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Railroad Retirement Board

decisions readingroom.nsf WEBUNID 0B4A42364CF0E84F852571A8005195EF?OpenDocument STB Finance Docket No. 34838 , July 17, 2006 which had previously been owned by the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Association of American Railroads, Freight Railroads Operating

in Pennsylvania , 2006 of track in and near York, Pennsylvania. The company was created in 1999 through a consolidation of '''Yorkrail, Inc.''' and the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad (M&P), both owned by the Emons Railroad Group, and it immediately sold the property thus acquired to limited liability (limited liability company) lessor (wikt:lessor) subsidiaries with the same names (Yorkrail, LLC and Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company

, LLC). Railroad Retirement Board, Employer Status Determination: York Railway Company et al., September 19, 2000 Genesee & Wyoming Inc. gained control of the company, and the other Emons properties, in 2002. The '''Willamette Valley Railway''' is a short-line railroad that operates in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. It leased a line from Woodburn (Woodburn, OR) to Stayton


Institute for War & Peace Reporting accessdate 1 November 2008

unit from Serbia known as the Scorpions (Scorpions (paramilitary)) participated in the massacre. "Serbia: Mladic “Recruited” Infamous Scorpions". Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

such as the Society for Threatened Peoples, reporting to the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2008, claim that non-Serbian refugees returning to Republika Srpska are discriminated against and live under appalling conditions, particularly in the Drina Valley (Srebrenica, Bratunac, Višegrad and Foča). Many are unemployed and children must attend schools where all subjects are taught in Serbian. Similar things are taking place in the Federation of Bosnia where the problem

Beitunia killings

of the Israeli forces position and struck a Palestinian paramedic, wearing a bright orange vest, who helped carry Nuwwarah off. Video footage as well as first-hand accounts, including those of journalists reporting on the protest, confirm that the teenagers who had been killed were unarmed and posed no apparent nor imminent threat

-to-plea-insanity title Three Israeli Suspects to be Charged in Khdeir Murder: Prime suspect to plead 'insanity' publisher NSNBC date 15 July 2014 Western and Israeli media representation was different in the treatment of the deaths of the Palestinian teenagers compared to those of the three Israeli teenagers.

Australian Taxation Office

url http: Part-02-Performance-reporting Revenue-collection Net-tax-collections publisher Australian Taxation Office accessdate 30 January 2014 year 2013 Commissioner Chris Jordan was appointed as the Commissioner of Taxation (Commissioner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia) and Registrar of the Australian Business Register on 1 January 2013. Commissioner Jordan has experience in the tax arena having held influential roles in the private

-reporting Revenue-collection Net-tax-collections publisher Australian Taxation Office accessdate 30 January 2014 year 2013 class "wikitable" ! scope "col" width "130px" Financial year ! scope "col" width "120px" 2008–09 ! scope "col" width "120px" 2009–10 ! scope "col" width "120px" 2010–11 ! scope "col" width "120px" 2011–12 ! scope "col" width

Petén Department

experiencing severe deforestation in its southern half. Deforestation has been particularly rapid near Laguna del Tigre National Park in western Petén. To combat deforestation, Guatemalan president Álvaro Colom proposed dramatically expanding ecotourism around


North West Leicestershire

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23s (NATO reporting name "Flogger") off the coast of Libya using AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. They are the third and fourth of five kills scored by F-14s during the Tomcat s career in U.S. Navy service. Polmar, Norman, "Historic Aircraft: A Premier Fighter," ''Naval History'', April 2012, p. 14. * January 8 – Attempting to make an emergency landing at East

, covering the east and west of Leicestershire respectively. There are however still two editions published daily to cover the city of Leicester itself. The ''Mercury'' has retained its reporting staff in each of the market towns, despite substantial editorial staff cuts in other areas - achieved through non-replacement of departing staff. The company also closed its ''Sports Mercury'' edition due to declining readership, and the fact ABC (Audited Bureau of Circulations) rules no longer

Gori, Georgia

) Georgia dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, who was born in Gori. * April 2008, hosted 30-minute special for CNN, ''Iraq: Inside the Surge''. * August 2008, covered the South Ossetia War between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Georgia, reporting at various times from the towns of Tbilisi, Gori, Georgia Gori

, and Poti. Hartwig was born into a noble family of German origin in Gori (Gori, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (country)), noted also for being the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. His intelligence and ambition brought him to the notice of the Foreign Ministry, and he began his diplomatic career in 1875, when he was attached to the Asiatic Department.

Rift Valley Province

to return to his farm, leaving Hemingway as game warden with local scouts reporting to him. Hemingway was proud to be a game warden and believed a book would come of the experience. thumb Three Nandi warriors, date unknown (Image:Nandi warriors from the LOC.jpg) The '''Nandi people''' are a number of Kenyan tribes living in the highland areas of the Nandi Hills (Nandi Hills, Kenya) in Rift Valley Province who speak the Nandi languages

Eastern Province (Kenya) North Eastern and Western (w:Western Province (Kenya)). According to ''Agence France-Presse (w:Agence France-Presse)'', officials have reported 45 people dead in Nyanza Province, 12 in North Eastern Province and seven in Rift Valley Province. Health officials have stated that the actual number of deaths due to the outbreak could be higher due to under reporting.


Russia Oryol, Oryol Oblast, Russia * '''K-159''' was a Project 627A "Kit" (NATO reporting name November class (November class submarine)) nuclear-powered submarine of the Soviet Northern Fleet. Her keel was laid down on 15 August 1962 at the Severodvinsk "Sevmash" Shipyard No. 402. She was ship naming and launching launched

known by the NATO reporting name "Delta-I") ballistic missile submarine of the Soviet Navy. Development of Project 667B began in 1965. Her keel was laid down in 1971 by Sevmash at the Severodvinsk shipyard. She was launched in January 1972, and commissioned in the Soviet Northern Fleet on 22 December 1972. The spent fuel storage sites include Murmansk, which is also a shipyard and base for ''Arktika'' (Arktika class icebreaker) nuclear-powered icebreakers

International Falls, Minnesota

Ontario after Thunder Bay and Kenora, the town offers many shopping and dining outlets. Resolute is the main industry in Fort Frances. is a subsidiary railroad of Canadian National Railway (CN) operating in northern Minnesota, United States. A CN system-wide rebranding beginning in 1995 has seen the DWP logo and name largely replaced by its parent company. The DWP line

) Upsidaisium mine). In the half-cartoon, half-live-action movie ''The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle'', Bullwinkle receives an Honorary Mooster's Degree from Wossamotta U, due to the nefarious plans of Boris Badenov. On October 14, 2008, an article appeared in the Fairmont, Minnesota ''Sentinel'' (Fairmont Sentinel), reporting that Charter is selling parts of their system to Midcontinent Communications, including

'', http: page content.detail id 502139.html reporting that Charter was selling parts of their system to Midcontinent Communications, including its Bemidji, Minnesota and International Falls, Minnesota offices. Starting February 1, 2009 Midcontinent Communications took over some Charter's cable system in Minnesota including Balaton (Balaton, Minnesota), Bemidji, Canby (Canby, Minnesota), Ely (Ely, Minnesota), Fairmont, Minnesota

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