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package. Volume 2. p. 18. Critical acclaim One of his most popular creations at the time was the comic strip Chopiniks (from "chope", a Brazilian vernacular for draft beer), which was sketched by Jaguar on scripts (Script (comics)) written by Ivan Lessa. Originally designed as a means to advertise a new brand of beer, the strip was a satirical portrayal of the bohemian 1960s Rio de Janeiro intelligentsia that gathered around the nighbourhood of Ipanema

white mouse (who died after being treated to a diet of bread crumbs drenched in vodka), Jaguar, interview, available at but was at the same time conceived as a satirical answer to Mickey Mouse. Sig was in charge of most of the story's comic vignettes, many of whom were actual ''bon mots'' who had found their way into Jaguar's strip. Such is the case of the famous tag: "Intelectuals don't go to the beach


, dances, and ballets for the comic and satirical plays of Voskovec and Werich. In 1934 he became a member of Czech Group of Surrealists. Forced to leave Czechoslovakia following the Nazi (Nazism) occupation, Ježek, Voskovec and Werich went into exile in New York City. He worked as a piano teacher and choirmaster there, and continued to work with Voskovec and Werich. In 1942, the long-ill Ježek died of chronic kidney disease in New York. On December 29, 1941, two days

Chanhassen, Minnesota

url http: entertainment movies 11472791.html work Star Tribune date August 13, 2005 accessdate December 31, 2008 Adams relocated to Chanhassen, Minnesota, and worked at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres for the next three years. While she was off work nursing a pulled muscle, she auditioned for the satirical 1999 comedy ''Drop Dead Gorgeous (Drop Dead Gorgeous (film))'', which was being filmed in Minnesota, and was cast in her first film role

Queenston, Ontario

is operated by the Niagara Parks Commission. * "The Rebel Mayor", a Twitter account which posted satirical (satire) comments on various candidates in Toronto's 2010 mayoral election (Toronto mayoral election, 2010), was written in the persona and voice of Mackenzie. "The best of Rebel Mayor

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

written by Mark Bittner. San Francisco journalist Bret Harte first wrote as "The Bohemian" in ''The Golden Era'' in 1861, with this persona taking part in many satirical doings, the lot published in his book ''Bohemian Papers'' in 1867. Harte wrote, "Bohemia has never been located geographically, but any clear day when the sun is going down, if you mount Telegraph Hill (Telegraph Hill, San Francisco), you shall see its pleasant valleys and cloud-capped hills


. On a journey to Babylon he was ill-treated at Nehardea by the Jewish-Persian (Persian Jews) authorities, and took revenge by giving a satirical description of the latter. The account of the affair is preserved in two different versions (Giṭ. 14a, b; Yer. Giṭ. i. 43d; Yer. Ḳid. iii. 64a). Examples of Dosetai's humor are to be found in his answers to his pupils' questions on the differences between man and woman (Niddah 31b), and in his reply to the question why Jerusalem did not have


accessdate 7 October 2010 Locals dress up in the form of satirical wire mesh masks, eyes, whiskers and painted white complexion. Some of the dancers carry a baton and wear their pants to the knee, as if they were pure-blooded Spanish. The music initially starts with guitar sounds, and then the sounds of clarinets, harps, saxophones, etc. Other important festivals include Carnival (February and March), the anniversary of the Spanish foundation of the city (April 25), Independence Day (July


from Moscow Pedagogical Institute and worked as a school teacher in Kaluga and Moscow regions. He published his poetry translations from a variety of languages. Daniel and his friend Andrei Sinyavsky also wrote satirical (political satire) novels and smuggled them to France to be published under pseudonyms. (See samizdat) In December of 1609, the Tushino Thief (as the impostor came to be known) and his wife Marina Mniszech fled from Tushino to Kaluga after losing

Born a priest's son in Kaluga, he was trained as a lawyer but became a journalist and popular novelist. In 1902 he was exiled for writing a satirical article on the imperial family. He returned to visit the front during the Russo-Japanese War, then returned to Western Europe, living in France and Italy. DATE OF BIRTH December 26, 1862 PLACE OF BIRTH Kaluga, Russia DATE OF DEATH February 26, 1938 '''Kirov''' ( ), formerly known

Fucking, Austria

; ref False rumours of name change Rumours spread through international news media in April 2012 that villagers had been thinking about changing the name of the village or had actually voted to change it. The satirical website ''The Spoof!'' published a story on 18 April 2012 saying that the villagers were fed up and wanted to change the name.

Granby, Quebec

cartoons to Oscar Hammerstein's United States Tobacco Journal. DATE OF BIRTH April 28, 1840 PLACE OF BIRTH Granby, Quebec, Canada DATE OF DEATH July 24, 1924 This was the first election for the Rhinoceros Party of Canada (Rhinoceros Party of Canada (1963–1993)), a satirical party led by Cornelius the First. The party fielded only one candidate. Cornelius, a resident of the Granby (Granby, Quebec) zoo, did not seek election because Canadian election law does

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