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Anadyrsky District

"wikitable" style "width:75%" + Municipal composition - bgcolor "#CCCCFF" align "center" !Urban settlements !Population !Male !Female !Inhabited localities in jurisdiction - valign "top" Beringovsky ( ) align "center" 1401 align "center" 711 (50.7%) align "center" 690 (49.3%) *urban-type settlement of Beringovsky (Beringovsky (inhabited locality)) - valign "top"

; Ugolnye Kopi ( ) align "center" 299 align "center" 158 (52.8%) align

"center" 144 (47.2%) *'''''selo (village#Russia)'' of Alkatvaam''' - valign "top" Chuvanskoye ( ) align "center" 629 align "center" 313 (49.8%) align "center" 316 (50.2%) *'''''selo

Chukotsky District

lon6_dir W mark6size 4 label6 Uelen caption Rural localities in Chukotsky District width 250 -- class "wikitable" style "width:75%" + Municipal composition - bgcolor "#CCCCFF" align "left" !Rural settlements !Population !Male !Female !Rural localities in jurisdiction* - valign "top" Enurmino ( ) align "center" 301 align "center" 139 (46.2%) align "center" 162 (53.8

%) *'''''selo (village#Russia)'' of Enurmino''' - valign "top" Inchoun ( ) align "center" 1459 align "center" 703 (48.2%) align "center" 756 (51.8%) *'''''selo'' of Lavrentiya''' (administrative center

of the district) - valign "top" Lorino ( ) align "center" 704 align "center" 352 (50.0%) align "center" 352 (50.0%) *'''''selo'' of Neshkan (Neshkan, Russia)''' - valign "top"

São José dos Campos

-collapse:collapse; font-size:90%; margin:0 0 .5em 1em;" !align "center" bgcolor "lightblue" colspan "3" Economic statistics - !align "left" valign "top" GDP colspan "2" valign "top" BRL 17.6 billion (2004) - !align "left" valign "top" Value added colspan "2" valign "top" BRL 14,795 million (2005) - !align "left" valign "top" GDP per capita colspan "

;2" valign "top" BRL 29,950 (2004) - !align "left" valign "top" Labour force colspan "2" valign "top" 267,332 (2003) (from 45% to 50% of pop.) - !align "left" valign "top" Labour force by occupation colspan "2" valign "top" industry (19.4%), commerce (17.3%), services (50.9%), construction (2.2%), public sector (9.6%), other (0.5%) (2003) - !align "left" valign "top" Main

industries colspan "2" valign "top" aerospace, defense (Defense industry), automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, components, consumer durables, oil and petrochemical - !align "center" bgcolor "lightblue" colspan "3" Foreign commerce - !align "left" valign "top" Exports colspan "2" valign "top" BRL 4,947 million (2005) - !align "left" valign

Jinja, Uganda

institutions with branches in Jinja includes: valign "top" * Bank of Africa (Bank of Africa (Uganda)) * Bank of Baroda (Bank of Baroda (Uganda)) * Barclays Bank (Barclays Bank (Uganda)) * Centenary Bank * Crane Bank * DFCU Bank * Diamond Trust Bank (Diamond Trust Bank (Uganda) Limited) valign "top" * Equity Bank (Equity Bank (Uganda)) * Finance Trust Bank * Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB Uganda) * Orient Bank * PostBank Uganda

* Stanbic Bank (Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited) * Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered Bank (Uganda)) * Tropical Bank valign "top" * United Bank for Africa * Opportunity Uganda Limited, a Tier II Financial Institution (Banking in Uganda) * Pride Microfinance Limited, a Tier III Financial Institution (Banking in Uganda) * Jinja Currency Center - A currency storage and processing facility of the Bank of Uganda

opencms bou currency jinja_currency_center.html Bank of Uganda Maintains Jinja Currency Center * National Social Security Fund (National Social Security Fund (Uganda)) Education The city also has several educational establishments including: valign "top" * The eastern campus of Makerere University * Fairland University * Jinja College * Jinja Philosophy Center * Busoga College Mwiiri (Busoga College) * Kiira College Butiiki * Madhvani College Wairaka * Wanyange Girls School * Jinja Girls Secondary School * Jinja Senior Secondary School * St. James Senior Secondary School valign "top" * Masese Girls School * Holy Cross Schools * Mpavo University * Riverside Primary School * Arya School * Kiira Kids International School * Mwiri Primary School * Kakira Secondary School * Lords Meade School * Riverside Academy valign "top" * Nakanyonyi Girls School * St. Nicholas Primary School * International School of Health Sciences * Busoga University (Jinja Campus) * Kampala University (Jinja Campus) * Kiira High School * Busoga Light Academy * Jinja School of Midwifery * Kensely High School * Jinja High School *Buwenge Parent's primary school Defense Jinja is the location of '''Qaddafi Barracks''', an institution of the Uganda People's Defence Force. The town is also the location of the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College, another UPDF institution, located at Kimaka, a neighborhood situated about , by road, north of Jinja (Jinja, Uganda), the largest city in Busoga sub-region, on an all weather tarmac highway. Distance Between Jinja And Kamuli With Map The coordinates of Kamuli are:00 56 42N, 33 07 30 (Latitude:0.9450; Longitude:33.1250). Location of Kamuli At Google Maps thumb View of Bujagali Falls (Image:Bujagali.jpg) '''Bujagali Falls''' (also spelled '''Budhagali''') was a waterfall near Jinja (Jinja, Uganda) in Uganda where the Nile River comes out of Lake Victoria, sometimes considered the source of the Nile. Starting November 2011, the falls have become submerged by the newly built Bujagali Dam.


from Benue State. DATE OF BIRTH 30 December 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH Kaduna, Nigeria DATE OF DEATH --valign "top" Ahmadu Bello University Kaduna ABU University Zaria Federal http: --valign "top" --valign "top" City University of Technology Kaduna CUT University Kaduna Private --valign "top" birth_date birth_place Kaduna

Providensky District

; align "center" 1403 (50.9%) align "center" 1455 (49.1%) *urban-type settlement of Provideniya (administrative center of the district) *''selo (village#Russia)'' of Novoye Chaplino *''selo (village#Russia)'' of Sireniki - bgcolor "#CCCCFF" align "left" !Rural settlements !Population !Male !Female !Rural localities in jurisdiction* - valign "top" Enmelen ( ) align "center" 367 align

"center" 188 (51.2%) align "center" 179 (48.8%) *'''''selo (village#Russia)'' of Enmelen''' - valign "top" Nunligran ( ) align "center" 338 align "center" 185 (54.7%) align "center"


of these being Vataša ( ). class "wikitable" + Villages in the Municipality of Kavardarci - valign "top" Rožden (Рожден) Šeškovo (Шешково) Vataša (Ваташа) Vozarci (Возарци) - Galište (Галиште) Garnikovo (Гарниково) Glišić (Глишиќ) Grbovec (Грбовец) - Dabnište (Дабниште) Dobrotino (Добротино) Dragožel (Драгожел) Dradnja (Драдња) - Drenovo (Дреново) Kjesendre (Ќесендре) Košani (Кошани) Marena (Марена) - Pravednik

(Праведник) Raec (Раец) Resava (Ресава) Sopot (Сопот) - Fariš (Фариш) Begnište (Бегниште) Šivec (Шивец) Brušani (Брушани) - Radnja (Радња) Klinovo (Клиново) Kamen Dol (Камен Дол) Mrzen Oraovec (Мрзен Ораовец) Demographics class "wikitable" + ''Population of 38,391 according to the 2002 census.'' - valign "top" 97% Macedonians 1% Roma 0.5% Serbs 1.5% other ethnicities - Media Two TV, two radio stations

include Cekorovi ( ). The combined wineries (winery) in the region export up to 26 countries. thumb 300px right The Tikveš winery logo (File:Tikves.jpg) class "wikitable" + Examples of alcoholic beverages produced in the Tikveš region - valign "top" ! Red wine White wine Spirits Speciality wines - T'ga za Jug (Yearning for the South) Smederevka Yellow

South San Francisco, California

on GameDaily's top ten Smash Bros. characters list. Mario was fourth on UGO's list of the "Top 100 Heroes

2009-11-08 CNET listed him first on its list of the "Top 5 video game characters". He was voted 100th in IGN's (IGN) Top 100 Villains for his appearance in ''Donkey Kong Junior''.

publisher accessdate 2010-04-25 IGN ranked him 5th in their "Top 100 Videogames Villains" list for his earlier appearances. listed Donkey Kong seventh on their list of "The 25 Awesomest Hidden Characters" for his cameo appearance in ''Punch-Out!! (Punch-Out!! (Wii))''.


Moellmann.jpg thumb right Blumenau thumb right Blumenau (File:Blumenau-1.jpg) Divisions Blumenau has 2 districts and 33 neighbourhoods: border "0" ----- valign "top" * Vila Itoupava (Vila Itoupava (Blumenau)) (District) * Itoupava Central (Itoupava Central (Blumenau)) * Itoupavazinha (Itoupavazinha (Blumenau)) * Testo Salto (Testo Salto (Blumenau)) * Badenfurt (Badenfurt (Blumenau)) * Salto do Norte (Salto do Norte (Blumenau)) * Salto (Blumenau) Salto

* Fidélis (Fidélis (Blumenau)) * Fortaleza Alta (Fortaleza Alta (Blumenau)) * Salto Weissbach (Salto Weissbach (Blumenau)) * Fortaleza (Fortaleza (Blumenau)) valign "top" * Tribess (Tribess (Blumenau)) * Nova Esperança (Nova Esperança (Blumenau)) * Itoupava Norte * Boa Vista (Boa Vista (Blumenau)) * Itoupava Seca (Itoupava Seca (Blumenau)) * Escola Agrícola (Escola Agrícola (Blumenau)) * Passo Manso (Passo Manso (Blumenau)) * Água Verde (Blumenau) Água

Verde * Velha (Velha (Blumenau)) * Velha Central (Velha Central (Blumenau)) * Velha Grande (Velha Grande (Blumenau)) * Vila Nova (Vila Nova (Blumenau)) valign "top" * Victor Konder (Victor Konder (Blumenau)) * Ponta Aguda (Ponta Aguda (Blumenau)) * Vorstadt (Vorstadt (Blumenau)) * Centro (Centro (Blumenau)) (Downtown) * Bom Retiro (Bom Retiro (Blumenau)) * Vila Formosa (Vila Formosa (Blumenau)) * Jardim Blumenau (Jardim Blumenau (Blumenau)) * Ribeirão

Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen

. Moreover, even if not duly credited, many of the NSRL's systemic improvements in sports are still in use in today's sports organizations. By Sport border "0" cellpadding "2" - valign "top" * Department 1: Artistic gymnastics, Gymnastics and ''Summer Games'' (1) * Department 2: Football (Association football), Rugby (Rugby union), and Cricket * Department 3: Light athletics (Track and field athletics) * Department 4: Team handball Handball

competences of the NSRL as a league were served by sports federations some of which still exist today: border "0" cellpadding "2" - valign "top" * 16. Deutscher Segler-Verband ''(Sailing)'' * 17. Deutscher Bergsteiger-Verband ''(Mountaineering)'' * 18. Deutscher Wanderverband ''(Hiking)'' * 19. Deutscher Kegler-Bund ''(Bowling)'' * 20. Deutscher Schützen-Verband ''(Shooting)'' * 21. Deutscher Golf-Verband ''(Golf)'' * 22. Bob

.'' By region The regional structure of the NSRL followed the Nazi Party model. Often two or more gaue (Reichsgau) were included in one region where it was expedient to do so. border "0" cellpadding "2" - valign "top" * Region 1: East Prussia * Region 2: Pomerania * Region 3: Berlin-Brandenburg * Region 4: Silesia * Region 5: Saxony * Region 6: Mitte (1) * Region 7: Nordmark (2) * Region 8: Lower Saxony * Region 9: Westphalia

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