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. The constitution has protection for currency, property rights and free trade. The basic unit at the local level is the community which pools resources for edcation, protection and governance. At a national level communities are unrestricted in deciding their own economic decisions on who they wish to sell

itself into regional administrations called cantons named after the Swiss cantons (Cantons of Switzerland). Moving towards democratic autonomy The governance model of Rojava has an emphasis on local management with regions divided into cantons with committees to democratically make decisions. The Movement for a Democratic Society (also known as TEV-DEM) is the political coalition governing the democratically autonomous Kurdish areas

Integrated urban water management in Medellín, Colombia

;border" economic conditions where inhabitants enter and exit the formal economy of commerce on a regular basis but also under "border" social, legal, and institutional conditions. This interception of multiple geographical, economic and social stressors constitutes a major challenge to extending water services to these areas. That being said, a '''2005 Report of the Economic Colombian Review of Proexport''' and the '''International Cooperation Agency of Medellín''' concluded that the Aburrá Valley, where Medellin is located, is the top economy in the state with a GDP of USD 7.8 billion in 2005. Medellín also contributes 8% to the national GDP of Colombia. The primary products and drivers of the Medellín economy are steel, textiles, food and beverage, agriculture, public services, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and refined oil. Category:The Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley

Pereira, Colombia

and supermarkets. There are also fast food outlets, hotels and a convention centre. Services Pereira is a service centre for surrounding rural areas. Tourism Pereira has several landmarks which attract tourists. Lake Otún and Santa Isabel (Santa Isabel (volcano)), provide a destination for sports adventure tourism. Pereira also has a "night life" with bars and nightclubs. Drugs Pereira has been affected by drug trade. In 1979, "social cleansing"


responsible for the massacre "Keis Adwan, the hub of the northern Samaria network, had also lost a number of close associates in Israeli security forces operations (Rubin 2002)." Pedahzur, Ami. Perliger, Arie. "The Changing Nature of Suicide Attacks – A Social Network Perspective", ''Social Forces'' – Volume 84, Number 4, University of North Carolina Press, June 2006, pp. 1987–2008. , was killed by IDF forces on 5 April 2002 http

Province of East Prussia

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Demographics The Acholi people are the main inhabitants of the city of Gulu (80%). The majority are Christians. There are a range of spoken languages including Luo (Luo languages) (sometimes spelled Lwo), Swahili (Swahili language), English (English language) and Luganda. During the hostilities between the Uganda People's Defense Force and the Lord's Resistance Army there were many IDP camps throughout the area, where at one time, an estimated two million people lived. Effective April 2009, all IDP camps were closed and the people were allowed to return to their villages. All IDP Camps have been closed In July 2009, an estimated 1,452,000 (80.7%) IDPs out of a total of 1,840,000 had voluntarily left the camps to return home, leaving only 388,000, who are in the process of vacating or permanently settling where they are. 80% of the IDPs have vacated


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Federation of Malaya

2005 08 the_nst_should.php "Social Contract: 'Utusan got the context wrong'" . Retrieved 11 November 2005. The 1st Manchesters remained in Germany as part of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) until it returned to Britain in 1947, where it was joined by the 2nd Battalion. On 1 June 1948, the two battalions amalgamated in the presence of the regiment's colonel-in-chief, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother ). Mileham

Commission , which drafted the Constitution, stated that Article 153 was to be temporary in nature, and should be reviewed by Parliament (Parliament of Malaysia) 15 years after independence. Ooi, Jeff (2005). "Social Contract: 'Utusan got the context wrong'" . Retrieved 11 November 2005.

Adam, Samuri & Fadzil, p. 153–155. Ooi, Jeff (2005). "Social Contract: 'Utusan got the context wrong'". Retrieved November 11, 2005. Formation During the Malayan campaign (Malayan Emergency) (1951–1953), a group of men from Southern Rhodesia volunteered to go to Malaya (Federation of Malaya) and were initially known as "The Far East Volunteer Group"

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