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السياحة الصحراوية ). This becomes very evident if one visits the city during the "International Festival of Oases" ( Dmoz:Regional Africa Tunisia Localities Tozeur wikipedia:Tozeur

Higher Education Funding Council for England

; ref NTFS HEFCE also funds a National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) scheme for those working in England and Northern Ireland. The initiative is administered by the Higher Education Academy and has two separate strands providing individual awards – recognising individual excellence in teaching within the Higher Education sector – and awards for large-scale projects typically undertaken by Higher Education institutions over periods of up to three years. ref name "HEAntfs


, Boudagh, Shikwana, Shahara, Zoree, Tomas, Aboona, Shushani, Kakka, Khubeir, and Tomika. Some remnants of these families remain in Alqosh, but many have established themselves elsewhere. Modern Services In 2009, the Assyrian Democratic Movement installed a new sewage system for the town. In late 2011 CSAPC supported an Electricity tower for the town, which is now fully installed for the people. In 2012 September the KRG carried out large scale projects in the town worth 12.5 Billion Dinars. The length of the Hungarian-stretch of the mountainside go far north of Alqosh all the way to the south, into the street leading to the industrial district leading to 1500 meters of the stretch. The basic purpose of the projects is to maintain Alqosh of environmental pollution, which will collect water cleaning, washing, and rain in the winter in one channel to serve the latter outside Alqosh away from the population in addition to getting rid of the negative effects of heavy rains in the winter, which before washed away soil and rocks into the streets of Alqosh. See also ''. He was born on August 8, 1852 in Alqosh, studied in the Ghazir Seminary in Beirut and was ordained priest on July 10, 1879. On July 24, 1892 he was ordained Bishop of Seert, now in Turkey, by patriarch Eliya Abulyonan Eliya XIV XIII Abulyonan . He was appointed Patriarch of the Chaldean Church on the July 9, 1900 and confirmed by the Holy See on December 17 of the same year. He served as patriarch till his death on July 21, 1947. He replaced Patriarch Audishu V Khayyath † and was followed by Yousef VII Ghanima †. Summary An Alqoshnaya farmer in the Iraqi town of Alqosh, in the Ninewa region. Tel Isqof was subject to many attacks by the Mongol barbarians, the worst among them was the massacre of 1436 when they attacked her, killing thousands of its inhabitants and burning its crops and churches forcing the rest of the inhabitants to flee to the mountains. In 1508 Tel Isqof was attacked again by the Mongols, just as they attacked Tel Keppe, Alqosh and the Monastery of Rabban Hormizd (Rabban Hormizd Monastery). Tel Isqof was also attacked by the army of Nader Shah in 1743 during his march on Mosul. The main language spoken is the Nineveh Plains variant of Syriac, Which is almost identical to that spoken in other major Assyrian towns in the region, Like Alqosh and Tel Kepe. Arabic is also used as a second language. English (English language) is widely understood by younger generations. thumb 250ppx A family picnic in Dashqotan (Image:Iraqvillagedashqotan3.JPG) '''Dashqotan''' (Syriac (Syriac language): '''ܕܫܩܘܬܢ''') is a small Assyrian village located in northern Iraq, about 40 kilometers north of Mosul and 15 kilometers east of Alqosh. Dashqotan is bordered by four Assyrian villages: Aenbaqre, Karanjok, Perozawa and Germawe. - !Alqosh !! 504 !! Karamlesh !! 132 - The Assyrians relate that, in the 1830s, the governor of Rawandiz, nicknamed "Merkor", was known for his hatred of the Christian Assyrians. In 1833, he attacked the unarmed Assyrian towns of Tel Keppe and Elqosh (Alqosh) and killed thousands of their inhabitants, kidnapping the women and children, and setting fire to the towns. This "Merkor" is almost certainly Mir Muhammad, then ruler of the Soran Emirate


, which is roughly 4.1% of the total area of the Caraga region. The existing land use of the city consists of the following uses: agriculture areas (397.23 km 2 ), forestland (268 km 2 ), grass shrub pasture land (61.14 km 2 ) and other


trans_title Calling Satélite to use bikes One of the best-known areas of Naucalpan is Ciudad Satélite with its signature Torres de Satélite sculpture. Ciudad Satélite was one of a number of large scale projects undertaken by the federal government in the Mexico City area in the 1950s and 1960s, along with the Conjunto Habitacional de Tlaltelolco and the Ciudad Universitaria. Naucalpan, Mexico State ''El Toreo de Naucalpan''

Saint-Louis, Senegal

at Richard-Toll, the Diama Dam, and various hunting lodges on the south side of the Senegal River. National Park of the Langue de Barbarie This park, which is 20 square kilometres large, occupies the southern point of the Langue de Barbarie, the estuary of the Senegal river and part of the continent. It hosts thousands of water birds like cormorants, brushes, pink flamingos, pelicans, herons and ducks each year. National Park of the Birds of Djoudj The world’s third largest ornithological park, it is located 60 kilometers north of Saint-Louis. This park occupies over 120 km² and includes part of the river, and many lakes, basins, and marshes. About 3 million migrating birds of 400 species

Luang Prabang

, the Irrawaddy dolphin and Khone Phapheng Falls at Si Phan Don or, as they are known in English, the Four Thousand Islands; Wat Phu, an ancient Khmer (Khmer Empire) temple complex; and the Bolaven Plateau for waterfalls and coffee. Pro-poor tourism Pro-poor tourism, which seeks to help the poorest people in developing countries, has been receiving increasing attention by those involved in development; the issue has been addressed through small-scale projects in local


from the Gulf (Persian Gulf) are involved in large-scale projects in Morocco, including the giant Tanger Med port on the Mediterranean. Morocco remains the preferred destination of foreign investors in the Maghreb region (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia), with a total of $13.6 billion between 2001 and 2007, which puts it largely on the top of the list. thumb 250px right Casablanca Twin Center (File:Casablanca Twin Center.jpg). While the Moroccan

North Rhine-Westphalia

?pdfProfil_en true&commZoneId 5032 Location Profile Euskirchen , while about 15 percent (28 hectares) belong to the municipality of Weilerswist. The already well developed large area will be reserved up to 2019 for space-intensive large-scale projects in excess of 80 hectares. It is being marketed internationally by the state economic development agency NRW.INVEST.


: uploads workingpaper nbgwp01.08.pdf title Analysis of Tbilisi's Real Estate Boom last Rukhadze first Vasili author2 Tobias Moerschen year 2007 accessdate 22 November 2009 During the 2008 South Ossetia war the Tbilisi area was hit by multiple Russian air attacks. After the war, several large-scale projects were started, including a streetcar system,

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