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Siwa Oasis

any relations with Jews Israelis or even hate them; the reasons given were that they support the Arabs in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and as such "view them as enemies." Bilal Issa stated that "Siwa residents despise the Israelis" while Sheik Rajeh stated that "Siwa residents will not accept any relations whatsoever with the Jews". Egyptian Berbers Defend Themselves against Accusations of Being Jew-Lovers: We Can Smell if a Tourist Is Jewish, MEMRI, Clip No. 2686 (transcript), 5 November 2010 #2686 – Egyptian Berbers Defend Themselves against Accusations of Being Jew-Lovers: We Can Smell if a Tourist Is Jewish, MEMRI, Clip No. 2686 (video), Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar), 5 November 2010. Archaeology An extremely old hominid (Hominidae) footprint was discovered in 2007 at Siwa Oasis. It was claimed by Egyptian scientists to have the possible age of 2–3 million years old, which would make it the oldest fossilized hominid footprint ever found. However, no proof of this conjecture was ever presented. Reuters: Human footprint may be oldest ever found 20 August 2007. ) is a remote desert oasis village in the eastern Libyan Desert. It is actually closer to the Egyptian town of Siwa (Siwa Oasis) than to any Libyan town of note. The oasis is located in Butnan District and is the administrative seat of the Jaghbub Basic People's Congress (Basic People's Congress (country subdivision)). Supported by reservoirs of underground water and date production, the town is best known for its hard-won self sufficiency. King Idris of Libya was born in Jaghbub on 12 March 1889. Geography The Jaghbub oasis is located in a deep depression (Depression (geology)) that extends below sea level. This depression, an area lower than the surrounding region, reaches to about -10 m Elevation data by NASA's SRTM To the east the Siwa Oasis lies in a similar depression and even further east the large Qattara Depression also lies below sea level.

Sharm el-Sheikh

, but this was rejected by Israel despite U.S. pressure. U Thant, "View from the UN", 1978. p. 223 Report of the Secretary-General on the Withdrawal of the Emergency Force (June 26, 1967) para 21 Israel reiterated declarations made in 1957 that any closure of the Straits would be considered an act of war, or a justification for war. Cohen, Raymond (1988), p. 12. WikiPedia:Sharm el-Sheikh Commons:Category:Sharm el-Sheikh

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to the German (German people) ethnic conception of a nation, first formulated by Fichte. The German conception is usually qualified in France as an "exclusive" view of nationality, as it includes only the members of the corresponding ethnic group, while the Republican conception thinks itself as universalist, following the Enlightenment (Age of Enlightenment)'s ideals officialized by the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. While Ernest Renan's


an excellent start on the road to being an artist and craftsman. At age eleven, Kametaro, as Zeshin was called in his childhood, became apprenticed to a lacquerer named Koma Kansai II. thumb right "View of Hakodate from Snow Peak" looking towards the sea (lithograph, 1856). (Image:Hakodate 1856.jpg) Nominally attached to Perry's expedition as an Acting Master's Mate (master's mate) in the United States Navy, Heine visited Okinawa, the Bonin Islands, Yokohama, Shimoda and Hakodate


("Black Sand", 黑沙環 "Black-sand Ring") * Mong Ha (望廈 "View Amoy (Xiamen)"), the Treaty of Wanghia was signed here * Bairro "Fai Chi Kei" (Fai Chi Kei) (筷子基 "Chopsticks Base") *May 1, 2004: Shanwei, Maoming, Zhanjiang, Shaoguan, Jieyang, Heyuan, Yangjiang (That covered the whole Guangdong province.) *July 1, 2004: Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, Zhejiang Taizhou

Kingston, Ontario

dailydata_e.html?StationID 47267 Environment Canada Website elevation_ft 230–360 postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code K7K through K7P area_code 613 (Area code 613) 343 (Area code 343) website footnotes thumb "View of Frontenac or Cataracoui in 1759". Watercolor map depicting Fort Frontenac (File:Fort Frontenac 1759.jpg) File:Kingston Ontario 3.JPG thumb Overlooking Kingston

Portland, Oregon

binocular (Binocular vision) depth perception. '''Union Station''' is a train station near the west shore of the Willamette River in the Old Town Chinatown

of the strictest limits in the world ; Portland, Oregon where the size of downtown blocks is kept low to maintain the views of Mount Hood from the West Hills; and the city of Vancouver which has protected "view cones". ref

plants in a setting of small lakes, paved and unpaved paths, fountains, and small waterfalls. - September 1, 1989 Portland (Portland, Oregon) Memorial Coliseum (Memorial Coliseum (Portland)) - death_date


 km W by S of the island of Ushant in Brittany on route from Seville, Spain to Troon, Scotland. The ship was owned by John Cory & Sons of Cardiff. Etymology There is the belief that the name is derived from the Aymara (Aymara language) ''kota kahuana'', meaning "view of the lake." Nevertheless, the social scientist Mario Montaño Aragón, found in the "archives of Indias" in Sevilla (Seville), Spain, a completely different history: "Kotakawana" is the god of the fertility in the ancient Andean mythology, the equivalent to the classical Greek goddess Aphrodite or the Roman Venus (Venus (mythology)). This god is androgyne and lives in the Titicaca, and his court consists of criters (male and female) that are represented in the colonial sculptures as in the Catholic churches they were called "Umantuus", known as mermaids in Western culture. The earliest accounts provide little detail. In one account the Moorish forces are led by five Kings (''Life of St. Theotonius''), while in another, the Muslim forces are under the command of one King, Ismar (''Chronciles''). In the more detailed ''Chronicle of the Goths'', Ismar waited until Henriques penetrated into Moslem territory, then systematically sent his troops from Seville, Badajoz, Elvas (Elvas Municipality), Évora and Beja (Beja Municipality) against the Portuguese count. Further, the Portuguese forces were surrounded on the hilltop where they encamped, Ismar hosted knights, who were executed later by Henriques, and that the Moorish king escaped in defeat. Arab and Spanish accounts do not clarify the circumstances, and confuse the issue, identifying the Ismar as, alternatively, Ismar Abuzicri or Ismar and Abuzicri, with later historians identifying Abu Zakariya, the governor of Santarém as the protagonist. It is also likely that the numbers were inflated by the chroniclers from a large-scale raid to grand assault by Muslim forces. Further, the defeat of Moorish forces is disproved the following year, when Ismar returned to attack Leiria with troops from Santarém, Évora and Badajoz. * WikiPedia:Seville commons:Sevilla

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