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El Nido, Palawan

El Nido named Best Philippine Beach . ''ABS-CBN website''. Accessed May 15, 2012. for its "extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem." Destination of the Month: El Nido, Palawan. ''Wow Philippines UK website''. Accessed May 15, 2012. Geography Situated in Bacuit Bay, El Nido, covering a land area of ref

Abu Ghraib

not given protection of the laws. There were no specific provisions for their trial, or imprisonment. '''If you were an illegal combatant, you didn’t deserve the protection of the laws…'''"

St. Albert, Alberta

at that school said "extraordinary security measures" were to be taken, but it was believed to be a hoax. It is unknown if the LCI incident was simply a copycat (copycat crimes) of the Paul Kane incident, but school officials in both cities requested that the perpetrators step forward; neither has done so. Both schools also made counseling staff available for any students who felt apprehensive about their safety.


, however, he was again an Expressionist, fascinated with the major existential themes. The war experience inspired his 1945 painting ''Fascist Genocide'', which is also seen by Grigorescu as one of his contributions to Expressionism. Grigorescu, p.453 Janco's sketches of the Bucharest Pogrom (Legionnaires' rebellion and Bucharest pogrom) are, according to cultural historian David G. Roskies, "extraordinary" and in complete break with Janco's "earlier surrealistic style"; he paraphrases the rationale for this change as: "Why bother with surrealism when the world itself has gone crazy?" According to the painter's own definition: "I was drawing with the thirst of one who is being chased around, desperate to quench it and find his refuge." As he recalled, these works were not well received in the post-war Zionist (Zionism) community, because they evoked painful memories in a general mood of optimism; as a result, Janco decided to change his palette and tackle subjects which related exclusively to his new country. Manor, p.259, 261 An exception to this self-imposed rule was the motif of "wounded soldiers", which continued to preoccupy him after 1948, and was also thematically linked to the wartime massacres. Manor, p.275 The British had previously controlled the city and maintained a buffer between the Jewish and Arab populations. On the same day as the fall of Tiberias 18 April 1948, Major-General Hugh Stockwell, British Commanding Officer, Northern sector, Haifa, summoned Harry Beilin, the Jewish Agency liaison officer to the British Army, to his headquarters. Stockwell informed Beilin of his intention to immediately start to evacuate the British forces from the borders and no-man's-land zones in Haifa and that the evacuation would be completed by the 20 April. The original British Government intentions had been to evacuate Palestine gradually using Haifa as the embarkation port from south to north of Palestine, to be completed by mid May. A AC.21 UK 116 of 21 April 1948 Communication from the United Kingdom Delegation Concerning Directive for General Officer Commanding, Palestine The Haganah saw this as an opportunity and quickly prepared a plan for a 3-pronged attack on the Arab neighborhoods of Wadi Nisnas, Wadi Salib and Khalisa (Khalisa (Haifa)). WikiPedia:Tiberias Commons:Category:Tiberias DMOZ:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Tiberias

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

of Baghdad, to the area of the northern city of Mosul, the latest of the Iraq War's major battlegrounds. Accessible via Google. By 2008, the ISI was describing itself as being in a state of "extraordinary crisis".


of the original parliament to elect him as president, but since there lacked a quorum, he took the title of "Extraordinary President" (非常大總統). Sun, again expelled from Guangzhou in 1922, returned in 1923 to take the title of "Generalissimo of the Military Government." Sun died in 1925 with no clear successor and leadership of the government, now named the Nationalist Government (National Government of the Republic of China), rested in a series of Leninist-style dual party

-year term had been suspended and had not expired, but President Li Yuanhong was forced to disband it due to the Manchu Restoration on 13 June 1917. 130 members (mostly Kuomintang) moved to Guangzhou where they held an "extraordinary session" on 25 August under a rival government (Constitutional Protection Movement) led by Sun Yat-sen, and another 120 quickly followed. After the Old Guangxi Clique became disruptive, the assembly temporarily moved to Kunming and later

of the Jiangxi revolt. He became speaker of the senate in the National Assembly (National Assembly of the Republic of China). After the failed Second Revolution against President Yuan Shikai, Lin fled with Sun Yat-sen to Japan and joined his Chinese Revolutionary Party. He was sent to the United States to raise funds from the party's local branches. In 1917, he followed Sun to Guangzhou where he continued to lead its "extraordinary session" during


January 2007 Modern methods of rendition include a form where suspects are taken into US custody but delivered to a third-party state, often without ever being on US soil, and without involving the rendering countries termed "extraordinary rendition." Hundreds of documents retrieved from Libyan foreign ministry (Foreign relations of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi) offices in Tripoli following the 2011 Libyan civil war show that the CIA and the United Kingdom's MI6 rendered


of the city on reconnaissance (…)", extraordinary Professor at University of Jena * Carl Zeiss (1816–1888), German maker of optical instruments commonly known for the company he founded, Carl Zeiss Jena (Carl Zeiss AG), born in Weimar * Karl Marx (1818–1883), German philosopher, economist, social scientist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and revolutionary socialist, PhD awarded by University of Jena * Johannes Brahms (1833–1897), German composer and pianist


, the above mentioned "extraordinary circumstances" are also a referral to the US plans to base parts of a missile defense system (National missile defense#Recent developments) in Poland and the Czech Republic. A. KRAMER, "Russia Steps Back From Key Arms Treaty" in ''The New York Times'', July 14, 2007 These US plans would not be possible without the 2002

Marshall Islands

was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (Distinguished Flying Cross (United States)) for "extraordinary achievement in aerial combat as leader of a group of nine torpedo planes in action against enemy Japanese surface vessels at Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, 1 February 1942. During the Battle of Midway 4 June 1942, Massey, commanding Torpedo Squadron 3, repeated this achievement as he led his squadron against Japanese naval units despite "intense antiaircraft fire and overwhelming fighter opposition." His squadron, bolstered by "his courageous initiative and self‑sacrificing gallantry", pressed home their attack and effected two direct hits on two enemy aircraft carriers. Massey, his plane shot down during the battle, was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his courage, gallantry, and leadership during this decisive encounter. 1942 ''Blue'' joined Commons:Category:Marshall Islands WikiPedia:Marshall Islands Dmoz:Regional Oceania Marshall Islands

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