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Fort Frances

was $54,859, which is below the Ontario provincial average of $60,455. Coat of arms The city coat of arms features a bull moose; maple leaves; a "Magneto", representative of electricity (industry); two men in a canoe; a white pine (Eastern White Pine) tree; and the motto "Industry and Perseverance." Media Newspapers * ''Fort Frances Times'' - Weekly * ''Fort Frances Living'' - Weekly * '' Fort Frances Today

Vologda Oblast

was located in Ustyuzhna. Another traditional industries were salt production (around Totma) and glass making (in what is currently Chagodoshchensky District). In the 18th century, timber production started to grow rapidly. In the 19th century, the textile industry enterprises making flax textiles started to proliferate. In 1871, the Danish merchant Friedrich Buman opened a specialized butter factory in the manor of Fominskoye (13 km northwest

of the towns of district significance. The town of Krasavino is under administrative jurisdiction of Veliky Ustyug Town of Oblast Significance. Economy Industry The biggest industrial enterprise of Vologda Oblast is the Severstal steel plant located in the city of Cherepovets. The metallurgical industry is responsible for approximately 50% of the total industrial production of the oblast. ref name &quot

;industry" it is followed by chemical (also based in Cherepovets), food, and timber industries, and the machine building industry. Metallurgy was a traditional industry developed in the region since the 16th century, when its center

Chilliwack publisher Cepco accessdate 9 March 2014 thumbnail Construction is about 8% of Chilliwack's economy (File:Prefabricated house construction.gif) class "wikitable" - ! Industry ! Est. % of GDP - Agriculture (Industrial agriculture) & Forestry (Forestry in Canada) 5% - Construction 8% - Education (Education economics) 6% - Finance (Financial services), Insurance & Real Estate (Housing industry) 11% - Health (Health care industry) 6% - Manufacturing 13% - Public Administration 9% - Retail Wholesale Trade (Wholesale) 12% - Technology 6% - Tourism 9% - Other 15% - Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Commons:Category:Chilliwack, British Columbia Wikipedia:Chilliwack, British Columbia

Campbellton, New Brunswick

a pulp mill in nearby Atholville (Atholville, New Brunswick) is the largest single employer in the area. As part of the tourism "industry", wealthy sportfishermen seeking Atlantic Salmon flock to the scenic Restigouche Valley every summer. The region sees extensive annual snowfall. Alpine and Nordic ski facilities at Sugarloaf Provincial Park provide winter recreation opportunities for both visitors and local residents. Campbellton is also a retail and service centre


Historical Museum alt Історичний музей Євреї Єлізаветграда url email address Dzerzhynskoho str. (Kirovs'kyi) lat long directions phone +380 52 2320430 fax hours price content Various aspects of the life of Jewish communities reveal thematic stands: "Charity", "Religious Life," "Medicine", "Jewish Education", "Cultural Life," "Industry". +phone +380 52 2243231 *

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Pits in Los Angeles. Trinidadians call this place "La Bray." Industry and economy In La Brea the main and largest industry is the Lake Asphalt Company. Small-scale farming and fishing are other sources of income. However, many residents work outside the community either in the neighbouring Point Fortin district of San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) or even further. Proposals for the construction of a smelter (Smelting) plant in the area have been

Holyoke, Massachusetts


hotels, 223 restaurants and 25 travel agencies. The supermarket chain Chedraui is based in Xalapa. Employment structure in Xalapa in 2005: class "wikitable" border "1" - ! Industry sector !! Typical professions !! % of population - '''Primary Industry (Primary sector of the economy)''' Farming, cattle ranching, hunting and fishing 4.21 - ''' Secondary sector of the economy Secondary

Fort Erie, Ontario

between the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario)- US Border. Manufacturing is the city's dominant industry, as noted by the heraldic motto, "Industry and Liberality". General Motors of Canada, Ltd. (General Motors Canada), the Canadian subsidiary of General Motors (General Motors Corporation), operates two plants in the city (one plant was partially shut down in 2010) and until recently was the city's largest employer, a distinction now held

São José dos Campos

;2" valign "top" BRL 29,950 (2004) - !align "left" valign "top" Labour force colspan "2" valign "top" 267,332 (2003) (from 45% to 50% of pop.) - !align "left" valign "top" Labour force by occupation colspan "2" valign "top" industry (19.4%), commerce (17.3%), services (50.9%), construction (2.2%), public sector (9.6%), other (0.5%) (2003) - !align "left" valign "top" Main

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