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retreated "for tactical reasons" according to their local commander. Army shelling reportedly killed three people that day. Abedine, Saad. More blood shed as rockets fall on Rastan, fears grow in Homs. ''CNN''. 4 March 2012. Retrieved 27 June 2012. On 14 May, opposition sources claimed that nine people were killed as a result of Syrian Army shelling, while 23 soldiers were killed after the FSA attacked Syrian Army armored carriers approaching the city. An FSA member stated that al-Rastan "has been destroyed." Demographics In 1970 al-Rastan's population was 7,509. United States. Office of International Health. Division of Planning and Evaluation, 1977, p. 131. It had a population of 39,834 in 2004 according to the census by the Central Bureau of Statistics of Syria (Central Bureau of Statistics (Syria)) (CBS). There were a total of 6,066 households. General Census of Population and Housing 2004. Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (Central Bureau of Statistics (Syria)) (CBS). Homs Governorate. birth_place Al-Rastan , Homs, French Mandate of Syria death_date DATE OF BIRTH 1932 PLACE OF BIRTH Al-Rastan, Homs, French Mandate of Syria DATE OF DEATH

South St. Paul, Minnesota

that the West Side was annexed by Saint Paul in 1874. date November 2008 According to the West 7th Fort Road foundation, St. Paul annexed the West Side,and was incorporated for two reasons: "to aid law enforcement--criminals could escape St. Paul authorities by crossing to the West Side and Dakota County--and to eliminate the Wabasha Street Bridge tolls which were inhibiting development on the West Side..."The current City of West St. Paul split from the western half of South St. Paul


his savings to finance the third trip. Almrei v. Canada (MCI), DES-5-01 (F.C.T.D.), Condensed Transcript of Proceedings, January 6, 2004, pp. 1324-1325. In Afghanistan, the prison at Bagram Air Base was initially housed in an abandoned brickmaking factory outside Kabul known as the "Salt Pit",

Ithaca, New York

in the Cardigan (Cardigan, Wales) area of Wales, where they are known as "Cardi-cats." In 1969, WSLS-AM-FM-TV were purchased for $7.5 million by Roy H. Park of Ithaca, New York. The all time high station staff number of 120 began to be reduced to around 50 for "budgetary reasons". However, the station fell further behind WDBJ in the ratings in part because WDBJ had a larger news department. Park had to sell off the radio stations in 1972 due to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) restrictions on cross-ownership. After graduating from Rutgers he was employed at Rutgers University Press as an editorial assistant. He earned his MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in 1995, where he wrote most of his first collection of short stories. Currently, Díaz teaches creative writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the Rudge and Nancy Allen Professor of Writing MIT, Writing and Humanistic Studies. Retrieved February 23, 2012. and is also the fiction editor for ''Boston Review''. He is active in the Dominican American community and is a founding member of the Voices of Our Nations Arts Writing Workshop, which focuses on writers of color. Díaz was a Millet Writing Fellow at Wesleyan University, in 2009, and participated in Wesleyan's Distinguished Writers Series. "Pulitzer Prize Winning Junot Díaz Speaks at Wesleyan", by Olivia Drake, April 13, 2009. Developed in 1919 by the Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corporation of Ithaca, New York, the MB-3 fighter was based on the French (France) SPAD S.VII, with rights on the design held by the Air Service. Thomas-Morse produced fifty MB-3s for the Air Service and ten for the U.S. Marine Corps but were underbid by Boeing for contracts to deliver 200 additional planes, which Boeing designated the '''MB-3A'''. Boeing's mass production methods allowed it to profit while still charging a lower price (in the case of the MB-3A, $7,240 per copy), Boeing Company Logbook accessed June 20, 2007 but was the beginning of the decline of Thomas-Morse. Boeing credits this contract with rescuing the company from financial difficulties following the cancellation of orders after World War I, and with being the impetus for its rise as a premier manufacturer of military aircraft. Judy Rumerman "The Early Years of Boeing, 1916-1930", Essays, US Centenniel of Flight Commission. accessed June 20, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Physics (w:Nobel Prize in Physicst) '''Hans Bethe (w:Hans Bethe)''' died in his home in Ithaca, New York (w:Ithaca, New York) on March 6 (w:March 6), 2005 (w:2005), according to Cornell University (w:Cornell University), where he was professor emeritus of physics (w:physics). Scientists say they can confirm that images from the planet taken in May of 2007 at Gusev Crater (w:Gusev Crater), show that a white substance in the soil that was turned up as the rover moved along its path is Silicon dioxide (w:Silicon dioxide) or silica. Scientists at Cornell University (w:Cornell University) in Ithaca (w:Ithaca, New York), New York who made the discovery, have determined it to be nearly 90 percent pure. They also say the only way for the substance to be present there is if there was an abundance of water present on the planet sometime in its past. The water would have been superheated and coming up through hydrothermal vents (w:Hydrothermal vent) or even hot springs which scientists say would have been similar to ones already present at Yellowstone National Park (w:Yellowstone National Park) in Wyoming.


0&article 57286&d 9&m 1&y 2005 "Al-Suwaidi: In the News for All the Wrong Reasons", by Shaker Abu Taleb and Asharq Al-Awsat, January 9, 2005, Arab News birth_date birth_place Riyadh, Saudi Arabia death_date DATE OF BIRTH 1962-02-01 PLACE OF BIRTH Riyadh, Saudi Arabia DATE OF DEATH Intelligence advice: "do the checkables first" (21-22). Al Qaeda has achieved


In Mauritania, where "health campaigners estimate that more than 70 percent of Mauritanian girls undergo the partial or total removal of their external genitalia for non-medical reasons", 34 Islamic scholars signed a fatwa banning the practice in January 2010. Their aim was to prevent people from citing religion as a justification for genital mutilation. The authors cited the work of Islamic legal expert Ibn al-Hajj as support for their assertion that " s uch practices




Censorship Board in Malaysia banned the film, but did not provide a specific explanation. The board's secretary said that the censor body ruled the film was "insensitive for religious and moral reasons". However, the film is now openly available on DVD in retail stores in both

Anchorage, Alaska

;, the second part of which was a month-long Europe tour with Kill Hannah from late March to late April 2008. The third part, a tour from Massachusetts back to their home base in Seattle, occupied much of May 2008, but the band pulled out of the tour after two shows, according to their web site for "personal reasons." However, the band did reinstate the final two shows, in Spokane and Seattle, near their home base. They played the Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, New Jersey in May 2008. Aiden recorded their own version of Ashley Massaro's theme music "Let's Light a Fire Tonight" for the bonus edition of ''WWE The Music, Vol. 8''. - align "center" bgcolor "#dddddd" west-northwest of Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska), and approximately 130 miles (210 km) southwest of Mount McKinley. They are accessed by small plane; the closest airports to the range are near Anchorage and in Talkeetna (Talkeetna, Alaska), which is also approximately 130 miles (210 km) away. This makes access to the range very expensive; the weather also creates the potential for delays in reaching the range (both to drop off climbers and to pick them up). *'''Daniel Schlereth''' (born in Anchorage, Alaska but would move to Highlands Ranch (Highlands Ranch, Colorado); alumnus of Highlands Ranch High School) – Relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Location They are located at the northeastern end of the Aleutian range, on the west side of Cook Inlet, roughly 120 miles (200 km) southwest of Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska). The closest major towns to the range are Kenai (Kenai, Alaska) and Homer (Homer, Alaska), across Cook Inlet on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula. '''Mount Torbert''' is the highest point of the Tordrillo Mountains, a small, primarily volcanic range, northwest of Anchorage, Alaska. It is a heavily glaciated peak, and is not itself a volcano, although nearby Mount Spurr and Crater Peak are active volcanoes. *'''United States''' **Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska) – Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ''Secondary hub'' (cargo only) **Atlanta – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (cargo only) Unfortunately, in the hours before the games were to start, eight cross-country skiers, a former gold medalist from Germany, and two Americans, were suspended for five days each after they failed blood tests. The tests say that they had elevated levels of hemoglobin, an enzyme within red blood cells that can increase endurance. However, the positives results could be due to the body's acclimation to mountain air, or dehydration. The American skiers are Kikkan Randall of Anchorage Alaska (w:Anchorage, Alaska), and Leif Zimmermann of Bozeman, Montana (w:Bozeman, Montana). Page, along with Briley Piper, 25, of Anchorage, Alaska (w:Anchorage, Alaska), pleaded guilty in 2001 for the March 13, 2000, killing. Both were sentenced to death. A third man, Darrell Hoadley, 26, of Lead, S.D. (w:Lead, South Dakota), also pleaded guilty and testified against Page and Piper. He was sentenced to life in prison (w:Life imprisonment).

Ho Chi Minh City

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