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–Almaty and Biysk train lines. There are also frequent buses to nearby cities Biysk and Gorno-Altaysk. The Barnaul Airport is located about fifteen minutes from the center of the city and offers daily flights to and from Moscow and St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg), as well as to local regional destinations. Education and culture Barnaul is an important regional center of scientific development. Five universities, including Altai State Technical

Cixi City

the top 100 counties for the national medium to small cities’ scientific development 3.Ranks 5th among the top 100 counties for being most promising for investment 4.Ranks 10th for being the best commercial county-level cities on the Forbes list Data GDP reaches high at 87.6 billion in 2011 Top 1 county for having a budgeted government revenue of 12.9 billion in 2011 Above-scale industrial output at 153.6 billion in 2011 The achievements of industry: the production base of Chinese home

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

in 1947, Pakistan emerged as a Muslim-dominated state. The turbulent (Indo-Pakistani War of 1947) nature of its emergence critically influenced the scientific development of the country. In 2003, a team of Pakistani statisticians and mathematicians met the officials of Government of Pakistan where they had urged the government to established the Separate Division to mathematically modeled (Mathematical economics) the country (Pakistan)'s economy (Economy of Pakistan). The following years, the Statistics Division (Statistics Division of the Government of Pakistan) was established under the technical direction of Scientist Emeritus (Scientist) of PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), dr. Asghar Qadir. As of today, Asif Bajwa is the current secretary-general of the Statistics Division. And, Minister responsible for the Division is Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Finance Minister of Pakistan.


, the family moved south to a farm in Jujinetz, near Chernivtsi, Bukovina, where Reich's father took control of a cattle farm owned by his mother's uncle, Josef Blum. Reich attributed his later interest in the study of sex and the biological basis of the emotions to his upbringing on the farm where, as he later put it, the natural life functions were never hidden from him. Reich, Wilhelm. "Background and scientific development of Wilhelm Reich," ''Orgone Energy Bulletin


right. Zhuhai hi-tech zone is located in the north of Zhuhai, which is very close to downtown. Furthermore, technological resources are centralized in our zone; there is also a huge development in hi-tech industries which is leading by software and IC industries. Hi-tech zone is the show room where Zhuhai implements the scientific development. Zhuhai High-Tech Industrial Zone. ref>


and Monuments Board" The Cape Coast Castle Museum and St. Georges Castle (Elmina Castle) Museum offer guided tours. The Museum of Science and Technology (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) provides its visitors with a look into the domain of Ghanaian scientific (Science) development, through exhibits of objects of scientific and technological (Technology) interest. National symbols File:Tawny


by disposition. CoDominium In Jerry Pournelle's ''CoDominium'' series (now largely alternate history) the Earth comes under the control of the CoDominium, an alliance between the United States and Soviet Union, in the year 1990. The CoDominium imposes its control over all other nations of the Earth, halting scientific development and warfare. The CoDominium is ruled by a Grand Senate located on the Moon, and eventually constructs interstellar colonies for the joint goal

Soviet Union

imposes its control over all other nations of the Earth, halting scientific development and warfare. The CoDominium is ruled by a Grand Senate located on the Moon, and eventually constructs interstellar colonies for the joint goal of economic gain and a means of exiling troublesome elements of society. Eventually in 2103, the CoDominium dissolves, with the US and USSR engaging in the nuclear "Great Patriotic Wars" which destroy almost all of Earth (it is mentioned that Jamaica

Union . Szybalski joined the Chemistry Department at the Lwów Polytechnic (Lviv Polytechnic), where he was entranced by the lectures of Professor Adolf Joszt, a leading expert on processes of fermentation (fermentation (biochemistry)). Joszt even then held a vision of developing science in the direction of genetic engineering and biotechnology, which had a direct influence on Szybalski's future scientific development. After Operation Barbarossa the German attack on the Soviet


: The Life and Work of Pierre Duhem'', Martinus Nijhoff, 1987, page 3. 1861 – 14 September 1916) was a French (France) physicist (physics), mathematician (mathematics) and philosopher of science (philosophy of science), best known for his writings on the indeterminacy of experimental criteria and on scientific development in the Middle Ages. Duhem also made major contributions to the science of his day, particularly in the fields of hydrodynamics, elasticity (Elasticity (physics)), and thermodynamics. thumb 250px left Lerma Ducal Palace Ducal palace (Image:Lermapal lou02.JPG) at Lerma (Lerma, Burgos). As chief minister Lerma's ideas of foreign policy were firmly grounded in feudal ideas about royal patrimony. He cemented Spanish rule by many marriage alliances with the Austrian Habsburgs and then with the French Bourbon (House of Bourbon)s. Lerma's administration began with a treaty with France Treaty of Vervins 1598, declaring peace, but he persisted in costly and useless hostilities with England till 1604, when Spain was forced by exhaustion to make peace. Lerma used all his influence against a recognition of the independence of the Low Countries. thumb Douai bible - Old Testament (1609) (Image:Bible de Douai - 1609.jpg) The '''Douay–Rheims Bible''' (pronounced Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

United States

settlement to a potentially serious dispute between both countries. He was also a supporter of scientific development, presiding over the inaugural session of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1884. '''Northwest Florida Regional Airport''' is an airport located within '''Eglin Air Force Base''', near Valparaiso (Valparaiso, Florida) and Fort Walton Beach (Fort Walton Beach, Florida) in Okaloosa County, Florida Okaloosa County

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