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which it gained a substantial Turkish (Turkic peoples) minority, especially in the religious sense of Muslim; some of those Muslims became so through conversions. During the Ottoman rule, Skopje and Monastir (Bitola) were capitals of separate Ottoman provinces (eyalets). The valley of the river Vardar, which was later to become the central area of the Republic of Macedonia, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire prior to the First Balkan War of 1912, with the exception of the brief


that there would be no progress among Bosnian Muslims , especially in the religious sense, without reform and the advancement of religious education.” - 1987 (1987 European Figure Skating Championships) Sarajevo


in American Studies, and later a Ph.D in the same subject. Church Almanac. (2003). Deseret News: Salt Lake City. At Yale, Holland studied with American literary scholar and critic R. W. B. Lewis and authored a dissertation on the religious sense of Mark Twain.


Africa as "Sephardic", whether or not they were descended from Spanish Jews, which is what the terms "Sephardic Jews" and "Sepharadim" properly implied when used in the ethnic as opposed to the religious sense. Many of the Sephardic Jews exiled from Spain (Alhambra decree) resettled in greater or lesser numbers in many Arabic-speaking countries (Arab world), such as Syria and Morocco. In Syria, most eventually intermarried with and assimilated into the larger established community of Arabic-speaking Jews (Arab Jews). In North African countries, by contrast, where the Sephardim came to outnumber the pre-existing Mizrahi Jew communities it was some of the latter who assimilated into the more prosperous and prestigious Sephardic communities. In Morocco a distinction remained with the purely Sephardic ''Gerush Castilia'' of the Spanish-speaking northern strip who kept their Judeo-Spanish language known as Haketia. Either way, this assimilation, combined with the use of the Sephardic rite, led to the popular designation and conflation of most non-Ashkenazic Jewish communities from the Middle East and North Africa as "Sephardic", whether or not they were descended from Spanish Jews, which is what the terms "Sephardic Jews" and "Sepharadim" properly implied when used in the ethnic as opposed to the religious sense. Born in Kafroun, tartous (tartous Governorate), Syria into a Christian household, he was called "the miraculous of his time" for his artistic talent in singing. Commons:Category:Syria WikiPedia:Syria Dmoz:Regional Middle East Syria


, which is what the terms "Sephardic Jews" and "Sepharadim" properly implied when used in the ethnic as opposed to the religious sense. Today, as many as 40,000 Mizrahim still remain in communities scattered throughout the non-Arab Muslim world, primarily in Iran, but also Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. The Jewish Population of the World, The Jewish Virtual Library There are few remaining in the Arab world. About 5,000 remain in Morocco and fewer than 2,000 in Tunisia. Other countries with remnants of ancient Jewish communities with official recognition, such as Lebanon, have 1,000 or fewer Jews. A trickle of emigration continues, mainly to Israel and the United States. Medicine and therapy * Baruj Benacerraf - American scientist born in Venezuela, South America from a Moroccan (Morocco) Jewish family, winner of the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine * Yisrael Mordecai Safeek, American physician, healthcare executive, and author born in South America from a Mesopotamian (British Mandate for Mesopotamia) Jewish family. WikiPedia:Morocco Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Commons:Category:Morocco


'''Goran''' (Cyrillic (Cyrillic script): Горан) is a Slavic male first name (Slavic names) often used in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, the Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia. In June 1972 he was invited on the music festival, The Golden Orpheus, then in socialist Bulgaria. The concert was recorded and published on vinyl by the government musical company Balkanton. He played the role of Magaldi on the original 1976 album


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, in a religious sense. ''Final Report'', p.46-47; Mayall, p.141; Payne, p.116 Referred to by the media as both "Bill" and "Willie" (actually Hartack detested being called "Willie" because of his dislike for fellow jockey Willie Shoemaker) during his racing career, Hartack grew up on his widowed father's farm in the Blacklick Township area of Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Small in stature, at age 17 he stood 5 ft. 4 in. (1.63 m

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