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Echo Park, Los Angeles

Understand This Band The Way I Do has big sing-out loud choruses. Their fresh energy makes this album one that won't leave the player for awhile!- The Fire Note Blog Lead vocalist Kyle Krone alternates between slight snarls and tortured whispers, conjuring up an odd coupling of Jack White and Conor Oberst, while the drums of Tony Cupito and keys of Riley Stephenson add layers of immense sound.- Hot Rock Black Belly Blog The Shys second full-length release, You'll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do... is a winner. It is a fascinating mix of 60's British psychedelia, 70's pub rock and indie-punk channeled through the vision of a young southern-California band. - Brooklyn Rocks Blog

Dayton, Ohio

, Santa Fe (Santa Fe (disambiguation)#Places), Tallapoosa (Tallapoosa (disambiguation)), Glen Rock (Glen Rock (disambiguation)), Black Rock (Black Rock (disambiguation)#Places), Little Rock (Little Rock, Arkansas), Oskaloosa (Oskaloosa (disambiguation)), Tennessee, Hennessey (Hennessey, Oklahoma), Chicopee (Chicopee (disambiguation)), Spirit Lake (Spirit Lake (disambiguation)), Grand Lake (Grand Lake (disambiguation)), Devils Lake (Devils Lake (disambiguation)) and Crater


; an arts programme in Cardiff; and early music in York. alias origin Leicester, England genre Progressive rock, rock (rock music) '''Black Widow''' were a rock (rock music) band (musical ensemble) that formed in Leicester, England in September 1969. The band were mostly known for its early use of satanic (Satanism) and occult imagery in their music and stage act. The band were often compared with the better-known Heavy metal music Heavy

Falkland Islands

) are six small islands in the westernmost extreme of South Georgia, WikiPedia:Falkland Islands Dmoz:Regional South America Falkland Islands Commons:Category:Falkland Islands


, commanded by the famed British Arctic explorer, Sir Hubert Wilkins. ''Wyoming'' took the disabled submersible in tow and took her to Queenstown, Northern Ireland. Later in the course of the cruise, the former battleship visited Copenhagen, Denmark; Greenock, Scotland; Cadiz, Spain; and Gibraltar, before she returned to Hampton Roads on 13 August. During her cruise, her designation changed from '''BB-32''' to '''AG-17''' on 1 July 1931. 1916–1927 In 1916, she again served in Mexican waters, and between May and August 1917, ''Buffalo'' transported the Special Diplomatic Mission of the United States to Russia. Upon her return she was ordered into Philadelphia Navy Yard for conversion to a destroyer tender and reclassified '''AD-8'''. Conversion was completed in June 1918, and after loading torpedo equipment at Newport, Rhode Island, she departed for Brest (Brest, France), France, via Bermuda. She then proceeded to Gibraltar, where she operated as station and repair ship to destroyers and subchasers. From February until September 1919 she had similar duty with the Azores Detachment at Ponta Delgada and then returned to New York. For a number of years, ''Arkansas'' was detailed to take midshipmen (Midshipman) from the United States Naval Academy on their summer cruises. In 1923, the battleship steamed to Europe, visiting Copenhagen, Denmark (where she was visited by King Christian X of Denmark on 2 July); Lisbon, Portugal; and Gibraltar. ''Arkansas'' conducted another midshipman training


Chinatown area near Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West or to the west in Mississauga (Mississauga, Ontario). Vietnamese Canadians also brought their cuisine and phở has become a popular food everywhere in Canada. alias origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada genre Psychedelic rock '''Black Mountain''' is a Canadian rock (Rock music) band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band is composed of Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt and Joshua Wells. - CFTE The Team 1410 Bell Media Vancouver British Columbia - - CKST The Team 1040 Bell Media Vancouver British Columbia - resides Nashville, Tennessee billed An Undisclosed Location Freedomland, USA (Parts Unknown) '''Vancouver, British Columbia''' Nashville, Tennessee (as Eric Young) Metropolis (Metropolis (Superman)) (as Super Eric) The Orient (as The Not So Great Muta) trainer Waldo Von Erich Carl Leduc Scott D'Amore Chris Kanyon Born on a ranch in Cardston (Cardston, Alberta), Alberta, his mother had been a trick rider in a circus and his father rode in rodeos. As such, Woolf was taught to ride horses as a child and as a teenager he rode in horse races (horse racing) and competed in rodeo events in Alberta and Montana. He began racing thoroughbreds professionally in 1928 in Vancouver, British Columbia before going to Tijuana, Mexico and then to Arcadia, California where he would make his permanent home. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pountney grew up in Montreal, Quebec. She lived for six years in London, England. Royal visit In 1939, King George VI and the queen consort, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon visited Canada, arriving at Wolfe's Cove (Anse-au-Foulon), Quebec, on 17 May 1939. This was the first time that a reigning monarch had visited Canada (Royal tours of Canada). The King and Queen took a tour of the country by rail. The CPR and the Canadian National Railways (CNR) shared the honours of transporting the royal train across the country, with the CPR undertaking the westbound journey, from Quebec City to Vancouver. The steam locomotive that the CPR used to pull the train was numbered 2850, a 4-6-4 built by Montreal Locomotive works. Specially painted in silver and blue, the locomotive ran WikiPedia:Vancouver dmoz:Regional North America Canada British Columbia Localities V Vancouver Commons:Category:Vancouver


, Washington (Washington (disambiguation)), Houston, Kingston (Kingston (disambiguation)#Places), Texarkana, Monterey, Ferriday, Santa Fe (Santa Fe (disambiguation)#Places), Tallapoosa (Tallapoosa (disambiguation)), Glen Rock (Glen Rock (disambiguation)), Black Rock (Black Rock (disambiguation)#Places), Little Rock (Little Rock, Arkansas), Oskaloosa (Oskaloosa (disambiguation)), Tennessee, Hennessey (Hennessey, Oklahoma), Chicopee (disambiguation) Chicopee

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