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Altoona, Pennsylvania

in the same neighborhood as Doug West and began high school at the same school West attended, Altoona Area High School. Before starting there, he became friends with a family, whose son played on his AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball team. He spent two summers living with the family in the middle-class Pittsburgh suburb of Shaler Township (Shaler Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania), eighty five mile west of Altoona. "Holding the Fort" ''St


''Zivilinterniertenlager'' ("civilian internment camp"), in June 1943 it was redesignated ''Aufenthaltslager'' ("holding camp"), since the Geneva Conventions stipulated that the former type of facility must be open to inspection by international committees. This "holding camp

camp" for citizens of neutral countries and the "Star camp" for Dutch (History of the Jews in the Netherlands) Jews). Between the summer of 1943 and December 1944 at least 14,600 Jews, including 2,750 children and minors were transported to the Bergen-Belsen "holding" camp. Inmates were made to work, many of them in the "shoe commando" which salvaged usable pieces of leather from shoes collected and brought to the camp from all over Germany and occupied Europe


vigorous and infectious stage performances became her trademark, and further established A-mei's status as a diva in Chinese pop music. Due to her rising fame, A-mei was invited by Japanese TV NHK to perform as a representative of Taiwan in the annual ceremony "Asia Live Dream" in February of that year. In October 1998, she released the album "Holding Hands" (牽手), exploring different genres and demonstrating her vocal versatility. Though critics commented

that A-mei's voice was not as clear as in previous albums, "Holding Hands" (牽手) remained a hot seller and was one of the best-selling albums of the year. In November 1998, she was named the most popular singer in Asia by ''Billboard (Billboard (magazine))'' magazine. Meanwhile, the documentary about the "fable" of A-mei, produced by CNN, was telecast worldwide. In June 2003, A-mei released her new album titled, "Brave" (勇敢) and in the name of the album, she held

Montgomery, Alabama

Of The Confederacy One side of the flag displayed the "Goddess of Liberty" holding an unsheathed sword in her right hand; in her left she held a small blue flag with one gold star. Above the gold star appears the text "Alabama" in all capital letters. In an arch above this figure were the words "Independent Now and Forever".


Geographic Books in late 2008, and immediately listed among Encyclopædia Britannica Blog's "Ten Must-Have Reference Books from 2008." Holding centers Most of the arrested were sent after identification of the particulars from Central Prison over Sarai Burnu by steamer No. 67 of the ''Şirket'' company to the railway station of Haydarpaşa. After waiting for ten hours, they were sent by special


belt wrestling practised by Uyghur (Uyghur people) Nationality. * '''Gi Ge 几格''': Chinese belt wrestling practised by Yi (Yi people) Nationality (彝族) in Sichuan (四川) and Yunnan (雲南). "Gi Ge" literally means "Holding Waist". The three main rules are: no tripping using legs; no grapping on jacket or pants; no pushing or striking. Rules have now been changed to allow holding of legs. * '''Ndrual Dluad''': Chinese wrestling practised by Miao people Miao

Vatican City

described as "holding a unique position in the Christian world" James Lees-Milne describes Saint Peter's Basilica as "a church with a unique position in the Christian world" in . ref>

Providence, Rhode Island

Jeffrey+Osborne The band recorded hit singles such as "(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again", "Concentrate on You," "Love Ballad (Love Ballad (L.T.D. song))" and "Holding On (When Love Is Gone)". At first, Osborne was a drummer, sharing lead vocal duties with his brother Billy, but by 1978 he became the group's primary lead vocalist. He and Billy both left L.T.D. in late 1980 to start solo (solo (music)) careers


-years-later, November 10 2011, Ray Wert, "Remembering the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, 36 years later". * Capt. Ernest McSorley (Ernest M. McSorley) had stated in his last radio transmission before the boat sank that they were "holding our own." What the cook or any other crew member did or did not say will never be known; however, it is customary for folk music to include artistic renderings of a crew's final moments or speech, especially

North Korea

'''; ''Kwan-li-so'' is Korean for "holding place") is a North Korean prison for political prisoners and their relatives. The camp is the largest concentration camp in North Korea and is thought to hold 50,000 prisoners. It is noteworthy that, like all of North Korea's work camps, the North Korean government insist that Camp 22 does not exist, even though there is substantial satellite evidence to the contrary. ref name "Guardian"

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