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to the nation's struggling economy. On May 13, 2010, Bakiyev supporters took over government buildings in Osh, and also seized the airport, preventing interim government officials from landing. The protesters demanded

;m 03 title Features publisher Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty date accessdate 15 March 2011 Other nascent youth organisations in and for Uzbekistan include Bolga (Bolga organisation) and the freeuzbek group. 2010 coup In April 2010, after bloody riots (2010 Kyrgyzstan riots) in the capital overturned the government, Bakiyev reportedly fled to the southern city of Osh.

to the idea of a farmers' revolution (Peasant revolt). She also said that her party is collaborating with the youth organization Shiddat, and that she hopes it can evolve to an organization similar to Kmara or Pora. Features – Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Retrieved on 2010-09-29. * ** Osh - Osh Airport *

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

publisher REGNUM (REGNUM News Agency) date 3 November 2006 accessdate 16 December 2008 This was held on 10 December of the same year among

featuresarticle 2005 12 2ddee253-7702-4739-adf4-69437770a55c.html title UN: More Than 100 Killed By Mines Near Nagorno-Karabakh – Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty 2009 publisher date 24 December 2005 accessdate 6 May 2012 The HALO Trust – UK based demining NGO, is the only other organisation conducting demining in Nagorno Karabakh. The HALO Trust demining

-start the stalled negotiations. After the release in June of a paper outlining its position, which had until then been carefully guarded, U.S. State Department official Matthew Bryza told Radio Free Europe that the Minsk Group favored a referendum in Karabakh that would determine its final status. The referendum, in the view of the OSCE, should take place not in Azerbaijan as a whole, but in Nagorno-Karabakh only. This was a blow to Azerbaijan, and despite talk that their government might eventually seek a more sympathetic forum for future negotiations, this has not yet happened. Karl Rahder, "OSCE bombshell reveals Karabakh position," ISN Security Watch, 7 August 2006, http: news sw details.cfm?id 16482 On 10 December 2007 Azerbaijan's deputy foreign minister said Azerbaijan would be prepared to conduct anti-terrorist operations in Nagorno-Karabakh against alleged bases of the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK). Военные обвиняют правительство в коррупции, Kommersant (21 January 2000)

Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo

name "Annex IV"

Champaign-Decatur CSA

Category:Metropolitan areas of Illinois Category:Geography of Champaign County, Illinois Category:Geography of Ford County, Illinois Category:Geography of Piatt County, Illinois Category:Geography of Macon County, Illinois Category:Regions of Illinois


. On October 9, 1993, a war-torn (Georgian Civil War) Georgia had to legalize the Russian military presence in the country, and lease, among other military facilities, the Poti base to the Russian navy. However, Georgia continued, though fruitlessly, to claim the vessels formerly stationed at Poti as a part of a tripartite Russo-Ukrainian-Georgian dispute (Black_Sea_Fleet#Partition of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet) over the Soviet Black Sea Fleet shares. Radio Free Europe

Georgia a portion of the ex-Soviet navy became another bone of contention in the progressively deteriorating Georgian-Russian relations. This time, Ukraine endorsed Tbilisi's claims, turning over several patrol boats to the Georgian Navy and starting to train Georgian crews, but was unable to include in the final fleet deal a transfer of the formerly Poti-based vessels to Georgia. Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty's

Afghan Transitional Administration

706D5E7EB48319A687256C04004F91E9?OpenDocument title Afghanistan: Qanuni's Security Post Solidifies Tajik Power Base In Government publisher Radio Free Europe date 2002-06-24 accessdate 2012-04-15 quote page author Ron Synovitz mirror After Karzai

Gori, Georgia

citizens' request and left the statue untouched. Will Lasky. Selling Stalin. Georgian Business Magazine, Issue 4, August 2007. Salome Asatiani. Great Terror: In Stalin's Birthplace, Forgiving And Forgetting. Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, August 14, 2007. ref>


20px (File:RO Roadsign 1.svg)20px (File:RO Roadsign 2.svg)20px (File:RO Roadsign 2A.svg) Oradea, Aleşd, Huedin, Cluj-Napoca, Turda, Câmpia Turzii, Luduş, Iernut, Târgu Mureş, Sighişoara, Braşov, Predeal, Azuga, Ploieşti, Otopeni, Bucharest, Urziceni, Slobozia, Hârşova, Constanţa, Agigea *Ferry Romania-Georgia (Black Sea) History Torda-Aranyos county was formed in 1876 on the territory of the Székely settlement Aranyosszék and part of the Torda region. In 1918 (confirmed by the Treaty of Trianon 1920), the county became part of Romania. Its territory lies in the present Romanian counties Cluj (Cluj County) (the north, including Turda), Alba (Alba (county)) (the south and west) and Mureş (Mureş County) (the east). thumb 270px Ceauşescu and Mikhail Gorbachev (File:Ceausescu & Gorbachev 1985.jpg) in 1985 A major act of discontent occurred inside the party during its XIIth Congress in late November 1979, when PCR veteran Constantin Pîrvulescu spoke out against Ceauşescu's policy of discouraging discussions and relying on obedient cadres (he was subsequently heckled, evicted from the Congress hall, and isolated). Cioroianu, ''Pe umerii...'', p.487-488; Frunză, p.486-489 In 1983, Radu Filipescu, an engineer working in Bucharest, was imprisoned after distributing 20,000 leaflets which called for a popular rally against the regime, Deletant & Ionescu, p.38; Frunză, p.525-525 while a protests of miners in Maramureş County against wage cuts was broken up by Securitate forces; three years layer strike organized by Romanian and Hungarian industrial workers in Turda and Cluj-Napoca met with the same result. Deletant & Ionescu, p.35 Also in 1983, fearing the multiplication of ''samizdat'' documents, Minister of the Interior (List of Romanian Ministers of the Interior) George Homoştean ordered all citizens to hand down their typewriters to the authorities. Cioroianu, ''Pe umerii...'', p.479; Deletant & Ionescu, p.42-43 This coincided with a noted popular rise in support for outspoken dissidents who were kept under house arrest, among whom were Doina Cornea and Mihai Botez. Deletant & Ionescu, p.37-39 On May 28, 1919, the King and government of Romania went to the grave of Michael the Brave in Câmpia Turzii and Bishop Cristea lead the religious service of commemoration and held a nationalist speech in which he drew a parallel between King Ferdinand I and Michael the Brave and commended the King for not stopping at Turda, but continuing all the way to the Tisa River. Lucian Leuştean, ''Orthodoxy and the Cold War'', Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, ISBN 9780230218017, p.39-41 The leaders of the revolt were executed at Torda (Turda), while Kolozsvár was deprived of its urban privileges and its inhabitants declared peasants. On 2 February the alliance set out by the Union of Kápolna was renewed and would later become the Union of Three Nations. counties B (Municipality of Bucharest), IF (Ilfov County), PH (Prahova County), BV (Braşov County), SB (Sibiu County), AB (Alba County), CJ (Cluj County), BH (Bihor County) cities Bucharest, Ploieşti, Braşov, Făgăraş, Sibiu, Sebeş, Alba Iulia, Aiud, Turda, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Borş previous_type district1 city Turda, Câmpia Turzii city1 The towns of Câmpeni, Baia de Arieș, Turda, and Câmpia Turzii lie on the river Arieş. The upper valley of the river, Țara Moților, is a beautiful rustic region and an important mining region (Roșia Montană), rich in gold, silver and uranium. Those mines of Apuseni Mountains (also known as "Metaliferi") were exploited since Dacian reign, and later on they attracted the Roman invasion. Towns and villages The following towns and villages are situated along the river Arieş, from source to mouth: Mihoești (Mihoești, Alba), Gura Sohodol (Gura Sohodol, Alba), '''Câmpeni''', Boncești (Boncești, Alba), Lunca Merilor (Lunca Merilor, Alba), Bistra (Bistra, Alba), Gârde (Gârde, Alba), Lunca Largă (Lunca Largă (Bistra), Alba), Pițiga (Pițiga, Alba), Lupșa, Hădărău (Hădărău, Alba), Lunca (Lunca (Lupșa), Alba), Valea Lupșii (Valea Lupșii, Alba), Valea Șesii (Valea Șesii (Lupșa), Alba), Muncelu (Muncelu, Alba), '''Baia de Arieș''', Sartăș, Brăzești (Brăzești, Alba), Sălciua de Jos (Sălciua), Poșaga de Jos (Poșaga), Lunca (Lunca (Poșaga), Alba), Vidolm (Vidolm, Alba), Lungești (Lungești, Cluj), Buru (Buru, Cluj), Moldovenești, Cornești (Cornești (Mihai Viteazu), Cluj), Cheia (Cheia, Cluj), Mihai Viteazu (Mihai Viteazu, Cluj), '''Turda''', '''Câmpia Turzii''', Luna (Luna, Cluj), Luncani (Luncani, Cluj), Hădăreni (Hădăreni, Mureş), Gligorești (Gligorești, Cluj) '''CJ''' '''Cluj-Napoca''' Turda Dej Câmpia Turzii Gherla 1925 1968 1968 1968 1998 2000 In northwestern Romania (Nord-Vest (development region)), the counties of Bihor (Bihor County) and Cluj (Cluj County) were also affected, although on a smaller scale than Harghita. In Cluj county, over 100 houses were flooded, with the flooding centred around the town of Turda. Railway lines in the county were also closed. The localities of Popeşti (Popeşti, Bihor), Suplacu de Barcău and Valea lui Mihai were affected in Bihor county. In 1558 the Transylvanian Diet (Diet (assembly)) of Turda declared free practice of both the Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) and Lutheran (Lutheranism) religions, but prohibited Calvinism. Ten years later, in 1568, the Diet extended this freedom, declaring that "It is not allowed to anybody to intimidate anybody with captivity or expelling

Ryazan Oblast

Regions; Is Moscow Next? url http: content article 1144069.html accessdate 3 January 2011 newspaper Radio Free Europe date 11 March 2008 '''Ryazhsk''' ( 26,000


guilty of crimes against the civilian population in the Chechen Republic In an event related to the conflict in Chechnya, several OMON officers were accused of starting the May 2007 wave of the ethnic violence in Stavropol by assisting in the racist (racism) murder of a local Chechen man. Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, 7 June 2007: Russia: Ethnic Tensions Mounting In Restive

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