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Downtown Eastside

of Hastings Street are still empty, with entire buildings often up for sale. New art galleries, convenience stores, fast food outlets, social service organizations and other small businesses continually open here. In the 1980s, many of the street prostitutes in other parts of Vancouver, such as the nearby West End (West End, Vancouver), were kicked out of the neighbourhood after a community campaign led by Gordon Price and ended up in the DTES – now known to sex trade workers as the "low track

sites) with treatment, enforcement, and prevention. The strategy is largely a response to the endemic HIV and hepatitis C among injection drug users in the city's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. The area is characterized by entrenched poverty, and consequently is home to the "low track" street

Duchy of Limburg

Limburgish (or Limburgish like, depending on definitions) language which is sometimes referred to as "Low Dietsch". Southeast Limburgish (''Zuidoost-Limburgs'') is spoken in and around Kerkrade, Simpelveld, Bocholtz and Vaals in the Netherlands http: wiki index.php?title Dialect , Aachen in Germany and Raeren and Eynatten in Belgium. Especially in Germany these dialects are usually considered as variants


frequently experience signal dropout. This makes it all but impossible for a television station to serve the entire area with a single transmitter. Accordingly, each station in the city has both a primary transmitter and a "nested" low-power rebroadcaster to serve viewers in the western part of the city who cannot receive the primary signal. Additionally, the city is served by Canada's only triple-stick (twinstick) operation, in which all three of its licensed stations are owned


of well-restored buildings still exist in downtown Basseterre. Geography and climate Geography The city of Basseterre skirts a bay on the southwestern shore of St. Kitts, Basseterre Bay. The city lies within the large Basseterre Valley, almost completely surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. It is primarily low-lying, which is one explanation for the name which the French gave unto it, as Basseterre translates to "low land" in English

Cuenca, Spain

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. The Dauphiné extended up to what is now the centre of Lyon. It was divided into the "High Dauphiné" and "Low Dauphiné". The first covered: * the Grésivaudan * the Royans * the Champsaur * the Trièves * the Briançonnais * the Queyras * the Embrun (Embrun, Hautes-Alpes)ais * the Gapençais (Gap, Hautes-Alpes) * the Dévoluy * the Vercors (Massif du Vercors) * the Bochaine * the Baronnies The second included: * the County of Albon, Drôme Albon

Sitka, Alaska

-Seattle, Seattle-Los Angeles, Seattle-San Francisco and Seattle-Portland (Portland, Oregon). In 1992 the airline expanded its Lower 48 route network to include Seattle-Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) Midway (Midway International Airport) and Denver (Denver, Colorado). However the head-to-head competition with Alaska Airlines caused MarkAir to find itself in bankruptcy by the end of 1992. In 1993 MarkAir restructured itself as a Low-cost carrier "low fare" carrier


, a great many yangban were local gentry of high social status, but not always of high income. Haboush JHK (1988), A Heritage of Kings: One Man's Monarchy in the Confucian World. Columbia University Press, pp. 88–9. Another 40-50% of the population were slaves (''nobi''), "low borns" (''cheonmin'') or untouchable (untouchability) outcastes (''baekjeong''). Slavery was hereditary, as well as a form of legal punishment. There was a slave class with both

Enid, Oklahoma

Victory and the SS Phillips Victory. In 1999, astronomer Tom Stafford (Tom Stafford (astronomer)) of Oklahoma, named an asteroid (13436 Enid) after Enid. In the CBS series ''The Big Bang Theory'', ''The Big Bang Theory'' (Season 3, Episode 13) character Sheldon Cooper contemplates moving to Enid because of its "low crime rate" and "high speed internet" service, but decides against it because the city lacks

The Dalles, Oregon

was measured at above the "low water mark," and there were more flooding worries. This raised the level of the Columbia River and nearly flooded The Dalles (The Dalles, Oregon), a city on the Columbia.

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