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''' is located in Oshawa, Ontario within the Durham District School Board. The school has students in grades 9-12 and offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. The Pathway Opportunities offered at Oshawa Central include Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM - pronounced "Shazaam") programs in Culinary Arts, Outdoor Education, and Health Physical Education. '''R S McLaughlin Collegiate and Vocational Institute''' is a secondary school located in Oshawa

; and "Automotive Engineering" programs. * '''Durham College''', next


used free parking opportunity. DUI is serious criminal offense (up to 3 years in prison) and the police have no mercy for drunk drivers - many of "zero tolerance for drunk drivers" programs ongoing in Poland have started in Szczecin. '''Because of major renovation works in the city centre and Niebuszewo district held this year expect detours and or traffic jams, especially during rush hours. If you stay in the city consider leaving your car on parking and using public transport.''' By bicycle There is network of bicycle (cycling) paths connecting the city center with the suburbs. You can take your bike on public transport for free (outside rush hours). If you want to see Szczecin from the bicycle but don't have one you can rent it: * Bicyklownia ul. Wielkopolska 15, tel. +48784152358. (near City Park) * Biker ul. Świętego Ducha 2a, tel. +48506667400 (Center) * Centrum Wynajmu i Turystyki ul. Kolumba 1 6m, tel. +48914340006 (near Szczecin Główny railway station If you happen to be present in Szczecin on any last Friday of the month, feel free to join the Critical Mass - the start point is Plac Lotników square, 6:00 pm. Taxi * Hail taxi cab from the street or stand only in emergency or if very tired drunk! It is much cheaper to call for one - ask locals for numbers or see taxi advertisements, they are nearly everywhere. When you call, ask the operator when the taxi will arrive and then look for car plastered with number of company you called. * There is taxi "mafia" operating from stands near railway station, popular clubs, hotels etc. - avoid these rip-offs, they are VERY expensive! * Taxi fare within the centre shouldn't cost you more than about 12-15 zł. Fare from left side of the river (Lewobrzeże) to the right side (Prawobrzeże) or the other way is about 40-50 zł. Fares during the night are slightly more expensive. * All officially registered taxis have meters, the driver should turn them on just after you enter. * Payment: have cash ready, only the minority of taxi drivers have necessary equipment for payments with debit or credit cards. Ask if in doubt. Some of taxi companies operating in the city: * Auto Taxi: +48 91 4535555 * City Taxi: +48 91 4335335 * Express Taxi: +48 91 4261038 * Euro Taxi: +48 91 4343434 * Gold Taxi: +48 91 8122222 * Granada Taxi: +48 91 4554554 * Szczecin Taxi: +48 91 4835835 See thumb Castle (Image:SzczecinCastle.jpg) thumb Harbour Gate (Brama Portowa) (File:PolandSzczecinPortGate.JPG) * Pomeranian Dukes Castle (''Zamek Książąt Pomorskich''), which houses museum, restaurants and cafes. It also houses tourist information office, you can get some free maps, pamphlets etc. here. * Old Town (''Stary Rynek'') - despite being jokingly referred to by locals as "Brand New Old Town" (it was started to be rebuilt in late 1990s, the reconstruction is still ongoing), there are some nice houses rebuilt to original plans. Many shops, restaurants and cafes. There is museum situated in Old Town Hall. * Kamienica Loitzów (''Loitzs Tenement'') - interesting tenement just next to Old Town. Go from Old Town in direction of Castle, and you'll see it after about 20–30 meters on the left side. It is painted flashy orange, you can't miss it. * Wały Chrobrego (German name: ''Hakenterrasse'') - promenade with great views on Oder river and port. Many cafes are situated here. See the museum (''Muzeum Morskie''), situated just in the center of Waly which houses some artifacts from history of the city and also has big collections of African and maritime artifacts. * Katedra św. Jakuba (''St. Jacob's Cathedral'') - big Gothic cathedral. * Park Kasprowicza - city park, place for all kinds of physical activities by locals, spreading through nearly all of the city. Just behind the City Council. * Park Żeromskiego - another city park, situated in the very center of the city between Waly Chrobrego and Pazim Galaxy. * Cmentarz Centralny - third biggest cemetery in Europe. * S-1 blast & fallout shelter - biggest in Poland (entry 15 zł). Two tours to choose: WWII or Cold War. * Pionier Cinema - oldest cinema in the world still in operation (est. 1909) [2]. * Railway suspension bridge on Regalica - something for railway fans, the only one of a kind in operation in Poland. Podjuchy district, ul. Szklana Huta. * Emerald Lake (''jezioro Szmaragdowe'') and Puszcza Bukowa - lake, artificial cave and forest area situated in Zdroje district. Many great views on the city and nice area for one day hiking bike riding. * Pałac pod Globusem (''Palace under the Globe'' ''Palace of Grumbkov'') - the building where two rulers of Russia (Catherine II and Maria Fiodorovna) were born. Pl. Orła Białego. * Parisienne Sub-Urb: Many historistic and art nouveau boulevards in prussian pseudo-parissienne style around Plac Grunwaldzki, Jagiellońska and Wielkopolska streets. * Museum of Technology (''Muzeum Techniki'') - has nice collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, buses and trams. Niemierzyńska 18A. Do * See the panorama of Szczecin - from the cafe on top of Pazim building, just by Galaxy shopping center (admission free), from St.Jacob's Cathedral tower (paid admission) or from one of the towers of Pomeranian Dukes Castle. * Take a trip through Szczecin's waterways and port - many boats go from the river bank near Wały Chrobrego. * Kayak through the city and lower Oder valley - if you don't have your kayak you can borrow one at Kąpielisko Dziewoklicz (ul. Autostrada Poznańska, public transport - bus No. 61, stop "Dziewoklicz") or any of the neighbouring towns situated by the Oder river - look for ''wypożyczalnia kajaków'' (kayak rentals) or ''kajaki'' (kayaks). * See ''dancing fountain'' near Teatr Pleciuga (ul. Wielkopolska). It might not be the most impressive fountain show in the world but still it's nice eyecandy and it's free. The show lasts 30 minutes and starts every summer day at 21:30. Events * Juwenalia 16–20 May * Baltic Rock Meeting 25 May - 3 June * Dni Morza Days of the Sea June * Boogie Brain Festival October Learn * Maritime University of Szczecin University of Szczecin West Pomeranian University of Technology Pomeranian Medical University Academy of Arts West Pomeranian Business School teachers and IT developers engineers are in high demand. Buy Szczecin has many shopping malls: * '''Auchan''' - situated in Ustowo. Don't go there if you don't have a car, the place is totally pedestrian unfriendly. * '''Carrefour''' - situated near Media Markt (mall with electronics) in Pomorzany district. Open 8:00-21:00. * '''CH Ster''' - situated near Castorama (big shop for DIY builders) in Gumience district, nearest mall from the German border. Open 8:00-21:00. * '''CH Turzyn''' - another mall in the Center. Open 8:00-21:00. * '''Kaskada''' - the newest and the biggest shopping mall in Szczecin, best brands and spacious foodcourt. Open 9:00-21:00. * '''Galaxy''' shopping mall - many outlets of major brands. Situated in the Center,near Kaskada. Open 8:00-21:00. * '''Tesco''' - another one, just across the street of the Carrefour mentioned above. Open 24 7. Eat Fast Food You will easily find global favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs, kebabs, pizza etc., but for unique Szczecin twist on fast food try ''paszteciki'' (plural, singular is ''pasztecik'') - which are kind of deep fried cake with meat or cheese and mushrooms filling. They taste best hot and combined with a cup of ''barszcz czerwony'' (red beetroot soup). Budget * '''Turysta Milk Bar''', Obrońców Stalingradu 6a (open 7:30-18:30) * '''Zacisze Bar''', Asnyka 19 (Niebuszewo district) * '''Akademia Kulinarna''', Mickiewicza 45 (open 9:00-17:00) * '''Bar Zen''', Bohaterów Warszawy (near CH Turzyn) - Vietnamese buddhist cuisine (vegan) (open 10:00-20:00) Mid-range * '''Amar''', Śląska 9 (open Monday-Friday 11:00-19:00, Saturday & Sunday 12:00-17:00) - vegan & vegetarian. If you are on limited budget, order their "danie dnia" (dish of a day) and or "zupa dnia" (soup of a day) which are always very affordable. * '''Brama Jazz Cafe''', Plac Hołdu Pruskiego 1 - Mexican & fusion * '''Camarillo''', Mściwoja 8 - fusion * '''Green Way''', Krzywoustego 16 (open Monday-Friday 10:00-21:00, weekends 11:00-19:00) - vegetarian * '''Golden Dragon''', Jana Kazimierza 21 - Chinese * '''Mandaryn''', ul. Bolesława Śmiałego 27 - Chinese Splurge * '''Bombay''', Partyzantów 1 - Indian * '''Chief''', Rayskiego 16 - all kinds of sea food * '''Ładoga''', Jana z Kolna - Russian * '''Sake''', Piastów 1 - Japanese * '''Sushi Mado''', Pocztowa 20 (entry from Bohaterów Warszawy) - Japanese * '''Columbus''' - On Waly Chrobrego by Marine Academy * Commons:Szczecin Wikipedia:Szczecin Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland Voivodships Western Pomerania Szczecin

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(including Libya) # '''Japan''' 1939 Japanese population includes 1.7 million Japanese in China and Korea. ''Annual Changes in Population of Japan Proper 1 October 1920–1 October 1947'', General Headquarters for the Allied Powers Economic and Scientific Section Research and Programs Division. Tokyo, July 1948. Japanese military losses

Century New York 1955 pp. 497, The General Headquarters for the Allied Powers in Tokyo reported the civilian death rate in Japan in the first year after the war to be 2.1% compared to the pre-war level of 1.6%. John W. Dower reports civilian losses due to U.S. Strategic bombing (Strategic bombing during World War II) according to official Japanese figures were 393,367 dead, including 210,000 killed in the Atomic


the people of the United States and Nicaragua. At WCCN, Rampton helped establish the Nicaraguan Credit Alternatives Fund (NICA Fund) in 1992, which channels loans from US investors to support microcredit and other "alternative credit" programs in Nicaragua. * Navajo (Navajo language): native language spoken by about 178,000 speakers in the Southwest U.S. on the Navajo Nation (Indian reservation).


was established. While the game was being developed, the title's main character, Crash Bandicoot, became the new mascot of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's "School and Youth" programs in an effort to promote the battle against blood cancer. Commons:Category:Bristol Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Bristol Wikipedia:Bristol


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on Canada's Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean) coast. History It is a branch of the Canadian (Canada) Department of National Defence (Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces) and is also responsible for the recruitment, provisioning, administration and deployment of Alpha Flight. It employed many mutants (Mutant (Marvel Comics)) and other superhumans to fight for Canada by joining their three "Flight" programs. The first tier was a training team called Gamma

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in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1934. In Canada, Australia and increasingly Hong Kong, many teacher candidates study simultaneously for a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. These are known as "concurrent-education" programs. On 26 April 1939 he was appointed to the first Menzies Ministry as Minister for Civil Aviation (Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government (Australia)), and Vice-President

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