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Downtown Portland

of the Portland–Gresham light rail line (MAX Light Rail) in 1986, and the opening of Pioneer Place mall in 1990 successfully drew or retained businesses and lured customers. Downtown, which had been a virtual ghost town after regular business hours, more development there than


it during the bank's regular business hours. If something goes wrong, like it swallows your card, or doesn't produce cash, you can easily go inside and get it fixed. Secondly, before entering a PIN, a message will show, usually in Romanian and English. This message will have a phone number on it, which corresponds to an ATM Support Fraud line for the bank in question. It's important to note this number down, just in case something happens. US travelers may want to use a Credit Card to withdraw cash in foreign countries in general. Visa has a Plus network, and MasterCard has the Cirrus and Maestro networks, both in use around the world. These networks allow you to withdraw cash for nominal ($2) fees. Using a credit card means that if your card is stolen, a worldwide support line is available to help you dispute charges, and, under certain circumstances, get a new card to you within a business week. A debit card doesn't have any of these features, and disputing charges can be much harder. Cope Getting out with the family or friends means a lot, since the average Braşov family only gets out 3-5 times per 1–2 months. In the summer, friends or family would go to a water park or a swimming pool (Such as Aqua Magic). Also hiking on nearby mountains is very popular. Biking is a new trend among young people and there are a lot of places to go for a cycling trip. In Winter,the family might ski on the slopes of Poiana Braşov and Predeal or skating on one of the skating rings within Braşov and Poiana Braşov. Around the year, there are festivals in Braşov, very popular for local people and not only. No matter the season, there is always something to do or visit in Braşov and nearby. Go next thumb 150px Râşnov fortress (File:Rasnov Cetatea1.jpg) * Râşnov, with its great fortress and abundant history is only 16 km away. It can be reached by bus from the Autogara 2 (also known as Autogara Codreanu), by train from the main station, by car towards Bran Piteşti, or by hitchhiking. * Bran * Rupea * Poiana Braşov - The most popular Romanian ski resort and an important tourist centre preferred by many tourists from Romania and abroad. It's easily accessible by car but there are regular buses operated by Braşov Transit (RAT Braşov) which can be taken from "Livada Poştei". ATV's, ski, luges and snowboards at a reasonable price. Poiana Braşov is host to a number of hotels, restaurant, cafe bars and some nice nightclubs. Two of the better known restaurants are Şura Dacilor (The Dacians' Barn) and Coliba Haiducilor (The Outlaws' Shack) which serve traditional food. Next to the road and near parking merchants sell manufactured wooden decorations or jewelry at a price lower than in downtown. * UNESCO World Heritage sites: the villages '''Prejmer''' and '''Viscri''' with fortified churches * '''Făgăraş''' fortress * Sighișoara, medieval fortified city listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, 117 km away from Brașov, can be reached by train * Sibiu, European Capital of Culture 2007, a medieval city with excellent views of the surrounding landscapes, center of Romania's German minority since medieval times, 142 km away from Brașov, can be reached by train. Wikipedia:Brașov Commons:Category:Brașov

Alta California

began in 1769 as part of an effort to populate California, although trade restrictions encouraged more smuggling than regular business. '''Rancho San Pedro''' is the site of the first Spanish (Spanish Empire) land grant in Alta California, New Spain. The land was granted in 1784 by King Carlos III to Juan Jose Dominguez, a retired Spanish soldier who came to California with the Gaspar de Portolà expedition. When New Spain won its independence from the Spanish


, bill-discounting was carried on in a spasmodic fashion by the ordinary merchant in addition to his regular business, but Richardson considered that there was room for a London house which should devote itself entirely to the trade in bills. This idea, novel at the time, proved an instant success. "Gurney" ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' article on the Gurneys, accessed 25 Oct 2007 Samuel Gurney joined the firm


Chocolate: A European Sweet – 1521—1600 – Obtaining Cacao publisher Field Museum accessdate 23 November 2011 Even with cacao harvesting becoming a regular business, only royalty and the well-connected could afford to drink this expensive import. Before long, the Spanish

United States

) ''coyote'' or ''pollero'' (Human Trafficker) he crossed the border of Baja California. Upon his arrival, he began working in the fields of California's Coachella Valley and profiting from odd jobs given to him. While concentrating on his regular business, Chalino's sister, Juana Sánchez, introduced him to Marisela Vallejos Felix, who would later give birth to two of his children, Adán Sánchez Vallejos and Cynthia Sánchez Vallejos. Marisela is from the border town of Mexicali, Baja

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