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Spearfish, South Dakota

(32 °C) drop took only 27 minutes. "South Dakota Weather History and Trivia January". - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service. —Appendix I: – "Weather Extremes". - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. - (Adobe Acrobat *.PDF document). Parker, Watson (1981). - ''Deadwood: The Golden Years''. - Lincoln, Nebraska: The University of Nebraska. - p.158. - ISBN 978-0-8032-8702-0. The sudden change in temperatures caused glass windows to crack and windshields to instantly frost over. http: unr ?n 01-22-43-spearfish-temperatures Demographics

Piatra Neamț

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. File:Piatra_Neamt2.cristibur.jpg Ceahlău Hotel (rear) File:Dealul Batca Doamnei, Muntele Cozla.JPG Aerial view Piatra Neamț File:Bistrita.cristibur.jpg The city and the Bistrița River File:Piatra_Neamt3.cristibur.jpg Mount Pietricica & TV Tower File:Pnt_1.jpg The CFR (Căile Ferate Române) railway station File:Petru Rareș National College (Piatra Neamț).jpg "Petru Rareș" National College References External links

Office of Thrift Supervision

regulation laws (for example, for usury lending). Canadian banks had not faced laws against usury, or interest guarantees on deposits. Return on equity for Canadian banks were generally comparable to U.S. banks (with return on assets lower, but with Canadian banks using more leverage to compensate). Notwithstanding the name, not all "national banks" have nationwide operations. Some "national banks" have operations in only one city, or county or state. &quot

;National banks" should also be distinguished from federal savings associations (which include federal savings and loans (Savings and loan association), and federal savings banks, FSB), which are financial institutions chartered by the Office of Thrift Supervision, another agency in the U.S. Treasury Department. The Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve System) is the United States central bank. United States process Several regulatory entities have been granted power by the United

Midwest City, Oklahoma

The city suffered damage during two tornadoes, the first in May 1999 (1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak) and the second on May 8, 2003 (May 2003 tornado outbreak sequence). National Climatic Data Center (accessed January 13, 2010). Brown, Jennifer L. " 104 Injured

sustained extreme damage from a violent tornado (1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak) that swept through the southern and eastern areas of the Oklahoma City Metro on May 3, 1999. While it produced F5 damage in South Oklahoma City, damage in Midwest City was rated F4 with numerous destroyed homes and three fatalities. Another strong struck almost exactly the same area four years later on May 8, 2003 (May 2003 tornado outbreak sequence). <

Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen

rights, and their discontent with Magyarization mounted. Bureaucratic pressures and heightened fears of territorial claims against Hungary after the creation of new nation-states in the Balkans forced Tisza to outlaw &quot;national agitation" and to use electoral legerdemain to deprive the minorities of representation. Nevertheless, in 1901 Romanian and Slovak national parties emerged undaunted by incidents of electoral violence and police repression. Political and economic situation

in 1905&ndash;1919 Tisza directed the Liberal government until 1890, and for fourteen years thereafter a number of Liberal prime ministers held office. Agricultural decline continued, and the bureaucracy could no longer absorb all of the pauperized lesser nobles and educated people who could not find work elsewhere. This group gave its political support to the Party of Independence and the Party of Forty-Eight, which became part of the &quot;national" opposition that forced a coalition

North Battleford

name "cbc profile" Profile of Deidra Dionne by the CBC She won bronze in the 2002 Winter Olympics in freestyle aerial ski (Freestyle skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics) &quot;National Sport School Opens", ''Ski

Canadian Wheat Board

; As National Citizens Coalition (NCC) leader, Harper launched an ultimately unsuccessful legal battle (Harper v. Canada (Attorney General)) against federal election laws restricting third-party advertising. Daniel Leblanc, "Groups vow to fight new election bill", ''Globe and Mail'', June 8, 1999, pg. A4; "Gagged by statute&quot;, ''National Post'', June 8, 2000, pg. A19 He led the NCC in several campaigns against the Canadian Wheat Board, National

Mercredi announced that he would challenge Desjarlais for the NDP nomination in Churchill. James Gordon, "Former Chief Mercredi keen to challenge rebel NDP MP&quot;, ''National Post'', 14 April 2005, A6. He later withdrew the challenge. Downey ran for a directorship on the Canadian Wheat Board in 2002, campaigning against the board's monopoly status. He lost to incumbent Bill Nicholson (Bill Nicholson (Canadian administrator)), who supports the current


he was appointed Native Commissioner, the chief liaison between the Fijian natives and the British. The 1992 elections were the first to be held under the new electoral system, which was deliberately biased in favour of ethnic Fijians (Fijian people). &quot;National" constituencies, elected by universal suffrage and comprising approximately half of the House of Representatives (House of Representatives (Fiji)) under the 1970 constitution, were abolished, and for the first time, all

promulgated in 1990, following two military coups (Fiji coups of 1987) in 1987, abolished the &quot;national (National Constituencies (Fiji))" parliamentary seats elected by universal suffrage (which had comprised almost half the House of Representatives); all members henceforth were to be elected by enrolled voters on "communal" electoral roles (Communal Constituencies (Fiji)) that were limited to specific ethnic communities, each of which had an allocated number

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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