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http: en detail.php?id 4117 publisher SPS (Sahara Press Service) date 2009-02-24 accessdate 2010-09-14 The participants signed the "Declaration of Tifariti", with three principal aims: *Rebuilding and reconstruction of the liberated territories of Western Sahara. *Preservation of the Spanish language, through the establishment of the "Saharawi Academy for the Spanish language". *Promotion of the establishment of the "Tifariti University". Bursa, Turkey

Fort Smith, Arkansas

#Brigadier general brigadier general (though he did not receive his "official" promotion until March 17, 1865) and took the eighty-odd survivors of his original Texas cavalry unit (now called the "Gano Guards") back to Bonham, Texas. There he assumed command, October 10, 1863, of all Texas cavalry operating in the Trans-Mississippi Department. On December 27, Gano's brigade captured and occupied Waldron, Arkansas, and in April 1864 he suffered an arm wound at a skirmish

Kansas City, Missouri

in 1979. He also appeared regularly for Leroy McGuirk’s Tri-State promotion, here he met and married Leroy McGuirk's daughter Michelle, aka Mike McGuirk in 1980. The marriage did not last long and ended on a bad note when Blair found out that Mike was having an affair with wrestler Doug Somers while they were estranged. He was even shot at by Leroy when he tried to talk to Mike before leaving town. While in the “Tri-State&quot

; promotion Blair won the Junior Heavyweight Title from Ron Starr but only held it for about a week before losing it back to Starr. The one week reign was Blair’s first professional wrestling title reign. * KCL (KCL (disambiguation)) – (i) King's College London * Kansas City


the translation of his book ''My Awakening'' into Czech language, was arrested on suspicion of "denying or approving of the Nazi genocide and other Nazi crimes" and "promotion of movements seeking suppression of human rights," which are crimes in the Czech Republic punishable by up to three years' imprisonment. At the time of his arrest, Duke was reportedly guarded by members of the ''Národní Odpor''. ref name


in Tianjin, Beijing, Xi'an and Jinan. Foreign locations The pizza chain franchised restaurants in Kuwait and China (People's Republic of China). The Chinese restaurants have some different items on the menu that Chinese people are more used to such as soups and pastas. The first restaurant opened in Beijing, China because of Pizza Hut's success in the country. A "Pizza & Film" promotion occurred at the restaurant which included a large pizza, a large cola, and an animated DVD. Wikipedia:Beijing Dmoz:Regional Asia China Beijing commons:北京


"Promotion" Sandra gets promoted and becomes Beryl's supervisor. Beryl receives elocution lessons from Mrs. Duval, (Fabia Drake), but this gets her into trouble when a posh customer, (Diana King (Diana King (actress))), believes she's being made fun of. Robert Raglan appears in this episode. (The actress Fabia Drake had in fact, at the age of 16, been sent to an expensive finishing school in France, at Meudon-val-Fleury. Here she had been taught the science and craft


) Retrieved September 5, 2007 During the fall of 2007, Starbucks also began to sell digital downloads of certain albums through iTunes. Starbucks gave away 37 different songs for free download through iTunes as part of the "Song of the Day" promotion in 2007, and a "Pick of the Week" card is now available at Starbucks for a free song download. Since 2011 Starbucks also gives away a "Pick of the Week" card for app downloads from the App Store. A Starbucks app


. He eventually finished his studies in 1922, after they were interrupted by his participation in the First World War, which included a stay in a prisoner-of-war camp. In 1924, he joined Jakob Körfer's architectural bureau in Cologne. In 1926 came his doctorate ("Promotion"). In 1929, Sagebiel took up a job in Berlin as a project leader and chief executive officer at the architect Erich Mendelsohn's office, but in 1932, he had to leave this job owing to the severe economic climate (Great Depression) in Germany at that time. He worked as a construction foreman. Hertha BSC Hertha BSC took notice and in 2003 he moved to Olympiastadion, however, he usually appeared only as a sub. After two seasons in Berlin, in the beginning of 2006, with 44 appearances and four goals on his sheet, he moved back to Arminia Bielefeld. Commons:Category:Berlin Wikipedia:Berlin Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Berlin


the Greek PM, Mexico's president Miguel de la Madrid, Argentina's President Raúl Alfonsín, Sweden's PM Olof Palme, Tanzania's president Julius Nyerere and India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Macedonia newspaper, 24 June 1996 The movement's stated objective was the "promotion of peace and progress for all mankind". After various initiatives, mostly directed at pressuring

New Zealand

Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

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