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Fucking, Austria

from Fucking, Austria. No inbound links, except from Tim James a disambiguation page linking to this individual and to the NBA player. — F REAK OF N UR x TURE (User:Freakofnurture ) (

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Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen

name "title" over the western and northern half of the country that was the Austrian Empire (Cisleithania or Lands represented in the Imperial Council) and as King of Hungary over the Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania or Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen) which enjoyed a great deal of sovereignty with only a few joint affairs


under the leadership of Kurdish nationalist Qazi Muhammad. The republic received strong support from the Soviet Union, which occupied Iran during the same era and included the Kurdish towns of '''Bukan''', Piranshahr, Sardasht and Oshnavieh.

Greenfield Park, Quebec

consists of the following councillors: class "wikitable" - +Greenfield Park Borough Council - ! style "background:#ddf; width:150px;" Title ! style "background:#ddf; width:150px;" colspan "2" Party ! style "background:#ddf; width:100px;" Councilor - City Councillor style "background:#2f873e; width:20px;"   Option Greenfield Park Robert Myles - Borough Councillor 1 style "background:#2f873e

Oliver W. Dillard

Vietnam. ref>

Pushkin, Saint Petersburg

"ZhS" В Пушкине сегодня открывается городской стадион - Новости - Gazeta.Spb. Retrieved on 2011-03-11. The stadium holds track and field athletics competitions and hosts the local football club "Tsarskoye Selo" founded in 2009.


; text-align:left;" '''Tea output''' Fuliang County RMB(yuan) 123 million - style "background:lightskyblue; text-align:left;" '''Aquaculture output''' Changjiang District RMB(yuan) 200 million - colspan "5" Source:'''Jingdezhen People's Government'''


%; overflow: auto; padding: 3px;text-align: left; border:solid 1px;" title "braglist - zum scrollen"; 1000px Panorama (Image:Jönköping panorama.jpg) Sport * HV71, ice hockey team in Swedish Hockey League of ice hockey. * Jönköpings KK, successful kayak club both at national and international level. * Jönköpings IK (JIK), floorball team who has played several

Jewish Autonomous Oblast

%BD%D0%BE%D0%B9+%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B8%C2%BB.rar at In document "5. ВЛАДЕНИЕ ЯЗЫКАМИ НАСЕЛЕНИЕМ ОБЛАСТИ.pdf" title Статистический бюллетень "Национальный состав и владение языками, гражданство населения Еврейской автономной области" trans_title Statistical Bulletin "National structure and language skills, citizenship population Jewish Autonomous Region" language RU format RAR, PDF date 30 October 2013 publisher Russian Federal State


Stockholm, Sweden * File:Santiago de Cali.jpg 800px center

Panoramic View from Cristo Rey in 2010 Sky view of Southern Cali Other views File:Tres Cruces Hill, Cali, Colombia.jpg Tres Cruces Hill File:San Fernando, Cali1.JPG San Fernando church interior File:Biblioteca departamental.JPG (Library) Biblioteca departamental Jorge Garcés Borrero

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