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Chinese Academy of Sciences

treatises. He was the first President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and remained so from its founding in 1949 until his death in 1978. He was also the first president of University of Science & Technology of China (USTC), a new type of university established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) after the founding of the People's Republic of China and aimed at fostering high-level personnel in the fields of science and technology. This research was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Harvard University Biomedical Accelerator Fund. Hsu successfully lobbied for the admission of the Chinese Geological Union to replace the Chinese Geological Society in Tapieh as a member of the International Union of Geological Sciences and was a member of the first IUGS delegation to China. He served the Chinese Ministry of Geology and Mining in giving training programs for Sedimentology (1979), Field Geology of Tibet (1980) and Plate Tectonics (1992). From 1983-1995, he assisted the Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the completion of a project on plate tectonics and to publish a new Geological Atlas of China. *Fellows of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ma Yinchu, Qian Zhonghan, In 1989, Chu was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. ) born in Minqing Country, Fujian Province, China, growth in the East Malaysia in his youth, is a world-famous Chinese hepatobiliary (hepatobiliary system) surgery scientist and surgeon, who is currently an acadamecian at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is generally considered as the "Father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery", and has been awarded the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award, which is the nation's highest scientific prize in 2005 by president Hu Jintao.He is now working in the Second Military Medical University of China. 1950-1966, Ye served as a division director and professor at the Institute of Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. From 1966 till now, he was the chief director and later the honorary director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (IAP CAS). 1981-1984, he was the vice-president of Chinese Academy of Science. From 1984, he was also an advisor of Chinese Academy of Science. one of the two pupils of Xuanzang , his work was revered and heavily influenced Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism. *Jingshan Jiang, former director of Center for Space Science and applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy chief designer of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program and an aerospace expert of China's 863 Program, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and a member of CN COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) *Bai Lei, Chinese football player The university and its teaching hospital originally had a total faculty of more than 9000, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and three from Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). http: view 912137.htm The institutional council is made up of a selection of international advisors, such as a representative of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (w:Chinese Academy of Sciences). Another member is Erik Möller of the Wikimedia Foundation (w:Wikimedia Foundation) Board of Trustees.


) (born February 27, 1966, in Comilla, Chittagong) is a former Bangladeshi cricketer who played in 10 Tests (Test cricket) and 29 ODI (One Day International)s from 1990 to 2003. After retiring from competitive cricket he became an umpire made his first appearance in an ODI (One Day International) between Bangladesh (Bangladesh cricket team) and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwean cricket team) on December 3, 2006. He is the first Bangladeshi Test-match cricketer to umpire in international cricket. DATE OF BIRTH February 27, 1966 PLACE OF BIRTH Comilla, Chittagong, Bangladesh DATE OF DEATH Tripuris entered their present country through its north-eastern corner , settled there and gradually expanded their settlement and suzerainty over the whole of Tripura. They were able to expand their influence as far south as Chittagong, as far west as Comilla and Noakhali (known during the British period as 'plains Tipperah') and as far north as Sylhet (all in present Bangladesh). Hardly their forefathers could imagine that their descendants were destined to build a strong monarchy and resist the advance of the Mughals. The ruling dynasty passed through several vicissitudes of history and ruled Tripura for several centuries till up to 14 October 1949, the day Tripura was annexed by India. Feverish attempt to rescue victims of communal riots in Kolkata and of the partition of India led him to be elected as an M.P. in Pakistan, before serving as an M.L.A. Among several reports of his action, it was learnt that on 7 March 1949 when Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, while claiming support from Quaid-i-Azam declared before the Constituent Assembly that Pakistan was founded with the Muslims’ wish to live the teachings and the tradition of Islam, one of the members, Birat Chandra Mondal reminded that Jinnah had "unequivocally said that Pakistan will be a secular State." Bhupendra Kumar Datta went a step further by commenting the PM’s statement : "...were this resolution to come before this house within the life-time of (...) the Quaid-i-Azam, it would not have come in its present shape.". The First Islamic Republic According to Dr M. Waheeduzzaman Manik, after Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah’s protest against imposing of Urdu as the lingua franca of Pakistan (published in daily ''Azad'' on 29 July 1947), on 25 February 1948, member Dhirendranath Datta demanded Bengali instead (spoken by 55% of the citizens), Members Bhupendra Kumar Datta, Prem Hari Barma and Srish Chandra Chattopadhyay "wholeheartedly supported Dhiren Datta’s historic amendment and vehemently defended the rightful place of Bengali." On 28 March 1971, at the onset of Bangladesh Liberation War, Pakistani military junta tortured Dhirendranath Datta to death in Comilla. Rash B. Ghosh, History of Language Day Even in the opposition, Bhupen enjoyed the admiration of the ruling party. Khawaja Nazimuddin, Prime Minister (1951–53), speaking of Bhupen, once exclaimed : "He knows how to plan, organise and execute.". Samyukta, p157 His articles in the ''Ittefaq'' drew the attention of the intelligentsia in the then East Pakistan. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was particularly proud to have known ''Bhupenda''. '''Daulot Ahmed''' was a contemporary of Radhamohan Thakur and was a pioneer of writing Kokborok Grammar jointly with Mohammad Omar. The ''Amar jantra, Comilla'' published his Kokborok grammar book "KOKBOKMA" in 1897 AD. The Education Gazette a renowned newspaper of that time made commendatory review on this book. first academic year 1984 location 8 km southwest of Comilla Union:Koatbari Upazila (Upazilas of Bangladesh):Mayanamoti District:Comilla (Comilla District) Bangladesh color Sky blue

Islamabad Capital Territory

Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) * Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology (FUUAST) * National University of Sciences Technology (NUST) * National Defense University, Islamabad(NDU) * National University of Modern Languages (NUML) * Institute of Space Technology * International Islamic University Islamabad * Institute of Cost Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) * Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) * Pakistan


in winters the minimum temperature could fall around 1 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall is about 140 mm. Khorramshahr experiences many sandstorms. Marine Science & Technology University of Khorramshahr In 1976, in Filieh, an area bordering the port city of Khorramshahr, the Persian Gulf Southern Branch of Jondi Shahpour University, Ahvaz (Shahid Chamran University), was established comprising two colleges: the College of Marine Sciences and the College of Maritime Management


in 1984 by Angelican Church, Church of Uganda, located on Bwenkoma hill, in Ruti on Kabale road * Eden International School located in Kyamugorani * Sentah College located in Kakoba Mbarara Human activity The city of Mbarara has the largest number of milk processing plants in Uganda. The majority of milk processed is transported to Kampala and other major cities in Uganda. Mbarara is the home of Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST), founded in 1989

Abu Dis

Your Financial News Source They state that Palestinian institutions in Abu Dis will be prevented from providing services to residents in the East Jerusalem suburbs, and that a 10-minute walk has become a 3-hour drive in order to reach a gate, to go (if allowed) through a crowded military checkpoint, and drive back to the destination on the other side. Israel and the Occupied Territories: The place of the fence wall in international law\n Amnesty International Resolves that, in view of its association with three world religions, the Jerusalem area, including the present municipality of Jerusalem plus the surrounding villages and towns, the most Eastern of which shall be Abu Dis; the most Southern, Bethlehem; the most Western, Ein Karim (Ein Kerem) (including also the built-up area of Motsa); and the most Northern, Shu'fat (Shuafat), should be accorded special and separate treatment (Corpus separatum (Jerusalem)) from the rest of Palestine and should be placed under effective United Nations control; The Attack Youssef Moughrabil, along with Muhataz Muhammed Abdallah Himouni and Marwan Saloum, planned and trained Andalib for the attack. Taleb Amr, known more commonly as Abu Ali, a Tanzim military activist supplied the weapons and the explosives for Andalib. Hours before the attack Andalib met with Himouni and Saloum to learn how to detonate the bomb. On Friday April 12, 2002 Andalib was driven to Abu Dis where she took a taxi to Jerusalem. From there Andalib went to the outside market Mahane Yehuda and detonated the bomb at a bus stop. Resolves that, in view of its association with three world religions, the Jerusalem area, including the present municipality of Jerusalem plus the surrounding villages and towns, the most Eastern of which shall be Abu Dis; the most Southern, Bethlehem; the most Western, Ein Karim (including also the built-up area of Motsa); and the most Northern, Shu'fat (Shuafat), should be accorded special and separate treatment from the rest of Palestine and should be placed under effective United Nations control;

Óc Eo

Category:Kingdom of Funan Category:Ancient Vietnam Category:Buildings and structures in An Giang Province Category:Archaeology of Vietnam Category:1st millennium Category:1st-century establishments Category:7th-century disestablishments Category:History of Cambodia Category:Communes of An Giang Province thumb left 300px Cam Mountains (File:Núi ở An Giang.jpg) An Giang first became a province in 1832, having been settled by ethnically Vietnamese migrants moving southwards in search of new land. It is believed that An Giang was once an important centre of the vanished Óc Eo culture, presumably owing to its position on the river. Traditionally, An Giang has been known for its silk industry. A maritime route opened up with the Chinese-controlled Jiaozhi (centred in modern Vietnam) and the Khmer (Khmer people) kingdom of Funan (Kingdom of Funan) by the 2nd century CE, if not earlier. Hill (2009), p. 291. At the formerly coastal site of Óc Eo in the Mekong Delta, Roman coins were among the vestiges of long-distance trade discovered by the French archaeologist Louis Malleret in the 1940s. Milton Osborne, ''The Mekong: Turbulent Past, Uncertain Future'' (2001:25). Óc Eo may have been the port known to the geographer Ptolemy and the Romans as Kattigara or Cattigara, though most modern scholars place it at Jiaozhi, near modern Hanoi. Hill 2004 - see: and Appendix F. Zürcher (2002), pp. 30-31. The trade connection extended, via ports on the coasts of India and Sri Lanka , all the way to Roman-controlled ports in Egypt and the Nabataean territories on the northeastern coast of the Red Sea. The trading area of the Pyu states spanned across the present-day Southeast Asia, South Asia and China. Artifacts from the 2nd century northwest India to Java and the Philippines have been found at Beikthano. Likewise, Pyu artifacts have been found along the coasts of Arakan (Rakhine State), Lower Burma, and as far east as Óc Eo (in present-day southern Vietnam). Aung-Thwin (2005), p. 18 The Pyu also conducted trade and diplomatic relations with China. In 800 and 801–802, Sri Ksetra sent a formal embassy, along with 35 musicians to the Tang court. According to the Chinese, the Pyu used gold and silver coinage. But only silver coins have survived. Htin Aung, p. 13

University Park, Pennsylvania

thumb A map of the Penn State University Park Campus posted near the Willard Building (Image:PSU University Park Map.JPG). 300px right (Original work published 1965) ), sometimes known as '''Louisa Albertoni''' or '''Ludovica Albertoni Cetera''', is considered a blessed person (Beatification) in Christianity. Her feast day (Calendar of saints) is January 31. '''Medlar Field at Lubrano Park''' is a 5,406-seat baseball stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania that hosted its first regular season baseball game on June 20, 2006, when the secondary tenant of the facility, the State College Spikes, lost to the Williamsport Crosscutters, 5-3. Spikes inaugural game spoiled by Crosscutters The Penn State Nittany Lions college baseball team began play at the ballpark in 2007. Penn State baseball team practices in new facility :Sovereign Bank Arena, Trenton, New Jersey (Host: Rider University and Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) :Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, Pennsylvania (Host: Pennsylvania State University) :Mackey Arena, West Lafayette, Indiana (Host: Purdue University) - October 13, 2000 University Park (University Park, Pennsylvania) Bryce Jordan Center - thumb left 150px Amy Lee during a concert in 2007. (File:Evanescence miami 2007.jpg) The first leg of ''The Open Door'' world tour began October 5, 2006, in Toronto, Canada and lasted until December 15, 2006, in New York City. After touring North America during October, the band traveled to Europe during November before returning to the United States to play large arenas. This leg of their tour continued on January 5, 2007, with the band playing locations in Canada, Japan, and Australia. When playing in the United States, the band was supported by Revelation Theory (Rev Theory), by the bands Stone Sour and The Black Maria when in Canada, and by Shihad in Australia. The second leg of their world tour began on March 16, 2007, in Fresno, California. The tour ran through the United States, South America, South Africa, back to the U.S., and finished in Europe. Supporting the band during the opening U.S. part of this leg is Chevelle and Finger Eleven. When in Buenos Aires, Evanescence took part in a rock festival with Aerosmith, Velvet Revolver and Ratones Paranóicos. During part of the European section, the band took part in the Family Values Tour 2007 alongside Korn. After Family Values, the band continued touring through Mexico and the United States. The final leg of the tour kicked off on October 23, 2007, in Coral Gables, Florida. Sick Puppies and Julien-K were the supporting bands while Shiny Toy Guns made a special guest appearance during the December 1, 2007, show in University Park, Pennsylvania. After over a year of touring, the last show was played in Kingston, Rhode Island, and the tour ended on December 9, 2007. New additions to the set list for this tour include "Lose Control", "Missing", and "Understanding".


; Other institutions *Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology *Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute *Metropolitan Air Quality Management Office *Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Kyeonggi Province Technology Ansan Center *Korea Testing Laboratory, Ansan Center Administrative district Administrative district of Ansan is parted to 25 Dong, 1187 Tong and 5884 Ban. Extent of Ansan is 149.06㎢(Sangrok-gu : 57.83㎢ Danwon-gu : 91.23㎢). Population standard was 281,829

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