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Beaverton, Oregon

accessdate 2009-07-09 The first investors were employees who put up

$50,000 each, with Tektronix later investing additional funds into the company. Originally located in space leased from Sequent Computer Systems, by 1994 the company had grown to annual sales of $20 million. The company's products were computers used in end products

such as automated teller machines to paint mixers. On October 20, 1995, the company became a publicly (public company) traded company when it held an initial public offering (IPO). The IPO raised $19.6 million for RadiSys after selling 2.7 million shares

Virginia State Lottery

complementing scratchers with its first Fast Play game: "Fast Play Bingo". As with traditional Lottery games, tickets are printed by the terminal; however as in scratchers, winning status is determined when the ticket is printed (there is no drawing for a Fast Play game). More Fast Play games have been added over the years, and as of 2013, the Lottery maintains a continually-changing lineup of Fast Play games at $2, $3, and $5 prices: each with its own rules and prizes. Security


western-style supermarket called Profi, near the TESCO. Alkotmány u. 2 a. There is Alfi-ker a kind of transition between an East-block grocery store and a western supermarket, established in the late 1990s. Jármi út 6. +36-44-500-591 Eat There are many restaurants in the city center and the streets leading up to the railway station. Fast food can be obtained in the TESCO and on the flea-market. You can also try a very cheap and very Eastern concept of "fast food": Go

Freeport, Bahamas

: encyclopedia_781538175 Freeport.html Freeport (Archived 2009-11-01)," Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2008. * "Fast Facts," Grand Bahama Port Authority, http: facts.php, c.2008. *Official Bahamas Tour Center Category:Districts of the Bahamas Category:Populated places in the Bahamas Category:Grand Bahama Island Category:Populated

Bowen Island

they would use the warmer spring and summer months to travel to resource gathering sites and move from their permanent winter villages. The strip of land between Bowen and Finisterre Islands has a name that translates to "Fast Drumming Ground". The tide rushing in and out is reminiscent of the sound of drums beating quickly. The name "kwemshem" is used for Hood


in the Spanish Canary Islands was hijacked by Mohamed Abderraman, who was allegedly seeking political asylum in France. Spain has identified him as a Mauritanian, while Mauritania says that he is a Moroccan from the Western Sahara The Associated Press. (2007). "Fast-Thinking Pilot Fools Hijacker". ''''. Retrieved February 17, 2007. The aircraft had 71


who produce the meditation balls. http: history_and_types_of_baoding_balls.html '''Baoding Style (保定)''' - This is the lineage that is called Kuai Jiao (快跤) or "Fast Wrestling". The main characteristic is the fast application of technique. Another characteristic is the adaptation of Shaolin Quan from Ping Jingyi, a famous teacher of Shuaijiao who learned Shaolin style from the Meng family of Nanguan County even though he was a Muslim


departures to the capital. All Georgia Rail Timetable A ticket with reserved seat costs (passport required for purchase) minimum 5 GEL. Also stops in Mtskheta (old capital of Georgia), Gori (birthplace of Stalin) and Zestafoni. Nice journey but slow due to long intermediate stops. A local, but "fast" train runs from Kutaisi I to '''Batumi''' (listed ''Makhinjauri

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Argentia on the island of Newfoundland (Newfoundland (island)). * 1992 – The Space Shuttle ''Endeavour (Space Shuttle Endeavour)'' is launched on its first mission (STS-49). * 1992 – Three employees at a McDonald's Restaurant in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, are brutally murdered (Sydney River McDonald's murders) and a fourth permanently disabled after a botched robbery. It is the first "fast-food murder" in Canada. *1994 &ndash

Whitehorse, Yukon

;, ''Edmonton Journal'', p. B3. Harrison, Tom (November 11, 2004). "Boy finds his kindred spirits", ''The Province'', p. B19. Kosloski, Kirsten (November 4, 2004). "Let's hear it for the Boy: Whitehorse wonder kid Stephen Kozmeniuk dispels the myth of the rock star", ''Fast Forward Weekly''. Retrieved June 9, 2010. In 2002, ''The Globe and Mail'' described

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