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Port Antonio

to Commodore Cruise Line service. Her port of departure was changed to Saint Petersburg, Florida to better cater to the needs of Commodore's main clientele, the retired people living on Florida's west coast. The ship's new seven-day itinerary was Saint Petersburg—Key West—Port Antonio—Cozumel—Saint Petersburg. The new route proved to be short-lived, as the ''Bohème'' was sold to San Donato Properties Corporation in September 1986 for $ (USD)10 million, to be converted for use with the Church of Scientology. ''Super Street Fighter II'' Port Antonio, Jamaica Hōchū Ōtsuka History The Congos formed as the duo "Ashanti" Roy Johnson (Roydel Johnson) (tenor) (b. Roydel Johnson, 1947, Hanover, Jamaica) and Cedric Myton (falsetto) (b. 1947, Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica), later becoming a trio with the addition of Watty Burnett (baritone) (b.early 1950s, Port Antonio, Jamaica). Wikipedia:Port_Antonio Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Jamaica Localities Port_Antonio Commons:Category:Port Antonio


climate and scenic location attract tourists and retired people. The largest employers are ZIMASCO, UNKI Mine, a subsidiary of Anglo-American (Anglo American plc) through its platinum wing, Angloplats, the government through education, agriculture and health. thumb right In the town of Beitbridge ladies in their Sunday Best, 2006 (Image:Sunday Best Beitbridge.jpg) On the South African side of the border the N1 (N1 (South Africa)) National Roads in South Africa Highway

Evansville, Indiana

Illinois and for the first time, Kentucky. Hopewell Class Invitational draws area's largest field The current population of White County is a little over 17,000, with 6,500 in the county seat of Carmi. There is a high number of retired people, and many citizens work in the factories of Evansville (Evansville, Indiana) or Mount Vernon, Indiana Mount Vernon


the Royal Pump Room Gardens were opened to the public, and in 1890 a further swimming pool was added. The economy of Leamington decreased towards the end of the 19th century following the decline in popularity of spa towns, and it became a popular place of residence for retired people and for members of the middle-class who relocated from Coventry and Birmingham, and wealthy residents led to the development of Leamington as a popular place for shopping. Slater, Terry (Terry Slater) (1981) ''A History of Warwickshire'', ISBN 0-85033-416-0 In 1997, the owners of the building, the district council, closed the facility for redevelopment, reopening it in 1999 as a culture centre. It now contains Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, a library, a tourist information centre, refurbished assembly rooms and a cafe. Royal Pump Rooms website Spa water can still be sampled outside the building. thumb left View across the River Leam to the Parish Church from Jephson Gardens (Image:River Leam at Leamington.jpg) A. C. Grayling in his book ''Among the Dead Cities'' makes the point that as the Area bombing directive issued to the RAF on 14 February 1942, focused on the "morale of the enemy civil population", Lübeck, with its many timbered medieval buildings, was chosen because the RAF "Air Staff were eager to experiment with a bombing technique using a high proportion of incendiaries" to help them carry out the directive – the RAF were well aware that the technique was effective against cities and not against industrial targets because cities such as Coventry had been subject to such attacks (Coventry Blitz) by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz. In retaliation for the Lübeck raid the Germans bombed Exeter on 23 April 1942, the first of the 'Baedeker' raids. The Lübeck raid along with the raid on Rostock caused "outrage in the German leadership… and inspired the retaliatory 'Baedeker' raids". WikiPedia:Coventry Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England West Midlands Coventry Commons:Coventry


in Auckland's CBD, despite that city having four times the population. Another major population area is the Kapiti Coast, north of Porirua and including the towns of Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Raumati and Otaki (Otaki, New Zealand). The population was . The beach and garden zones of these townships attract life-stylers and retired people: 24.6% were aged 65+ as at


;km) to the north. Shurugwi is one of Zimbabwe's largest producers of chrome; other metals also are mined there. Its healthful climate and scenic location attract tourists and retired people. The largest employers are ZIMASCO, UNKI Mine, a subsidiary of Anglo-American (Anglo American plc) through its platinum wing, Angloplats, the government through education, agriculture and health. Natural resources The town is located on the mineral rich belt, commonly known

South Africa

of the City of Cape Town. As a coastal suburb of Cape Town, Fish Hoek is popular as a residence for commuters, retired people and holidaymakers alike. The traditional industries of 'trek (Seine fishing)' fishing and angling coexist with the leisure pursuits of surfing, sailing and sunbathing. Uncle Moishy has traveled internationally, giving shows in Israel, Canada, England, Austria, South Africa and Hong Kong.


attracts an international population, particularly Canadians (Canada) since the 1970s. Increasing numbers of Europeans, Australians and east Asians are buying up real estate. The global appeal of Palm Desert as the "place to be" for tourists has made it home to thousands of retired people from around the world. '''Redding''' is a city in far-Northern California (Upstate California), located on Interstate 5 exactly halfway between the Canada and Mexico


to the implementation of an enhanced pension system, which ensured unparalleled prosperity for retired people. Along with his Minister for Economic Affairs and successor Ludwig Erhard, the West German model of a "social market economy" (a mixed economy with capitalism moderated by elements of social welfare and Catholic social teaching) allowed for the boom period known as the ''Wirtschaftswunder'' ("economic miracle") that produced broad prosperity. The Adenauer era witnessed a dramatic rise in the standard of living of average Germans, with real wages doubling between 1950 and 1963. This rising affluence was accompanied by a 20% fall in working hours during that same period, together with a fall in the unemployment rate from 8% in 1950 to 0.4% in 1965. Contemporary World History by William J. Duiker in addition, an advanced welfare state was established. The Emergence of the Welfare State in Britain and Germany, edited by W.J. Mommsen export-goods oil and oil products 59%, ferrous metals 19%, chemicals 5%, machinery 3%, grain, wool, meat, coal export-partners China (PRC) 13.4%, Russia 11.1%, Germany 10.6%, Italy 6.9%, Romania 6.6%, France 5.7%, Ukraine 5.4%, Turkey 4.1% (2008) imports $25.15 billion (2009 est.) The Kuwaiti Army is the primary land force of the Military of Kuwait. Kuwait's postwar equipment orders include 200 Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

United States

, Arkansas, U.S. (United States)) is a retired American (People of United States) pornographic actress (pornographic actor) and a former stripper. thumb right 200px Crown ether (Image:18-crown-6-potassium.png) coordinating a potassium ion '''Charles John Pedersen''' (October 3, 1904 – October 26, 1989) was an American (United States) organic chemist (organic chemistry) best known for describing methods of synthesizing crown ethers. He shared the Nobel Prize

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