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South Ribble

and Ribble Valley. The party originated in 1997, when Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)) councillor Tom Sharratt was deselected. He started printing a local newsletter, named the ''Idle Toad'', "Idle Toad hails victory for 'free press'", ''Lancashire Evening Post'', 18 November 2009 and stood thereafter under this party description, holding both his South Ribble

.blue_tide_sweeps_across_south_ribble Blue tide sweeps across South Ribble ", ''The Citizen'', 4 May 2007 Yates and Jim Marsh, another party councillor, resigned from the party that year, joining the Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)) soon after. Marsh later sued the party over a comment in its newsletter describing him as a "defecator". Sharratt countered that this was a misprint, and should have

described him as a "defector". He was censured and ordered to apologise to Marsh. History The school (high school) can trace its antecedents (antecedent (genealogy)) back to 1517, with the school building site being personally approved by Henry VIII (Henry VIII of England) in that year. In 1520, the school was granted permission (confirmed), by William Walton, a former priest of Longton, Lancashire

Sidi Barrani

to El Agheila, Libya (Italian Libya) casus The '''Via della Vittoria''' was a military road between Bardia in Italian Libya and Sidi Barrani in western Egypt. Characteristics The "Via della Vittoria" ("''Victory Road''"), was a road built by Italian (Italy) engineers during World War II, between June and December 1940. The road went from Sidi Barrani, Egypt, to the border of Italian Libya and connected to the Via Balbia (Libyan Coastal Highway). B Babi (mythology) - Badari - Baggush Box - Bahariya Oasis - Bakenranef - Ba-Pef - Sidi Barrani - Bastet (mythology) - Bat (goddess) - Bata (god) - Battle of Actium - Battle of Alexandria - Battle of Kadesh - Battle of Megiddo (15th century BC) - Battle of Navarino - Battle of the Nile - Seuserenre Bebiankh - Bedouin - Benben - Beni Hasan - Bennu - Bent Pyramid - Berenice I of Egypt - Berenice II - Berenice III of Egypt - Bes - Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Bintanath - Block statue (Egyptian) - ''Book of the Dead'' - ''Book of Gates'' - Boundary Stelae of Akhenaten - James Henry Breasted - Brook of Egypt - Bubastis - Buhen - List of burials in the Valley of the Kings - Busiris (Lower Egypt) - Buto Italian forces (and their native Libyan allies — about two divisions (Division (military)) of the latter) invaded Egypt (Italian invasion of Egypt) in early September 1940 but halted their advance after a week and dug in at Sidi Barrani. In early December, British Empire (Commonwealth of Nations) forces — an armoured division and two infantry divisions — launched a counterstrike codenamed Operation ''Compass'' (Operation Compass). The Italians had previously invaded Albania (Italian invasion of Albania) and occupied part of the south of France (Italian-occupied France), and had now made a military incursion into a British protectorate. The counterstrike involved the British pocketing two of the Italian camps against the Mediterranean, forcing their surrender. This led to a general Italian retreat to El Agheila. Tobruk was captured by British (United Kingdom), Australian and Indian forces on 22 January 1941. ** ''North West Europe'': Dyle, Defence of the Scheldt, Ypres-Comines Canal, Caen, Orne, Noyers, Mont Picton, Brieux Bridgehead, Falaise (Falaise pocket), Arnhem 1944 (Operation Market-Garden), North West Europe 1940 -1944 (North West Europe 1944) ** ''North Africa'': Sidi Barrani, Djebel Kesskiss, Medjez Plain, Gueriat el Atch Ridge, Gab Gab Gap, North Africa 1943 ** ''Italy'': Landing in Sicily, Sicily 1943 Anzio, Carroceto, Rome, Advance to Tiber, Gothic Line, Marradi, Italy 1943 and Italy 1944-45, ''Hyperion'' evacuated British personnel from the Hook of Holland from 8 to 12 May and was then ordered to reinforce the Mediterranean Fleet at Malta on 16 May. On 9 July she participated in the Battle of Calabria as an escort for the heavy ships of Force C and unsuccessfully engaged Italian destroyers and suffered no damage. During the Battle of Cape Spada on 19 July, the ship escorted Australian light cruiser s Sea Gladiators while attacking the fleet. Gustavsson and Slongo, p. 89 Italian invasion of Egypt On 13 September 1940, about four divisions were used when elements of the Tenth Army advanced into Egypt (Italian invasion of Egypt). Four infantry divisions and the "Maletti Group" marched one hundred kilometers in four days. The Italians stopped when they got to Sidi Barrani. The Maletti Group included most of the M11 39 medium tanks available in North Africa and numerous L3 tankettes (L3 35). Defensive positions were prepared by the Italians in the form of several fortified camps. * 1937 - Second Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Nanjing - Japanese (Imperial Japan) troops under the command of Lt. Gen. Asaka Yasuhiko launch an assault on the Chinese (Republic of China) city of Nanjing. * 1940 - World War II: Operation Compass - British (United Kingdom) and Indian troops under the command of Major-General Richard O'Connor attack Italian (Military history of Italy during World War II) forces near Sidi Barrani in Egypt. * 1941 - World War II: The Republic of China, Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea and Cuba declare war on Germany and Japan.

Union Square, San Francisco

The Cathay Pacific North America headquarters moved from Greater Los Angeles (Greater Los Angeles Area) and opened in the Tiffany Building in 2005. The only hotel actually located on Union Square is the Westin St. Francis hotel which is celebrated for its historic Magneta Grandfather Clock. The Landmark Choice on Union Square San Francisco Hotels at It is believed to be the only hotel in the world that offers its guests, as a courtesy, a coin washing service. The process originated in 1938 at a time when high-society ladies wore white gloves that were easily tarnished during the exchange of money. It uses borax soap in an antiquated, manually-operated burnisher. "The job: Coin washer" at Nearby attractions Union Square has also come to describe not just the plaza itself, but the general shopping, dining, and theater districts within the surrounding blocks. The Geary and Curran theaters one block west on Geary anchor the "theater district (San Francisco Theater District)" and border the Tenderloin (Tenderloin, San Francisco, California). Union Square is also home to San Francisco's TIX Bay Area (Theatre Bay Area), a half-priced ticket booth and Ticketmaster outlet. Run by Theatre Bay Area, tickets for most of San Francisco's performing arts can be purchased the day of the performance at a discounted rate. thumb left Statue atop the Dewey Monument Dewey Memorial (File:Union Sq Statue SF b.JPG) At the end of Powell Street two blocks south, where the cable cars turn around beside Hallidie Plaza (Andrew Smith Hallidie) at Market Street (Market Street (San Francisco)), is a growing retail corridor that is connected to the SOMA (South of Market, San Francisco, California) district. Nob Hill (Nob Hill, San Francisco, California), with its grand mansions, apartment buildings and hotels, stands to the northwest of Union Square. Directly northeast is Chinatown (Chinatown, San Francisco, California), with its famous dragon gate at Grant Avenue and Bush Street. The city's historic French Quarter (Belden Place) northeast of Union Square and centers on the Belden Place alleyway, between Bush and Pine Streets, and Claude Lane off Bush Street. This area has many open-air French Restaurants and Cafes. Every year the area is the site of the boisterous Bastille Day celebration, the nation's largest, and Bush Street is temporarily renamed "Buisson." Directly east of the Square off of Stockton Street is Maiden Lane (Maiden Lane (San Francisco)), a short and narrow alley of exclusive boutiques and cafes that leads to the Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco) and boasts the Xanadu Gallery, San Francisco's only building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright—with its interior most notable for being the predecessor for New York City's Guggenheim Museum (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum). The square is part of the Barbary Coast Trail, linking many San Francisco landmarks. Shopping Over the years, Union Square became a popular shopping destination. http: visit_here shopping - Shopping in Union Square It boasts six major department stores: Macy's (Separate men's and women's stores + furniture store) , Bloomingdale's, Barneys New York, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue (separate men's and women's stores), and Neiman Marcus. Union Square is also home to several famous upscale boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Stuart Weitzman, Burberry, Prada, Giorgio Armani (Armani), Boucheron, Hugo Boss, Tiffany & Co., Piaget

Semnan, Iran

Shahroud" (Message of Shahroud) * the monthly "Zofor" (Victory) * the monthly "Chafiyye" (Keffiyeh) * the monthly "Chante" (Wallet) * the "Journal" of the College of Anthropology of the University of Semnan * the monthly "Healthcare Newsletter" of the Semnan Center of Health The city's extensive online newspaper can be accessed at The Islamic Republic News Agency also features

Oneonta, New York

. thumb right An August 2005 photo of WJIV's studio and tower. Derelict weather instruments atop the roof are a reminder of the daily Rural Radio Network#Weather Roundup "Weather Roundup" (Image:wjiv.jpg) reports that aired on the Rural Radio Network. '''WJIV''' ("Victory 101.9") is a commercial American Christian radio station licensed to Cherry Valley, New York. The signal coverage area includes the Capital District of Albany, New York Albany


Train" Beit Yad Lebanim – the memorial to fallen IDF soldiers from Netanya, the National Memorial for Fallen Ordnance Corps, the Alexandroni Brigade Memorial, the National Victory Monument – dedicated to the Russian Red Army victory over Nazi Germany and the Memorial to Victims of Acts of Terror. Education According to the Netanya Municipality, the city has 36,544 students including 5,351 pupils in 186 kindergartens, 16,748 in 46

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Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Winston Churchill gives the "Victory" sign to crowds in London on Victory in Europe Day. In an effort to maintain peace, the Allies formed the United Nations, which officially came into existence on 24 October 1945,

History of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi announced that he had won a spectacular military victory over the U.S. and the country was officially renamed the "Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah". However, his speech appeared devoid of passion and even the "victory" celebrations appeared unusual. Criticism of Gaddafi by ordinary Libyan citizens became more bold, such as defacing of Gaddafi posters. ref name "Brian%2520Lee

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

. This was fulfilled when Nariman Narimanov, leader of Bolshevik Azerbaijan issued a declaration celebrating the "victory of Soviet power in Armenia," proclaimed that both Nakhchivan and Zangezur should be awarded to the Armenian people as a sign of the Azerbaijani people's support for Armenia's fight against the former DRA government: De Waal. ''Black Garden'', p. 129.


the city after his name as Indonesian based on Malay (Malay language) suffix A, sukarno's name within the city's name was altered to include A. before assuming its present name in 1968. The literal meaning of Jayapura, as of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, is 'City of Victory', Sanskrit ''jaya'': "victory"; ''pura'': "city"). The reason for that name is that Suharto wanted to mention his victories while fighting Operation Trikora against

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