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Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen

in 1905–1919 Tisza directed the Liberal government until 1890, and for fourteen years thereafter a number of Liberal prime ministers held office. Agricultural decline continued, and the bureaucracy could no longer absorb all of the pauperized lesser nobles and educated people who could not find work elsewhere. This group gave its political support to the Party of Independence and the Party of Forty-Eight, which became part of the "national" opposition that forced a coalition

Port Sudan

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last Nicéphore Soglo and the RB were victorious in the December 2002–January 2003 municipal election in Cotonou, Benin's largest city. "Opposition set to win in major Beninese cities", afrol News, January 12, 2003. In the 12th arrondissement, Soglo defeated pro-government Movement candidate Sévérin Adjovi‎. "I- SITUATION POLITIQUE INTERIEURE", Wikipedia:Cotonou Commons:Category:Cotonou

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

in 1856 and 1858. Pool ran against Gov. John W. Ellis in the 1860 election as head of the "Opposition Party (Opposition Party (United States))," which consisted primarily of former Whigs (United States Whig Party), like himself. DATE OF BIRTH June 16, 1826 PLACE OF BIRTH Elizabeth City (Elizabeth City, North Carolina), North Carolina DATE OF DEATH August 16, 1884 * U.S. Route 158, from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Roanoke Rapids


'' (2007), ''Who Killed Atlanta's Children?'' (2000), ''On Hostile Ground'' (2000), ''Strike! (The Hairy Bird)'' (1998), ''The Sweet Hereafter (The Sweet Hereafter (film))'' (1997), ''Bad Day on the Block'' (1997), ''Martin's Day'' (1984), and ''The Dead Zone (The Dead Zone (film))'' (1983). Television shows shot in Stouffville include episodes from ''Warehouse 13'' (2010), ''The West Wing'', West Wing Episode Guide, http


: world asia displayStory.cfm?story_id 15612447&source hptextfeature accessdate 5 March 2010 The presidential election held on November 6, 2006 was boycotted by "mainline" opposition parties, including the 23,000-member


, and was financed by a consortium of Chinese, Malaysian, Canadian, and Sudanese firms. (DJ) *'''August 9''': The United States Department of Commerce dismisses a petition filed by Save Domestic Oil, Inc. under anti-dumping statutes. The petition alleged that Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Iraq had sold crude oil to the United States at artificially low prices. The decision was based on the Department of Commerce's determination that "opposition to the petitions exceeded support." Majority support is defined as petitioner representation of at least 25 percent of the domestic industry and support from at least 50 percent of the industry expressing an opinion. Support from a majority in the affected industry is necessary under the law for Commerce to commence a formal investigation of an anti-dumping complaint. (DJ, WP, NYT) *'''September 14''': French oil companies Total Fina and Elf Aquitaine agree to merge, after a lengthy takeover battle, in a deal which will form the world's fourth largest oil company. The deal will give Elf Aquitaine shareholders 19 shares of Total Fina for every 13 shares of Elf Aquitaine. According to Total Fina's management, the merger will result in annual cost savings for the combined firm of $1.56 billion. (WP, WSJ) *'''April 2''': Royal Dutch Shell agrees to buy Enterprise Oil for $5 billion in cash. This will increase Royal Dutch Shell's production in the North Sea by 30% and overall production by 6%, according to the company. The acquisition will also add


-sergei-udaltsov "Russian Police detain activist Sergei Udaltsov," demotix (22 07 2010) "Opposition activist Udaltsov to remain in custody until Monday," RiaNovosti (12 02 2011) frame right AKM banner (Image:Akmbanner.PNG) '''Vanguard of Red Youth''' ( or '''Avangard Krasnoi Molodyozhi (AKM)'''), is a radical (Radicalization) Russian communist

several times for protesting against Vladimir Putin's regime. "Russian Police detain activist Sergei Udaltsov," demotix (22 07 2010) "Opposition activist Udaltsov to remain in custody until Monday," RiaNovosti (12 02 2011) The first mention of Balvi was in 1224. A small wooden church and manor were


differing qualification requirements. Some well-organised democracies, dominated long-term by a single faction, reduce their parliamentary opposition to tokenism. Singapore exemplifies a case of a numerically weak opposition; South Africa under the ''apartheid'' regime maintained a long-term imbalance in the parliament. In some cases tame "opposition" parties are created by the governing groups in order to create an impression of democratic debate.


Pervez Ashraf , said that the "Kalabagh Dam would not be constructed" and the project has been cancelled. http: 2008 05 27 kalabagh-dam-dropped-without-discussion-in-parliament He said due to the "opposition from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and other stakeholders, the project was no longer feasible".

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