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Baraboo, Wisconsin

by glaciers. However, the Baraboo Hills are much older; they are approximately 1.6 billion years old and were once part of the Baraboo Range which is thought to have been taller than the Rocky Mountains. Loess covers most of the hills and forms the parent material of a brown silt loam soil. During the autumn, the park's brilliant foliage makes it a popular attraction. The lake is surrounded by a mixed conifer (Pinophyta)-deciduous forest. Its scenic beauty along with its proximity to the Wisconsin Dells (Dells of the Wisconsin River) has made it one of the most popular of Wisconsin's state parks (List of Wisconsin state parks) for both day use and overnight camping; the park receives over 1.2 million visitors annually. '''Beryl R. Newman''' (November 2, 1911–March 8, 1998) was a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II as a first lieutenant in the United States Army. He was a native of Baraboo (Baraboo, Wisconsin), Wisconsin. During World War II, he served with Company F, 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division (34th Infantry Division (United States)). right 400px Map of Wisconsin showing area codes (Image:WI Area Codes (Display).png) The '''608 area code''' currently covers much of Southwest Wisconsin, including the capital (Capital (political)) city of Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) as well as the cities of Waunakee (Waunakee, Wisconsin), Mount Horeb (Mount Horeb, Wisconsin), Verona (Verona, Wisconsin), Sun Prairie (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin), Monroe (Monroe, Wisconsin), Platteville (Platteville, Wisconsin), Lancaster (Lancaster, Wisconsin), Portage (Portage, Wisconsin), Baraboo (Baraboo, Wisconsin), Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin), Beloit (Beloit, Wisconsin), Janesville (Janesville, Wisconsin), La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin), Prairie du Chien (Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin), Prairie du Sac (Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin), Sauk City (Sauk City, Wisconsin), Viroqua (Viroqua, Wisconsin) and Sparta (Sparta, Wisconsin). It was created in 1955 as a split from area code 414, and was the third area code created in Wisconsin. The '''Circus World Museum''' is a large museum complex in Baraboo, Wisconsin devoted to circus-related history. The museum, which features not only circus artifacts and exhibits, but also hosts daily live circus performances throughout the summer, is owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society, and operated by the non-profit Circus World Museum Foundation. The museum was the major participant in the Great Circus Parade held from 1985 to 2005. International Crane Foundation PO Box 447 Baraboo (Baraboo, Wisconsin) Wisconsin Website Charles Ringling died on December 3, 1926. Biography Henry Clay Hansbrough was born near Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. Henry Clay, who attended the wedding for his parents Elisha Hansbrough and Sarah Hagan, suggested to them that they name their first son after him, and they did. Dakota Datebook Henry attended the common schools and in 1867 moved to San Jose, California. He learned the art of printing and worked at the trade in San Jose and later at Baraboo, Wisconsin. He moved to Dakota Territory and established the ''Grand Forks News'' in 1881 and the ''Inter-Ocean at Devils Lake'' in 1883. He was mayor of Devils Lake (Devils Lake, North Dakota) from 1885 to 1888 and a member of the Republican National Committee from 1888 to 1896.


interest and scenic beauty, is located outside the town of Ma Yu Jianghai sea video foothills, away from the urban area about ten km, is a beautiful scenery good place. *


-3474 tollfree fax hours price 95 checkin 3PM checkout 10AM content Located in scenic Chilliwack River Valley, this is the perfect place to stay in Chilliwack BC if you want to be near fishing, kayaking, rafting, sight-seeing, and hiking. Scenic beauty combined with ideal location, as well as friendly hosts, means you will enjoy your stay in Chilliwack. Book your guided fishing adventure on the Fraser River. Less than a 5 minute walk to the Chilliwack River. Go next Commons:Category:Chilliwack, British Columbia Wikipedia:Chilliwack, British Columbia

Port Colborne

Port Colborne has been successful attracting new industry, such as the agro-business operations of Casco Inc. Casco Inc. and Jungbunzlauer, Jungbunzlauer. which process corn into products such as sweeteners and citric acid. However, the economy has gradually shifted towards tourism and recreation, taking advantage of the scenic beauty of the lakeshore. Wikipedia:Port Colborne Commons:Category:Port Colborne, Ontario


, rhino, zebra and wildebeest. Open daily. The Cecil Kop Nature Reserve encompasses 4200 acres of scenic beauty, where one can see Zimbabwe's wildlife under natural conditions only 3 km from the City Centre, open every day of the year. Visitors may also drive around Thompson's Vlei section of the game park on the eastern borders of the city. The Murahwa's Hill forms the backdrop to the Mutare Showgrounds, a nature reserve that is a naturalist's delight. Rare birds, butterflies and trees are found


terminal or from Rupsha ferry terminal. A nice place to see the Poshur river too. Scenic beauty overlooking the Sundarban. Cross the river by Shampan boat to go to the Mongla city. It is possible to hire a boat to roam around to the Sundarban. * '''Sundarbans''' - Khulna is a good place to arrange a trip into the Sundarbans, and there are several private operators. If you're on a budget try comparing prices among the several lined up near the BIWTC Rocket reservation office. *'''Bengal Tours

Walvis Bay

of fish and fish products. As such, the fishing enterprise accounts for a major part of Walvis Bay's economy. Entertainment and sport right thumb 'The Raft' a popular restaurant in Walvis Bay (Image:Walvis Bay Raft-135.jpg) Walvis Bay contains open spaces, scenic beauty and unique marine and plant life. It is well suited for the outdoor lifestyle, boasting sports such as sandboarding, kiting, surfing, swimming, angling, sailing, golf and other indoor and outdoor sport codes. There is Walvis

The Dalles, Oregon

and steady winds, scenic beauty, and its role as an important transportation link.


and are crucial to scenic beauty. The small surviving areas of ancient woodland have high biodiversity value. However the Pennines (Pennines#Flora) are now notably lacking in trees despite archaeological evidence showing 90% was woodlands before human settlement. Palynology indicates the decline in trees coincided with the increase in grasses in Neolithic times caused by direct clearance for pasture and by overgrazing (overgraze). File:Pond Plantation - - 629069.jpg thumb

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