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Sainte-Thècle, Quebec

of Sainte-Thècle in two school board: village and parish. * 1949: Merger of both school board in only one. * 1965: Foundation of the CSRM ("Regional School Board of Mauricie area" - "Commission scolaire régionale de la Mauricie") in order to organize all the secondary education level. Whereas the "School board of Sainte-Thècle" (Commission scolaire de Sainte-Thècle) continues to organize the education of primary level. * 1969: Cessation of the teaching of secondary

level 3 and more, in June, 1969, in Sainte-Thècle. Furthermore, this secondary level education is dispensed in "Polyvalente Paul Le Jeune" in Saint-Tite (Saint-Tite, Quebec) which opened its doors in September, 1969. * As of July 1, 1972: merger of the "School Board of Sainte-Thècle" (Commission scolaire de Sainte-Thècle) with the "School Board of Normandie" ("Commission scolaire de Normandie") which already had the responsibility since 1969

of the teaching of primary level. * As of July 1, 1998: the "School Board of Normandy"(Commission scolaire de Normandie) is dissolved on June 30, 1998, to give way on July 1, 1998 to the "School Board of the Energy"(Commission scolaire de l'Énergie) which is furthermore responsible to administer the elementary and the secondary sector on the same territory as the previous CSRM (territory: from Mont-Carmel (Mont-Carmel, Quebec), up to Parent (Parent, Quebec) in Abitibi Regional

Sutherland, Saskatoon

: archivianet post-offices 001001-119.01-e.php?&isn_id_nbr 11423&interval 24&&PHPSESSID 37cfc8b979fef31039a1b41b276004be format doi accessdate 2008-01-13 The first school, a temporary one-room structure, was opened in November 1908 on a site on 109th Street. On February 2, 1909, a newer one-room school was opened at the present-day Sutherland School site on Egbert Avenue and 111th Street. ref name "school">

clerks_office archives history index.asp format doi accessdate 2008-01-15 A new town hall was completed in January 1912, at the corner of Egbert Avenue and 108th Street. On November 12 of the same year, the cornerstone for a new multi-storey Sutherland School was laid. The grand "castle" style school opened for the 1913-1914 school year. In 1914, the town received service from

publisher Purich Publishing isbn 1-895830-16-8 page 213 However, Sutherland's main street, Central Avenue, retained its name, even though once Sutherland became part of Saskatoon, the name was no longer accurate in a technical sense. In 1960, a new one-storey Sutherland School was opened beside the 1913 school. By 1963, additional classrooms and an auditorium were added. The "castle" school also received some cosmetic upgrades in 1960-61, but the building

Gorman, California

constructed and operated there by the Gorman district. Enrollment In September 2008, Gorman Joint School District Gorman is a "joint" school district because a small portion of it, uninhabited, has been transferred from Los Angeles County to Kern County. had just one K-8 elementary school with an enrollment of 42 pupils, only one of whom lived in Gorman. The others were transfers from neighboring El Tejon Unified School

District or Neenach (Neenach, California) in the Westside Union School District. In December 2010 Superintendent and Principal Martin Schmidt said that the district was at that point entirely a "school of choice" which had more than doubled its enrollment to 98 students and increased its Academic Performance Score from 679 to 784, with 800 being the goal for achievement. The increase in enrollment brought twice as much money from the state

In order to bring in additional average-daily-attendance funds from the state, the district before 2008 took on responsibility for the Gorman Learning Center charter school in Redlands

Whittier, Minneapolis

School. Following the 1851 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux which opened lands to the United States, Blaisdell developed the area south of Downtown

name "school" In naming tradition with the other schools, the board renamed the school Whittier after the 19th century poet and abolitionist, John Greenleaf Whittier. Like other areas of the city, families would soon call their neighborhoods after the primary school. Called the "millionaire pioneer of the city" by the New York Times, John T. Blaisdell died in 1898.

Echo Park, Los Angeles

last Strauss first Bob title "Disturbia" star has practiced a long time pages publisher Los Angeles Daily News date April 11, 2007 url http: ci_5642571 accessdate March 8, 2013 * Solomon Lazard (1827

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin date April 7, 2007 accessdate April 8, 2007 LaBeouf's uncle was going to adopt him at one stage because his parents could not afford to have him anymore and "they had too much pride to go on welfare or food stamps."

Taiping, Perak

and secondary education in Taiping are provided by national-type schools and Chinese-medium schools. Primary schools class "wikitable" - !width "180" School name !width "180" Other name (nickname) !width "100" Year established !width "150" Location - SK Kampung Jambu SKKJ; سکوله کبڠساءن کامڤوڠ جمبو 2000 Jalan Rambutan, Kampung Jambu - SK Assam Kumbang سکوله کبڠساءن اسسم کومبڠ 1937 - SK

SK Ulu Sepetang 1953 Kampung Baru Ulu Sepetang. T-junction to Pondok Tanjong, Kubu Gajah & Selama - SK Pengkalan Aur SKPA 1995 Jalan Taman Kaya - SK Changkat Ibol Secondary schools class "wikitable" - !width "180" School name !width "180" Other name (nickname) !width "180" Former Full name !width "100" Year established !width "150" Location - SMK Kampung Jambu SMKKJ


, Chilliwack, Hope and Mission. Private '''List of independent schools in Chilliwack:''' class "wikitable sortable" - ! scope "col" width "220" School ! scope "col" width "155" Level ! Grades - Saint Mary's Elementary K-7 - Unity Christian School Elementary-Secondary K-12 - John Calvin School Elementary K-7 - Timothy Christian School Elementary-Secondary K-12 - Highroad Academy Elementary-Secondary

K-12 - Mount Cheam Christian School Elementary-Secondary K-12 - Chilliwack Adventist Christian School Elementary-Junior secondary K-7 - Cascade Christian School Elementary-Junior secondary K-9 Public '''List of public schools in Chilliwack:''' class "wikitable sortable collapsible collapsed" - ! scope "col" width "220" School ! scope "col" width "155" Level ! Grades

Saticoy, California

of the "School Lot" as shown on the map. Saticoy School was built on the lot in 1900. The school is now called ATLAS Elementary: Academy of Technology and Leadership at Saticoy and is part of the Ventura Unified School District. Ventura Unified School District. Our History Retrieved January 7, 2014 This alternative townsite, on the other side of the Brown

Jerome, Arizona

–33 Children from Jerome in kindergarten (Kindergarten#United States) through eighth grade attend the Clarkdale–Jerome School in Clarkdale. Older students from Jerome are enrolled at Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood.

Philip title Historical Societies Receive High School Annuals url http: Main.asp?SectionID 1&SubSectionID 1&ArticleID 42601 work Verde Independent publisher Western News&Info date June 24, 2011 accessdate October 25, 2012 Each of these communities had its own schools during the first half of the 20th century, but declining populations and shrinking tax revenues led to consolidation. ref>

Memramcook, New Brunswick

, averaging 53.7 years and a total of 45 farms. An area of 283 km 2, 5263 ha were used 30. There are two branches of the Caisse populaire Dieppe-Memramcook, based in Dieppe and member of Credit Unions Acadian 31. Education Provincial public school systems The following are a list of public schools in the community: class "wikitable sortable" align "left" ! School Name ! Start ! End ! School District ! Year

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