monastery in the 16th century. The entrance to the cloister area contains murals related to the early evangelization efforts of this order. They include scenes such as Hernán Cortés greeting the first Franciscan missionaries in Mexico, the martyrdom of some of the first young converts to Christianity and even a scene where the monks are flogging Cortés.

to rest, and children are allowed to play in the area as well as to see the murals painted in the side entrance. thumb Facade of the church (File:FacadeOzumbaChurch2.JPG) The '''Church of Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada''' Conception began as a Franciscan monastery established in the 16th century. Only the side entrance and columns of the church date from the 16th century

. The rest, including the church, dates from the 17th century to the early 18th century. This latter construction was due to the dilapidated condition of the original church, which was rebuilt, starting in 1696. The tower was constructed in 1717 by architects Juan Perez and Juan Ventura.

Piru, California

Piru has been used for shooting countless film and television productions over the years, including ''Desert Fury'' (1947 (1947 in film)) starring Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak and Burt Lancaster, with Mary Astor and Wendell Corey. Location scenes were shot with the northwest side of Center Street, at Main, used as the exterior of Fritzi Haller's saloon and casino; the Piru Mansion was used as the Haller home and the historic Piru bridge

, crossing Piru Creek on the east side of town, was used as the locale of the car crash. (Some of the exterior scenes were also filmed in the Old Town section of Cottonwood, Arizona, especially where Burt Lancaster enters the Old Town jail, extant though enlarged.) Piru was also used in the scene in ''A Star Is Born (A Star Is Born (1954 film))'' (1954 (1954 in film)) starring Judy Garland and James Mason where Jack Carson's character, Libby, finds them after they are married

. Piru stood in for Clarksburg, California, in the 1974 (1974 in television) TV movie (television movie), ''The California Kid''. It was used for exterior shots in the 1975 (1975 in television) Filmation children's series ''The Ghost Busters''. Scenes in ''The Dukes of Hazzard'' were sometimes filmed on location in Piru, as were scenes in ''Murder, She Wrote'' and ''NCIS (NCIS (TV series))''. In ''Twilight Zone: The Movie'' ( 1983 in film

Ocotlán de Morelos

; The main feature are the arches which rest on columns with rectangular bases, forming portals. It was designed to be a focus point for social interaction. The main feature of the interior is the mural work done in the council chambers by Rodolfo Morales in the 1950s, when he was a young man. The mural work depicts scenes from the history of Ocotlán as well as landscapes and representative scenes such as the Traditional fixed markets in Mexico municipality markets

about the place. One of his last works called "Mercados" depicts market scenes from the town painted on columns. Rodolfo Morales’ career as an artist developed in fits and starts

. In the 1950s, Morales was commissioned to do the mural work in the municipal palace of Ocotlan, painting it with historical and current scenes related to the municipality. Much of this mural work shows similarities to mural work done by Diego Rivera.

King City, Ontario

Highway 427 Highway 427 from its current terminus at Highway 7 north to the Bradford Bypass. This extension would border the Township, raising concerns about noise pollution in the rural area. Lifestyle and culture Culture King City has been a filming location for at least ten movies TV shows: * The CBC TV show, ''The Forest Rangers'', had some scenes filmed on Mary Lake near the shrine.

tt0057750 locations title Filming locations for "The Forest Rangers" publisher IMDb.com, Inc. accessdate 2008-02-17 * The 1972 movie, ''Mahoney's Last Stand'', used the downtown core of King City in some scenes. * The 1976 movie, ''Death Weekend'', was filmed mainly at Eaton Hall (Eaton Hall (King City)). * ''The Gate (The Gate (1987 film))'' (1987) was filmed and set at a house located in King Heights subdivision * ''To Die For'' (1995) had a number

of scenes filmed at King City Secondary School. * ''Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story'' (1996, TV (television)) was entirely filmed in King City. * Walt Disney's ''Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'' (2004) also had


, with Moroccan army troops substituting for the Turkish army; however, Lean was unable to film as much as he wanted because the soldiers were uncooperative and impatient. One of the second-unit directors for the Morocco scenes was André de Toth, who suggested a shot wherein bags of blood would be machine-gunned, spraying the screen with blood. Assistant director Nicolas Roeg approached Lean with this idea, but Lean found it disgusting

Ouarzazate Souss-Massa-Draa - although the final cut of the film uses a shot achieved using a dummy. Other locations included Germany, the United States, and Italy. The desert scenes were done in Ouarzazate, Morocco. The conclusion of the film included the Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna and Elveden Hall, Suffolk. thumb Stonor Park Stonor House (File:Stonor House - geograph.org.uk - 832650.jpg) Most of the film was shot at the Atlas Film Studios

in Ouarzazate, Morocco; some scenes were filmed at the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra monastery in Woodstock, New York. Karma Triyana Dharmachakra - The Monastery "Young Spiritual Leader Arrives in New York Ready to Teach and Be Taught" from the ''New York Times'' 16 May 2008 **Nador - Nador


including several international airports. The most important one is the Tunis-Carthage International Airport but other significant airports serve Sfax, Houmt Souk, Monastir (Monastir, Tunisia), Tozeur and Tabarka. Tunisair is the national airline. All of the scenes set in Egypt were filmed in Tunisia, and the canyon where Indiana threatens to blow up the Ark was shot in Sidi Bouhlel, just outside of Tozeur. The Making of Raiders of The Lost Ark

by Derek Taylor,1981,Ballantine Books. The location was previously used in the Tatooine scenes from 1977's ''Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'', since many people in the location crew were the same for both films. Notably, that canyon was exactly the same location where R2-D2 was attacked by Jawas (List of Star Wars races (F-J)#Jawa). The Tanis scenes were filmed in nearby Sedala

was improvised, as was the entire plane fight. During shooting of that scene, Ford tore his cruciate ligament in his left leg as a wheel went over his knee, but he did not accept local medical help and simply put ice over it. The fight scenes in the town were filmed in Kairouan; by then Ford was suffering from dysentery and did not want to film a lengthy fight scene in which Indiana uses his whip to fight off a swordsman. He said

Mojave, California

, and by the late 1920s the area was the world's number one source of borax. Some four to six million years old, the Furnace Creek Formation is the primary source of borate minerals gathered from Death Valley's playas. The external shots of the Oceanic Airlines 747 depicts the 747-200 version of the aircraft, yet all the cockpit scenes in the movie feature the much more modern glass cockpit of the newer 747-400

which has a longer upper deck than the -200 model as well. ''The aircraft used in ground scenes was actually a Boeing 747-121(A) (the “21" of "-121” referring to which Boeing airline customer the aircraft was originally delivered to, not the configuration of the aircraft), registration F-GIMJ, with the only the port side of the aircraft painted in the fictional Oceanic Airlines livery (Aircraft livery), bearing the fictional name “N707CK”. At the time of filming

, the actual N707CK was a Boeing 747-269B (formerly 9K-ADA with Kuwait Airways), also painted in the fictional Oceanic Airlines livery, which was the aircraft used for surface to air scenes. As of 2011, ''N707CK'' was borne by a Boeing 747-246F operated by the cargo airline Kalitta Air.'' ''As of April 21, 1997, the aircraft fuselage used for the ground scenes was reportedly “interred” in the “aircraft graveyard” at Mojave Air and Space Port#Movie television location credits

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

July 2007. Rouleau (Rouleau, Saskatchewan) (also known as the town of Dog River in the CTV television sitcom ''Corner Gas'') is southwest of Regina and in the summer months "bustles with film crews." "Rouleau," ''The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan''. Retrieved 11 July 2007. ''Corner Gas'' was filmed entirely in Saskatchewan. The inside scenes (Ruby Cafe interior

, Police Department, Oscar and Emma's house, etc.) are filmed at Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios (Canada-Saskatchewan Soundstage) in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan). All of the outdoor scenes and all scenes that take place in the gas station are filmed on location in Rouleau, Saskatchewan. Rouleau is a small town on Highway 39 (Saskatchewan Highway 39) between Moose Jaw and Weyburn. The grain elevator has been repainted to read “Dog River” instead of “Rouleau"

, Saskatchewan Whitewood south of Regina (w:Regina, Saskatchewan) in the tiny farming community of Rouleau (w:Rouleau, Saskatchewan). CTV will air tributes on April 13 in honour of Corner Gas and Dog River (w:Dog River, Saskatchewan#Dog River) which feature the cast and behind the scenes footage.


of the story that was known. Among the 8th century murals in Panjakent, in the western Sugdh province of Tajikistan, there is a panel from room 1, sector 21, representing a series of scenes moving from right to left where it is possible to recognize the same person first in the act of checking a golden egg and later killing the animal in order to get more eggs, only to understand the stupidity of his idea at the very end of the sequence. A local version of the story still persists

excavators here, and students from St. Petersburg willing to tell you about their work and finds. The town has another small museum with Soviet memorabilia and stuffed animals as well as impressive finds from the excavations nearby -- wall paintings from the 5th century, with faded colors but recognizable motifs and hunting scenes. You can also do excellent treks in the surrounding Fan Mountains and further up the Zeravshan Valley. Penjikent is usually visited from Samarkand as part of a tour

structures with a dome on a square foundation on the top. The hall was decorated with woodcarvings in high relief and even with small statues of caryatids and atlantes. The most common motif of the reliefs in the ceiling were arched niches with figures of the gods, including the sun-god in his chariot. The wall paintings on the other three walls were much smaller than the gods facing the main entrance. They formed two or three friezes depicting royal feasts, hunting scenes, the heroic deeds

Ciudad Acuña

by songwriter Darrell Staedtler, on the "Strait Country" album tells about a night in Acuña at Ma Crosby's (a historic restaurant in Acuña) in the beginning. Acuña is the setting for the Robert Earl Keen song, "A Border Tragedy." Cinema In the film, ''Rolling Thunder (Rolling Thunder (1977 film))'' (1977) the villains are known as the Acuña Boys. Outdoor scenes for the 1992 cult motion picture ''El Mariachi'' were shot here, as well as the bar scenes

. In another Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino) movie, ''Grindhouse (Grindhouse (film))'', Acuña Boys Mexican Food is featured on a bumper ad as well as a take out drink container in the first scenes of ''Death Proof''. The film ''Like Water for Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate (film))'' was filmed on Lake Amistad in Acuña. The Film ''Love and a .45'' features a standoff between the film's primary protagonists and antagonist in Acuña after the three have crossed the U.S. Mexico border

. A FILM FOR A SONG: Robert Rodriguez’s Garage Movie. The opening scenes feature a shootout in a jail. It was the local Acuña jail situated on the outskirts of the town. Also, both the female warden and the male guard were both the real-life warden and guard; Rodriguez thought it convenient because it saved him the cost of hiring actors and renting clothing. ref name dvdcom

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