;ref name "Google" Google Earth accessed 2007. Kitwe is made up of townships and suburban areas including Parklands, Riverside, Buchi, Chimwemwe, Nkana East, Nkana West, Garneton and Race Course, to mention a few. The city is sometimes referred to as '''Kitwe-Nkana'''. Kitwe has both Private and Public schools which include Lechwe School, Mpelembe Secondary School, Kitwe Boys Secondary School, Parklands

Secondary School, Mukuba Secondary School, Nkana Trust School and Helen Kaunda Secondary School. History Kitwe was founded in 1936 in north-central Zambia as the railway was being built by Cecil Rhodes' company. It was first established as an adjunct, non-mining-related but supportive part of an expanding copper-mining centre at Nkana. The expanding copper mines at Nkana made it the dominant centre in the region and Kitwe started building up its size and significance over the years, finally

for repair in 2005, and re-opened in 2008. Ndola Airport is 60 km south-east and services regular commercial flights from Lusaka, Solwezi, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, and Johannesburg. Education Schools A student and teacher exchange programme was introduced in 1999 with teacher exchange visits by Kingsmead Community School (Kingsmead School, Wiveliscombe) in Wiveliscombe, England with two Kitwe schools


. Elementary schools * Ando Elementary School * Bato Elementary School * Balacdas Elementary School * Banuyo Elementary School * Baras Elementary School * Benowangan Elementary School * Bugas Elementary School * Cabalagnan Elementary School * Cabong Elementary School * Cagbonga Elementary School * Calingatngan Elementary School * Calico-an Elementary School * Camada Elementary School * Campesao Elementary School * Canlaray Elementary School * Can-abong Elementary School

* Canjaway Elementary School * Divinubo Elementary School * Eastern Visayas International Montessori School * Eugenio S. Daza Pilot Elementary School * Hebacong Elementary School * Hindang Elementary School * Ladders for Tomorrow Academy * Lalawigan Central Elementary School * Libuton Elementary School * Locso-on Elementary School * Maypangdan Elementary School * MSH Sisters Academy * Pepelitan Elementary School * Pinanag-an Elementary School * Punta Maria Elementary School * Sabang Central Elementary

School * San Gabriel Elementary School * San Gregorio Elementary School * San Jose Elementary School * San Mateo Elementary School * San Pablo Elementary School * San Saturnino Elementary School * Siha Elementary School * Sohutan Elementary School * Songco Elementary School * Sta. Fe Elementary School * Suribao Elementary School * Surok Elementary School * Taboc Elementary School * Tabunan Elementary School * Tamoso Elementary School Secondary schools File:Eastern Samar


. It is incorrect to state that schools were divided on racial grounds before "Independence"; although that was the perceived situation. Blacks who chose to send a child to what became "Group A" schools could do so provided that the child passed a test in which he demonstrated a reasonable profiency in the English language. Also black children who demonstrated academic excellence in what became "Group B" schools were placed in the school best equipped to further

their studies. Cambridge University did not unilaterally cease marking Zimbabwean school certificate examinations. Mugabe claimed that the poor results obtained were due to racial prejudice and set up the Zimbabwe Education Board. ;Nursery schools *Mimosa Nursery School *Dominican Nursery School *Gweru Nursery School *Midlands Pre-School ;Primary schools Group A *Cecil John Rhodes School *Stanley School *Riverside School (Riverside School, Gweru) * Lundi Park School

*Midlands Christian School (Private) *Anderson Adventist (Private) Group B *Bata School (Financed and Maintained by the Bata Shoe Company) *Sandara School *St Paul's School (St. Paul's School, Gweru) (Catholic) *Chikumbiro School *Bumburwi School *Muwunga School *St. Micheals Primary School (Catholic) *Senga Primary School *Matongo Primary School *Mpumelelo Primary School *Takunda Primary School *Mkoba 4 Primary School * Takwirira Primary


*Emilu's *Abri Commercial * Aniban Elementary School * Bacoor Elementary School * Bayanan Elementary School * Digman Elementary School * Dulong Bayan Elementary School * Gawaran Elementary School * Gov. P.F. Espiritu Elementary School * Habay Elementary School * Ligas Elementary School * Ligas II Elementary School * Likha Elementary School * Longos Elementary School * Mabolo Elementary School * Maliksi Elementary School * Malipay

Elementary School * Mambog Elementary School * Molino Elementary School * Niog Elementary School * Progressive Elementary School * Poblacion Elementary School * Real Elementary School * Salinas Elementary School * San Nicolas Elementary School * Sineguelasan Elementary School * Soldiers Hills Elementary School * Talaba Elementary School * Zapote Elementary School * Bacoor National High School - Main * Bacoor National High School - Tabing Dagat Annex * Bacoor National High School - Villa Maria

Annex * Bacoor National High School - Gawaran Annex * Bacoor National High School - Georgetown Annex * Eastern Bacoor National High School * Cavite State University- Bacoor Campus * Academia De Covina * Academia de Julia Victoria of Cavite * AMA Computer Learning Center * Angelicum Immanuel Montessori of Cavite * Bacoor Sheperd School * Bacoor Parish School * Bacoor Evangelical School * Bacoor Parochial School of St. Michael the Archangel Inc

Thornhill, Ontario

(Vaughan Ward 5), and Valerie Burke (Markham Ward 1). Education Public schools '''Secondary schools''' *Bakersfield

Public School, established in 2003 *Baythorn Public School *Bayview Glen Public School *Bayview Fairways Public School *Brownridge Public School *Carrville Mills Public School, established in 2007 *Charlton Public School *Doncrest Public School *E.J. Sand Public School *German Mills Public School *Glen Shields Public School *Henderson Avenue Public School *Herbert H. Carnegie Public School *Johnsview Village Public School *Julliard Public School *Louis Honoré Fréchette Public

School, established in 1991 *Roberta Bondar Public School, established in 2008 *Rosedale Heights Public School *Stornoway Crescent Public School *Thornhill Public School *Thornhill Woods Public School, established in 2005 *Ventura Park Public School, established in 1999 *Westminster Public School, established in 1983 *Willowbrook Public School *Wilshire Elementary School *Woodland Public School *Yorkhill Elementary School '''Catholic schools''' Image:St Elizabeth

Dearborn Heights, Michigan

the local economy. '''Recent programs''' The Business Improvement Program was launched in June 2008. It is a grant program designed to assist business owners in the TIFA district who wish to repair structural or exterior deterioration of their buildings. Education thumb 250px right Robichaud High School (Image:Robichaud high school dearborn heights michigan.JPG) Dearborn Heights is divided into five school districts. Most north end residents are in the Crestwood School

District (Michigan) Crestwood School District or Dearborn Public Schools, "General Student Enrollment Dearborn Public Schools" while south end residents fall into the Westwood Community School District (Westwood Community School District (Michigan)) or the Dearborn Heights No. 7 School District. There are three High Schools in Dearborn Heights: Crestwood High School (Michigan) Crestwood

High School on Beech Daly Road (Crestwood School District), Robichaud High School on Janet Street (Westwood Community Schools), and Annapolis High School (Annapolis High School (Michigan)) on Clippert Street (Dearborn Heights District No. 7). A small portion is within the Wayne-Westland Community Schools. "Home." (Archive) Wayne-Westland Community Schools. Retrieved on November 12, 2012. ref>

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

earned a four-year degree by 2000, a low percentage for the city and the county. The percentage of residents in that age range who had not earned a high school diploma was high for the county. "Boyle Heights," Mapping L.A., ''Los Angeles Times'' Schools The schools within Boyle Heights are as follows: http

: mapping-la neighborhoods neighborhood boyle-heights schools "Boyle Heights Schools," Mapping L.A., ''Los Angeles Times'' Public *SIATech Boyle Heights Independent Study, Charter High School, 501 South Boyle Avenue *Extera Public School, Charter Elementary, 1942 E. 2nd Street and 2226 E. 3rd Street *Extera Public School #2, Charter

Elementary, 1015 S. Lorena Street *Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, alternative, 1200 North Cornwell Street * Theodore Roosevelt High School (Theodore Roosevelt High School (Los Angeles)), 456 South Mathews Street * Mendez High School 1200 Playa Del Sol * Animo Oscar De La Hoya Charter High School, 1114 South Lorena Street * Boyle Heights Continuation School, 544 South Mathews Street* Central Juvenile Hall, 1605 Eastlake Avenue * Hollenbeck Middle School, 2510 East


Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor * SERT IT Campus, Chengannur * Archana College Of Engineering, Pandalam '''Schools''' * Mathews Mar Athanasius Residential School, Chengannur (ICSE) * A.M.M Higher Secondary School, Edayaranmula * St. Gregorios School Senior Secondary School (CBSE), Chengannur * St Anne's Higher Secondary School, Chengannur * Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chengannur * Government Boys School, Chengannur * Government Girls School, Chengannur * Government High School, Mulakuzha

* Government Higher Secondary School, Bhudhanoor * Government Higher Secondary School, Angadical South * E.A.L.P School, Angadical * SCRV (Sree Chithira Raja Vilasam) TTI, Angadical North, Chengannur * Metropolitan High School, Puthencavu * Mar Philexinos U P School, Puthencavu * G M P Kindergarten School, Puthencavu * High School, Kallissery * Ebenezer EM High School, Kallissery * Government U.P.S, Perissery * Thalapanagad LP School (also known as Madathilparampil School) * St Mary's Residential

School, Mulakuzha * Devaswom Board High School, Cheriyanad * Devaswom Board Higher Secondary School, Cheriyanad * Srivijayeshwari High School, Cheriyanad * St Joseph English Medium school, Cheriyanad * C M S U P School, Kodukulanji * John Memorial High School, Kodukulanji * Christ Church Vidyapeeth, Kodukulanji * St. George Public School, Kozhuvalloor * Mar Pilexinos L P School, Neervilakom * Government High School, Puliyoor * Snehagiri UP School, Puliyoor * Government Primary School, Thonakadu

Riverdale, Toronto

the area and according to Toronto's Official Plan, are to be preserved as an area of green space in the years to come. Schools * Riverdale Collegiate Institute is the neighbourhood's local high-school. * '''Earl Grey Senior Public School''' is the area's local middle school, grade 7-8. * '''Quest Alternative School''' http: SchoolWeb _site viewitem.asp?siteid 10056&pageid 7556&menuid 8633 is the area's original alternative middle school, and one

of the first in Toronto. Consisting of 68 students and 4 staff, Quest celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008. The school's motto is: "Structure to learn and freedom to grow", and its focus is on student-centered learning and diverse curriculum. * '''East Alternative School of Toronto''' http: MOSS asp_apps school_landing_page index.asp?schno 5290 is another local alternative middle school, specializing in social justice and visual arts. It also

has 68 students and accepts students from all over Toronto. * '''Withrow Avenue Junior Public School''', '''Jackman Avenue Junior Public School''', ref name 14 09 11>

Masbate City

flagship school. ;Elementary (Elementary school)

School * Florentino C. Versoza Elementary School * Gov. Rafael Letada Memorial Elementary School * Igang Elementary School * Julian V. Antonio Elementary School * Mapińa Elementary School * Nicolas Danao Elementary School * Restituta Z. Medina Elementary School * Ubongan Elementary School * A. Delos Reyes Elementary School * Antonio Dela Rosa Elementary School * Asid Elementary School * Enrique Legaspi Sr. Elementary School * F. Magallanes Elementary School * Jose Zurbito Sr. Elementary School

* Kinamaligan Elementary School * Maingaran Elementary School * N. Delos Santos Elementary School * Nursery Elementary School * Rene T. Malvar Elementary School * Sinalongan Elementary School * Tugbo Elementary School * Usab Elementary School * Masbate Ikkthus Christian School * Sacro Costato School * Liceo de Masbate (Elementary Department) * Masbate Colleges (Elementary Department) * Ovilla Technical Colleges (Elementary Department) * Osmeña Colleges (Elementary Department) * Yaddah Learning

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