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Hudson, Quebec

-based Canadian entertainer, musician, and hip hop MC of Haitian origin, better known by his stage name Bad News Brown. * Jean-Paul L'Allier, former mayor of Quebec City * Jack Layton, former leader of the New Democratic Party * Vanessa Lengies, actress, best known for "Are you afraid of the dark", "Popular Mechanics For Kids", American Dreams and Glee (Glee (TV series)), * Matthew Lombardi, NHL hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs (formerly Calgary Flames, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators) * Daniel Shelton (Ben (comic strip)), comic artist, for syndicated comic strip Ben (Ben (comic strip)). * Larry Smith (Larry Smith (Canadian politician)), former Canadian Football League Commissioner and current Conservative Senator * Amanda Walsh, best known for being a MuchMusic VJ (2000–2004), as well as her role in film 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' (2009), and recurring roles in 'Sons & Daughters' and 'The Big Bang Theory' * Patrick Watson (Patrick Watson (musician)), musician, best known for 2007 single "The great escape" * Sam Goldberg Jr., musician, best known as member of Broken Social Scene See also * List of cities in Quebec References Early life Davidson was born in Hudson (Hudson, Quebec), Quebec, in 1901. Darke, p. 3. Her father, John Wilson Davidson was a Methodist (Methodism) minister. Her mother Mary Elfeda Pomeroy was the daughter of a methodist minister. She had a younger sister named Marsh. Darke, pp. 4-5. On January 20, 2012, Evanov announced that Dufferin applied with the CRTC to establish a new Soft AC station in Hudson, Quebec, a western suburb of Montreal; the new station would broadcast at 106.7 MHz at 500 watts at 94 metres HAAT (Height above average terrain). The frequency choice, however, would have conflicted with CKDG-FM's plans to relocate to 106.7, the frequency previously used by an Aboriginal Voices repeater in Montreal; Canadian Radio News at Facebook, January 20, 2012. Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2012-29, January 20, 2012. however, on February 6, 2012, CKDG notified the CRTC that they had withdrawn its application for the frequency change, though it was unknown whether or not Evanov's application for the new station had to do with its decision. Canadian Radio News at Facebook, February 6, 2012. Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2010-271-1, February 6, 2012. Out of football during 1966, Trimble remained in Hudson, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal. Here, he and a Montreal friend began to market a new type of goal post that was supported by only one post, instead of the two that had been the standard since the game began. The so-called "slingshot" goalposts, named because of their "Y" shape, were adopted by the NFL in 1967, just after Trimble returned to coaching as an offensive line assistant with the New York Giants. Trimble had been offered the job by head coach Allie Sherman while attempting to sell the team his innovative goal posts.

Orleans, Massachusetts

to a mile, of the canal to study the effects of tidal currents on the enlarged and re-routed canal. "Model of Cape Cod Canal Helps Study of Channel&quot

; ''Popular Mechanics'', April 1936 His visit to Cape Cod in 1797 coincided with the division of the town of Eastham into two towns, one of which took the name of Orleans, possibly in his honour. During their sojourn, the Orléans princes travelled throughout the country, visiting as far south as Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) and as far north as Maine. The brothers were even held in Philadelphia briefly during an outbreak of yellow fever. Louis Philippe is also thought

Baker City, Oregon

which the Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales was built in Baker City. In 1952, the name was changed to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baker. In 1918, Baker was the subject of national interest when the 1918 solar eclipse (Solar eclipse of June 8, 1918) took place and the U.S. Naval Observatory based its observations there.

Watts, Los Angeles

of principal Irma Cobian, 21 of 22 teachers asked for transfer to other schools. Teresa Watanabe, "Popular Principal's Dismissal Leaves a South L.A. School Divided," ''Los Angeles Times,'' May 24, 2013 Public libraries Los Angeles Public Library operates the Alma Reaves Woods – Watts Branch. " Alma Reaves Woods - Watts


. He started his primary education in 1954 in Onitsha, Anambra State. In 1962, he moved to Kano, where he completed his primary education in 1963. He moved to Buguma in Rivers State where he enrolled in King’s Commercial College in 1964. :LOL *'''Delete'''. Unreferenced and so far unverified. Probably vanity or possibly a hoax. But there seems to be other Okekes of interest. Somebody should write an article on the "popular Prophet Eddy Nawgu

Sept-Îles, Quebec

of Sept-Îles. Shipment of the important new commodity resulted in investments that turned this into a major port. "The Iron Road To Labrador." ''Popular Mechanics'', February 1954, pp. 118-124. thumb left Alouette Aluminum (Image:Aluminerie Alouette 1.jpg) With the iron ore

Needles, California

&dq popular+mechanics+July+1932+airplane&hl en&ei IoAZTePWB-DRnAe63OjPDg&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 7&ved 0CDgQ6AEwBjg8#v onepage&q&f true "Putting A River In Its Place" ''Popular Mechanics'', July 1949 Needles is a tourism and recreation center, a tradition going back for decades. The city is the eastern gateway to the Mojave National Preserve, a scenic desert National Park. Climate Needles, like Death Valley

Sackville, New Brunswick

(LDS Church). left thumb The former ''CKDU'' logo, used from the late 1980s to 2006. (Image:CKDU-FM(1980-Mid 2000's)logo.png) The station's programming was initially heavily weighted to what was then considered "alternative" popular music, with a strong emphasis on such artists as Bauhaus (Bauhaus (band)), Ministry (Ministry (band)), Kate Bush and the Cure. In addition, the station broadcast several magazine style information programs as well as morning, noon and suppertime news interview format programs. In late-1985, Mark MacLeod was hired after working at CHMA FM in Sackville, New Brunswick to become the station's program director. Working with other station staff, he diversified the station's music programming to include more jazz, multicultural, and other specialty musics. children residence Sackville (Sackville, New Brunswick), New Brunswick alma_mater Trenholme Counsell has an undergraduate degree from Mount Allison University and a medical degree from the University of Toronto. She worked as a nutritionist and family physician in Sackville, New Brunswick before entering politics in 1987. She was elected member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for Tantramar (Tantramar (electoral district)) in the 1987 General Election (New Brunswick general election, 1987) and served until 1997. During this time, from 1994 to 1997 she also served in the cabinet (Executive Council of New Brunswick) as Minister of State for the Family and Minister of State for Family and Community Services. date June 3–16, 1755 place Near present-day Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada coordinates birth_place Sackville (Sackville, New Brunswick), New Brunswick death_date DATE OF BIRTH July 27, 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH Sackville (Sackville, New Brunswick), New Brunswick DATE OF DEATH Throughout the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, Port Elgin experienced modest industrialization with a handful of small factories, tanneries, and sawmills. The village also saw some shipping activity with several wharves on a sheltered harbour at the mouth of the Gaspereau River. The New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Railway was built through the village in the early 1880s, opening on September 9, 1886 to connect the Intercolonial Railway at Sackville (Sackville, New Brunswick) with the seasonal port of Cape Tormentine (Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick) which supported the winter iceboat service (Northumberland Strait iceboat) to Prince Edward Island; in 1917 this port became a terminal for the year-round ferry service to P.E.I.

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