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Chinatown, Los Angeles

;Chinese" movie prop was subsequently donated by film director Cecil B. DeMille to give Chinatown an exotic atmosphere. '''Broadway''' is a major thoroughfare in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles), that runs from Lincoln Heights (Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles) on the Eastside (East Los Angeles (region)), through Chinatown (Chinatown, Los Angeles), passing through Central Plaza and the Dragon Gate, the Los Angeles Civic Center (Civic Center, Los Angeles), passing the ''Los Angeles Times'' building at First Street (1st Street (Los Angeles)), and Broadway's historic commercial district and theatre district (Broadway Theater and Commercial District) in Downtown Los Angeles. Wilbur and his father, David Kitman Woo, began a produce business in a spot at the Ninth Street Market vacated by a Japanese man who was interned during the Second World War (Japanese American internment). After arriving in the United States, Beth Woo became the bookkeeper for the family business. In the 1960s, Wilbur Woo and friends chartered Cathay Bank. the first bank in Chinatown (Chinatown, Los Angeles). He studied banking and later became a vice-president of the organization. Gary Libman, "Woo Family's Road to Success Long and Not Always Smooth," ''Los Angeles Times,'' August 5, 1985, page E-1 '''Redistricting.''' After several attempts at redrawing councilmanic districts in accordance with a U.S. court order to provide for increased Latino representation, the City Council in 1986 adopted a plan that stripped Chinatown (Chinatown, Los Angeles), Echo Park (Echo Park, Los Angeles) and adjoining areas from Woo's 13th District but maintained his power base in Hollywood and Silver Lake (Silver Lake, Los Angeles) and also cut north into Studio City. Larry Gordon, "Voters Scramble to Make Sense of New Districts," ''Los Angeles Times,'' September 18, 1986, page GD-1 With map. In the United States, '''Aji Ichiban USA ''' was founded in 2000 as an exclusive franchise and they have stores in New York City (New York, New York), in Chinatown around Manhattan and Queens, as well as in the Chinatowns in Boston, San Jose (San Jose, California), Chicago, Los Angeles (specifically LA Chinatown (Chinatown, Los Angeles), San Gabriel (San Gabriel, California) and Monterey Park (Monterey Park, California)), and Rockville, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC. Many Chinese political leaders have paid visits to these stores. There was a store in Richardson, TX but it closed shortly after opening. History Cathay Bank first opened in 1962 in Los Angeles' Chinatown (Chinatown, Los Angeles) as the first Chinese-American bank in California. In 1979 it opened its first branch office in Monterey Park (Monterey Park, California). Its first overseas representative office in Hong Kong was opened in 1985. '''Huy Fong Foods''' (滙豐食品公司) is a hot sauce company based in Rosemead, California. "Contact Us." Huy Fong Foods. Retrieved on February 26, 2010. Beginning in 1980 on Spring Street in Los Angeles's Chinatown (Chinatown, Los Angeles), with an initial investment of US$50,000 in family savings after being turned down by a bank for a US$200,000 loan, it has grown to become one of the leaders in the Asian (Asian cuisine) hot sauce market, especially Sriracha sauce. Statehood Located on the coastal plains surrounding the Los Angeles River, the town became a cattle ranching center, expanding on the role during the California Gold Rush. It was the center for the Alta California ranchos (ranchos of California) in the surrounding regions, further developing shipping ability from San Pedro Bay. In the latter 19th century the development of Los Angeles shifted the business district and cultural center of town to the south, present day Downtown Los Angeles, leaving the Pueblo district to decline, and by 1900 it was a less favored area, with the Chinatown district (Chinatown, Los Angeles) and other ethnic "ghettos", and the blight of new railroad adjacent industrial areas.

Nutana, Saskatoon

, chain stores and shopping malls drew commercial activity away from the traditional businesses in Nutana. Home construction also slowed during this period. The neighbourhood went into decline for several decades, as exemplified by the Broadway Theatre becoming an "adult" movie theatre. In the mid-1980s, Broadway merchants and community groups began to organize in an effort to turn the area's fortunes around. In 1984, the Broadway Theatre was turned into repertory movie house and live performance venue. November 16, 1901 July 1, 1903 May 26, 1906 Temperance Colony founded at Nutana (Nutana, Saskatoon). Riversdale (Riversdale, Saskatoon), Nutana, and Saskatoon (Central Business District, Saskatoon) merge to form city. Most populous and geographically largest city in Saskatchewan. - thumb right Victoria One room school One Room Schoolhouse (File:VictoriaSchool.UofS.jpg) The Victoria School House, known also as the Little Stone School House, was built in 1888 as the first school house of the Temperance Colony. The one room school house was originally constructed in Nutana (Nutana, Saskatoon). The location is now known as five corners at the south or top of the Broadway Bridge (Broadway Bridge (Saskatoon)). The school yard at one time comprised three school houses, as the population grew. The little stone school house was preserved and moved on campus. It was declared a historic site on June 1, 1967.

Herceg Novi

in favour of Budva, Kotor and other resorts in the northern part of the coast. Culture thumb 267px Church Sv. Spas in Topla (File:Herceg Novi - Church of the Ascention Day.JPG) 267px thumb The Fortress of 'Stari Grad' (File:Stari Grad Herceg Novi.JPG) '''"JUK Herceg-Fest"''' This cultural events center was established on 24 February 1992. Two years later the cultural center joined with the "Orijen" movie distribution and production company. Together they have played a crucial role in enhancing the city's cultural life. Among many annual festivities are the mimosa celebration, local theatrical events, and a film and music fest. '''The Herceg Novi City Archive''' In 1956 the Archive was returned to Herceg Novi after being temporarily relocated to Zadar, Croatia. The Archive was relocated to Zadar by Italians during the Second World War. The original archive building, built in 1885, suffered severe damage from the 1979 earthquake. Shortly afterward, the building was renovated. Today, the Archive is Wikipedia:Herceg Novi Commons:Category:Herceg Novi

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

there though it is set in the United States. Adam Jacobs. "Movie, miniseries being filmed around Town of Lunenburg". 20 April 2010. Retrieved 10 April 2011. The fairhaven town is featured prominently in a 2010 series of Cisco Systems network product ads featuring Ellen Page. The 2012 film ''The Disappeared (The Disappeared (2012 film))'' was shot in Lunenburg during


HASH01d5e0941cebed212fedcb1e dic hpn accessdate September 28, 2010 A main street is a loop named Hind Drive for him. Character summary Grant is a "movie star", and would casually mention names of some of the biggest movie stars of the day, as co-stars or acquaintances, suggesting that she too was a great star. In the series' Season 1 Episode 1 "Two on a Raft"

Surrey, British Columbia

accessdate 2011-02-07 He learned to play piano at the age of four from his aunt, and taught himself guitar at the age of 12. He was educated in Surrey, British Columbia at Senator Reid Elementary School and Mennonite Educational Institute, and at L A Matheson Secondary School. "Jacob Hoggard", Movie Tome. Retrieved November 19, 2007. Hoggard got kicked out of High School

A Matheson Secondary School . "Jacob Hoggard", Movie Tome. Retrieved November 19, 2007. Hoggard got kicked out of High School after grade 11 for lighting his desk on fire. He formed the band Hedley with three friends; the name was inspired by a small mining town (Hedley, British Columbia) in Canada which the group had learned was available for sale in its entirety.

Wilsonville, Oregon

company-profile.asp?rpc 66&ticker MOVI.O Company Profile Canadian operations include over 200 "Movie Gallery" branded stores, as well as approximately 60 under the VHQ brand in western Canada. In 2009 Movie Gallery closed its Wilsonville, Oregon distribution facility, merging it with one in Nashville, Tennessee. "


and camping is even cheaper (May 2014). *'''The Botanical Gardens''' - while not spectacular, the gardens are of interest to botanists and bird-watchers. They host stands of large trees in a parklike setting, an alleged filming site of a "Tarzan" movie, a troop of colobus and vervet monkeys, and various birds. As of 2005, the unofficial guides at the gardens were unusually aggressive for Uganda, and if you engage their services you should agree on a reasonable price beforehand. Do


); the Chernivtsi University—UNESCO World Heritage Site (List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ukraine) (1882); the Regional Museum of Fine Arts—the former savings bank (1900); the Regional Council—former Palace of Justice (1906); and the Chernivtsi Palace of Culture—former Jewish National House (1908); among many others. The magnificent Moorish Revival Czernowitz Synagogue was heavily damaged by fire in 1941, the walls were used to create the "Chernivtsi" movie theater

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

industry in Louisiana has increased dramatically in the last decade, in response to generous tax incentives adopted by the state in 2002. In September 2013 the Baton Rouge Film Commission reported that the industry had brought more than $90 million into the local economy in 2013. "Movie makers put Baton Rouge in spotlight", Associated Press at WBRZ-TV, September 15, 2013. Baton

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