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Sydney, Nova Scotia

a business as a ship-chandler. In 1834, shortly after his arrival there, he was appointed French (France) vice-consul and also worked as an agent for Lloyd's of London. In 1835, he married Margaret Ann Marshall, daughter of John George Marshall, from a politically influential local family. Together, they would have eleven children. MacDonald made his first radio appearance in 1935 on station CJCB (CJCB (AM)) in Sydney (Sydney, Nova Scotia). The next year he composed his first tune


into radio work. Barker, who had previously been known by his birth name "Ronald", was now referred to as the shortened form "Ronnie", after a director changed it in the credits, although he did not tell Barker. His first radio appearance was in 1956, playing Lord Russett in ''Floggit's''. He went on to play multiple characters, but primarily the lookout Able Seaman 'Fatso' Johnson and Lieutenant-Commander Stanton, in ''The Navy Lark'', a navy based sitcom (situation comedy) on the BBC Light Programme (BBC Radio 2), which ran from 1959 to 1977, with Barker featuring in some 300 episodes. Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia


singularity singular points of an algebraic curve. MacDonald made his first radio appearance in 1935 on station CJCB (CJCB (AM)) in Sydney (Sydney, Nova Scotia). The next year he composed his first tune - a reel (reel (dance)) called ''The Red Shoes''. He made his first recording in 1939, including one of his own compositions called ''Lassies of Campbell Street''. MacDonald enlisted in the army in 1940, and saw service in Britain (UK), France, Germany, and Belgium. While


: Katrina Leskanich radio appearance thumb Boiled crayfish, Louisiana (File:Dish of crawdads.jpg) ''Procambarus clarkii'' are eaten in United States, Cambodia, Europe, China, Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean. About 98% of the crayfish harvested in the United States come from Louisiana, where the standard culinary terms are ''crawfish'' or ''écrevisses''. *Arab World - Al Jazeera Sports


was the reorganisation of the units of the Royal West African Frontier Force into two field infantry divisions, capable of serving as independent forces in rough terrain. Initially, this was in response to a potential threat from Vichy French (Vichy France) forces in Senegal and Niger. Later, these two divisions, 81st (West Africa) Division and 82nd (West Africa) Division served with distinction in the Burma Campaign. MacDonald made his first radio appearance

United States

.waitwait.html "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" radio appearance whose death drew national attention. National Public Radio obituary Iraq War (2003 - 2008) Baiji was captured with little or no fighting during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It was briefly thought in late April 2003 that barrels of chemicals found in a storage area near the town contained the nerve agent cyclosarin. Soon

second single (single (music)) (see 1985 in music) and reached No. 4 in Australia, No. 9 in the United States, and No. 8 in the United Kingdom. It is the Waves' first U.S. top 40 hit, and their biggest success in the UK until "Love Shine a Light" (1997). Conceived of as a ballad, Katrina decided the better part of valor was to belt the song out. Katrina Leskanich radio appearance Matthew Gerrard produced

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