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Antigonish, Nova Scotia

university located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. The university brings together 5,000 students from across Canada and around the world in arts, science, business and information systems. demo-cd Antigonish (Antigonish County, Nova Scotia) Guysborough (Guysborough County, Nova Scotia) Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia) Pictou (Pictou County, Nova Scotia) demo-csd Halifax Regional Municipality


the Great in the 15th century. The tradition of Chinese-Islamic astronomy survived in Korea up until the early 19th century. ref name Shi-30

Decree against the Huihui (Korean Muslim) community In the year 1427 Sejong ordered a decree against the Huihui (Korean Muslim community

Ashland, Oregon

Southern Oregon University, a public co-ed four-year university founded in 1926, offers courses of study toward degrees in the liberal arts, science, business, and education. Students can focus on any of more than 30 major fields or enroll in programs such as Shakespeare Studies and other minors. With an enrollment of about 5,700 undergraduates as of 2013–14, this urban university also offers graduate-level programs on its campus. ref name "U.S. News summary

Neo-Assyrian Empire

Sumerian for millennia prior to that. The Sumerian and Akkadian languages remained in written use in Iraq until the late 2nd century AD.

+Business Media Springer isbn 978-0-306-46158-3 page 542 Origins of the notion of "East" and "West" The opposition of a European "West" to an Asiatic "East" (East-West dichotomy) has its roots in Classical Antiquity

Tyler, Texas

, painting, and drawing which culminated in his thesis exhibition, ''Surviving the Swamp''. The school offers numerous undergraduate degrees, most of which are focused on engineering, aeronautics, computer science, business, and education. A smaller liberal arts program provides


in Africa. It was founded in 1976 in Rabat, Morocco, during the first Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians with Henri Hogbe Nlend as its first President. Since 1978 the Union has published the journal ''Afrika


of political science, business community as well as the representatives of the governments of a number of different states. Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation, José Luis Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain, Francois Fillon, Prime Minister of France were all participants at the Conference. In 2010, Russian officials gathered together international authorities in Yaroslavl to discuss the challenges facing the modern state at the Global Policy Forum (Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum) for 'The Modern State: Standards of Democracy and Criteria of Efficiency'. In 2011 Yaroslavl will bring together participants from all over the world to discuss the 2011 agenda: 'The modern state in the age of social diversity'. On September 7, 2011, most of the members of the city's KHL (ice hockey) team, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, perished in an air crash (2011 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl air disaster) on takeoff from Yaroslavl's Tunoshna Airport. Symbols Yaroslavl currently has a coat of arms and a flag which are both made up of two heraldic symbols. Both of these items are intrinsically linked with the legend surrounding the foundation of the city; the bear (brown bear) and halberd. WikiPedia:Yaroslavl commons:Ярославль


. et al title ''The Caspian Sea Encyclopedia'' publisher Springer (Springer Science+Business Media) place Berlin page 280 Names for Dagestan *Russian (Russian language) – Респу́блика Дагеста́н (Respublika Dagestan) *Persian (Persian language) – جمهوری داغستان (Jomhuriye Dâghestân) *Turkish (Turkish language) – Dağıstan Cumhuriyeti *Arabic (Arabic language) – جمهورية داغستان (Jumhūrīyat Dāghistān) *Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani language) – Дағыстан Республикасы Dağıstan


of the Third Samaritan Revolt (529 AD) against the Byzantine Christian rulers, and the mass expulsions and conversions to Islam in the Early Muslim period of Palestine. M. Levy-Rubin, "New evidence relating to the process of Islamization in Palestine in the Early Muslim Period - The Case of Samaria", in: ''Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient'', 43 (3), p. 257-276, 2000, Springer Science+Business Media Springer


Staple foods include fish, seafood and shellfish dishes, often accompanied with rice. Lonely Planet Mauritius, Reunion & Seychelles - Jean-Bernard Carillet . pp. 273-274. Fish dishes are cooked in several ways, such as steamed (Steaming), grilled (Grilling), wrapped in banana leaves, baked (Baking), salted (Salting (food)) and smoked (Smoking (cooking)). Curry dishes with rice are also a significant aspect of the country's cuisine. ''Practice Tests for IGCSE English as a Second Language: Reading and Writing Book 1, with Key''. p. 50. Additional food staples include coconut, breadfruit, mangoes and ''kordonnyen fish''. Dishes are often garnished (Garnish (food)) with fresh flowers

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