad, known today as Saint Petersburg, Russia). "Shaving Cream

Northern Ireland

McAleer 's website accessdate 4 November 2010 For the first British chart Dickins telephoned approximately 20 shops, asking for a list the 10 best-selling songs. These results were then aggregated into a Top 12 chart The method of numbering was replaced with the more familiar method by October 1953 – two records tied at number six and the next


In The City: Notes by Kit Hain accessdate 2011-05-08 was also a hit in Europe as well in as Australia, where it spent 18 weeks in the Top 40 during August through to December 1978, hitting #1 (chart-topper) and becoming one of the 20 best-selling songs of the year. Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia


certification gold-selling songs from 1994 until its release date on 4 November 2002. 24 Carat Gold: Scooter Many of the songs on the album are digitally remastered versions, with some of the songs being shortened as to fit all of the tracks on the album. The album's tracklist is chronologically (Chronology) backwards in the sense that "Nessaja" was the latest single release while "

United States

;StereoSociety" In the United States the song reached #43 on the Billboard Hot 100 record

, with a string of hit records spanning four decades. Their best known million-selling songs being "Kiss and Say Goodbye" and "Shining Star" in 1980 (not to be confused with "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire which was a completely different song of 1976).

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