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Shreveport, Louisiana

, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Williams first stepped on the stage and sang his father's songs when he was eight years old. In 1964 he made his recording debut with "Long Gone Lonesome Blues", one of his father's many classic songs. '''Northwestern State University,''' known as '''NSU''', is a four-year public university primarily situated in Natchitoches (Natchitoches, Louisiana), Louisiana, United States, with a nursing campus in Shreveport, Louisiana Shreveport


sometimes joined the family for dinner. Walker left school at age 10, and by 15, he was a professional performer on the blues circuit. Initially, he was Jefferson's protégé and would guide him around town for his gig (Gig (musical performance))s. In 1929, Walker made his recording debut with a single for Columbia Records, "Wichita Falls Blues" "Trinity River Blues," billed as '''Oak Cliff T-Bone'''. Oak Cliff was the community he lived in at the time and T-Bone a corruption of his middle name. Pianist Douglas Fernell was his musical partner for the record. Walker married Vida Lee in 1935 and the couple had three children. By the age of 26 he was working the clubs in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)' Central Avenue (Central Avenue (Los Angeles)), sometimes as the featured singer and guitarist with Les Hite's orchestra. thumb left 170px Lee Kerslake in 1973 (File:Lee-Kerslake.jpg) ''Wonderworld (Wonderworld (album))'' (1974), recorded in Munich's Musicland Studios in January, proved to be a disappointment to both fans and band members alike. "Recording abroad disrupted the band's normal method of operation and that had a big negative effect on the group. Our communication was falling apart, we were arguing over stuff like royalties and we were getting involved in matters beyond music", Hensley said. Box remembered weeks spent in the studio as 'dramatic' for all the wrong reasons. "David was drunk for most of the time, Kenny was having an emotional time of it and I was constantly trying to help them so it was difficult for me too. There was also a little bit of friction because (artistic) Kenny didn't like all the attention that (flamboyant) David was getting". Gary Thain was in even more serious trouble. According to Blows, "A strenuous touring schedule, compounded by the bassist's heavy drug dependency (inherent even before joining Heep) was taking its toll, though matters came to a head while on tour during September", when the bassist got electrocuted on stage in Dallas. Soon after going out of hospital Thain in Sounds openly accused manager Gerry Bron of having turned Uriah Heep into a mere "financial thing" and was promptly fired. On December 8, 1975, Gary Thain was found dead in his Norwood Green home, having overdosed on heroin. Born Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas

Austin, Texas

. History WatchTower was formed in May 1982 http: ~agura3 history.html in Austin, Texas. The quartet made its recording debut in 1983 with an early version of the song "Meltdown", which was included on the ''Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death - A Texas Hardcore Compilation'' LP. It was followed by the debut album


of which are typical of his distinctive gospel (Gospel music) soul-jazz style. He also played with Cannonball Adderley, Chet Baker, Kenny Dorham (with whom he made his recording debut in a live set from May 1956), Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Kenny Burrell, Sonny Stitt and Maynard Ferguson. '''Suzanne Lisa "Suzy" Kolber''' (


dialect of the Croatian language is spoken on Olib and residents call themselves Olibjani. Youth and early career in the United States Merrill was born in 1930 to Croatian immigrant parents. She began singing in jazz clubs in the Bronx at the age of fourteen. By the time she was sixteen, Merrill had taken up music full time. In 1952, Merrill made her recording debut when she was asked to sing "A Cigarette For Company" with the Earl Hines Band (Earl Hines); the song

Puerto Rico

'''Arará''' is a minority group in Cuba (especially in the provinces (Provinces of Cuba) of la Habana (Havana Province) and Matanzas (Matanzas Province)), Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean who descend from Fon (Fon people), Ewe (Ewe people), Popo, Mahi (Mahi people) and other ethnic groups in Dahomey (now Benin). ''Arará'' may also refer to the music, dance, and religion of this group of people. After her participation in ''Chiquititas'' was over, Neil took a break off acting and began a career in modeling. In 2001, however, she returned to Argentine television, alongside Yan, Puerto Rican (Puerto Rico) singer Chayanne and Araceli González in ''Provócame'', which was shown on English (English language) speaking countries as "Savage Attraction". Neil played "Erica Villalobos Kent de Parisi" in that soap opera. ''Provócame'' also became an international hit, although not as significant as ''Chiquititas'' had been. Its voting members are representatives from each state in the United States, and from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration (United States)) (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Additionally, there are non-voting advisors on each AAFCO committee who are mainly from industry, such as the National Grain and Feed Association, Pet Food Institute, and American Feed Industry Association. AAFCO meets twice per year, in January and August, to conduct its business http: Directory MembershipDirectory tabid 62 Default.aspx .. Following the Gulf War, the Gunrunners continued to support requirements of LF6F deployments, in such areas as Yugoslavia, Somalia, and the Middle East. The squadron also supported numerous 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and Marine Forces Atlantic exercises, both in the continental United States (CONUS) and abroad, including exercises in Norway and Puerto Rico. In 1994 the Gunrunners were tasked with providing a detachment on short notice to HMM-264 for Special Purpose MAGTF-CARIB in support of Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. One year later, on June 6, 1995, two


Coast , including four in California, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. Three concerts were also held in Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. In 1958, Buchanan made his recording debut with Dale Hawkins, including playing the solo on " My Babe


name as a teenage prodigy under the wing of Burton. In 1974 he made his recording debut on two sessions for pianist Paul Bley Paul Bley's


before their recording debut, instead joining New York-based band The Cramps in December 1980. He rejoined the Gun Club briefly in 1983, rejoining again between 1985 and 1988, when he again left to join Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Berlin, for several albums and associated tours. Powers has also played with The Divine Horsemen, The Angels of Light, Die Haut and The Fall (band) The Fall

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